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Matter Animation

The hero can alter the flow of any raw matter, impart movement to stationary matter, and shape such matter into any desired form. The Power can only affect matter that is in a relatively natural state. It cannot affect mechanical objects or material that is now or had once been alive.

There are 3 basic forms of this Power, each with dominion over a state of matter. When creating the hero, the player must choose 1 of these forms for the character. He can do this himself or let the dice choose for him.

Form 1d100
Air Animation: The hero can directly control the movement of gases and vapors and indirectly control the movement of material suspended in the air, such as smoke, dust, steam, and so on. He can create winds of speeds equal to Power rank air speed. He can control the actions of air, wind, clouds, and potentially even the weather. The hero can use air either defensively or offensively by forming shields or gales of Power rank strength.

Note: Air attacks cannot penetrate Force Fields or an aerial shield of higher Intensity.

The Power can be developed into Power Stunts such as Gliding, Whirlwind Flight, and limited Weather Control. The forms of Weather Control available to the hero all depend on stirring up the air. These include bringing in storms, fog, tornadoes, and suddenly bringing 2 air masses of differing temperature together to form either fog or lightning.

Liquid Animation: The hero can directly control the movement of liquids and indirectly control material suspended in liquid (mud, cake batter). He can create currents and waves that can travel at Power rank water speed and do Power rank damage to anything in their path. Liquid can be animated to resist gravity and act as if it were temporarily a solid of rank level Material Strength. Liquids can be used as a shield that reduces the Intensity of Energy Attacks by the Power rank number. It can be further refined into a variety of Power Stunts, such as forming propulsion systems or being shaped into air bubbles with "solid" floors.

Solid Animation: The hero can alter the condition of solid matter, so long as it is not biological or mechanical in nature. He can give the solid movement, reshape to any form, and even give it the semblance of life. Solids can travel at Power rank land speed either across the ground or through the air. The hero can Mold the solid into any single mass. Solids retain their Material Strength but can be Animated to do Power rank damage to other targets. The hero can create Golems or simulated Elementals that obey his every whim; such creations are only sophisticated puppets that possess no more life than does a marionette. (Of course, there is the example of Pinocchio…) Animated solids possess a Lifting Strength equal to the Power rank. The Power can be refined into a variety of Power Stunts, such as turning an opponent's weapon against him, creating self-tying knots, and creating flying platforms that can carry the hero across the ground or through the air.

The range at which the hero can Animate Matter is determined by the Power rank. The maximum amount that can be Animated is a mass weighing the equivalent of 1000LBS. times the Power rank number. For example, a Fb(2) rank can move 1 ton; in liquid terms this is the weight of a water bed. Matter remains Animated as long as the hero concentrates on using this Power. Judges are free to develop their own criteria to determine how well and how long a hero can do this in a given situation.

Any material can be Animated, as long as it is within the restrictions on the chosen form of that Power. Any reshaping done to the target is permanent; of course, this only applies to solids. The possibilities for both construction and vandalism are immense.

At the time the hero is created, the player has the option of raising the Power rank +1CS by further specializing the Power's range of effect to a specific compound or type of matter. Examples of specializations include Powers that specifically Animate steam, water, oil, ice, clay, and so on.

The Nemeses for this Power include itself and Disintegration.

Range: Column B.