Jemima J
 A Walk to Remember
 Angela's Ashes
 Back Roads
 A Virtuous Woman
 Icy Sparks
 Rising Sun
 Vinegar Hill
 A Bend in the Road
 White Oleander
 Fall on your Knees
 From the Corner of his Eye
 The Bachelor
 The Lovely Bones
 Message in a Bottle
 The Nanny Diaries
 Enemy Women
 About a Boy
 Seize the Night
 The Notebook
 4 Blondes
 The Shipping News
 Ahab's Wife
 The Rescue
 Stolen Lives
 The Last Time They Met
  Where the Heart Is
  Nights in Rodanthe
  Swimming at Suppertime
  What Girls Learn
 A Girl Named Zippy
 Daughter of Fortune
 While I was Gone
 Her Daughter's Eyes
 Four Blind Mice
 Black and Blue
 Kitchen Privledges
Welcome to book review section of the club. Right now we have 40 book reviews and I hope memebers will submit their own. (Great buys for used books)
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