White Oleander
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White Oleander
-Janet Fitch


Astrid is the only child of single mother, Ingrid, a brilliant, obsessed poet who wields her luminous beauty to intimidate and manipulate men. Astrid worships her mother and cherishes their private world full of ritual and mystery ó but their idyll is shattered when Astrid's mother falls apart over a lover. Deranged by rejection, Ingrid murders the man, is sentenced to life in prison. White Oleander is the unforgettable story of Astrid's journey through a series of foster homes and her efforts to find a place for herself in impossible circumstances. Each home is its own universe, with a new set of laws and lessons to be learned. With determination and humor, Astrid confronts the challenges of loneliness and poverty, and strives to learn who a motherless child in an indifferent world can become. Tough, irrepressible, funny, and warm, Astrid is one of the most indelible characters in recent fiction.

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I really enjoyed the book. And I especially enjoyed the ending which I will not reveal if you havenít read it yet. This book was really well written and I actually felt like I was watching this girl go through all the hell she went through. It actually makes you appreciate what you have. It makes me appreciate my parents too, and that I have them. Janet fitch is a remarkable a writer. She keeps just the right amount of detail into this book, which makes you want to keep reading. I found this novel hard to put down. This book was so well written it was like I was watching a movie instead of reading it. I know I will like a book when it can do that to my mind.

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