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Black and Blue
-Anna Quindlen


For eighteen years, Fran Benedetto kept her secret. And hid her bruises. And stayed with Bobby because she wanted her son to have a father. And because, in spite of everything, she loved him. Then one night, when she saw the look on her ten-year-old son's face, Fran finally made a choice—and ran for both their lives.
Now she is starting over in a city far from home, far from Bobby. And in this place she uses a name that isn't hers, and cradles her son in her arms, and tries to forget. For the woman who now calls herself Beth, every day is a chance to heal, to put together the pieces of her shattered self. And every day she waits for Bobby to catch up to her. Because Bobby always said he would never let her go. And despite the flawlessness of her escape, Fran Benedetto is certain of one thing: It is only a matter of time

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Frannie Bennetto has had enough of her husbands abuse. With the help she escapes with her 10 year old son with a new indenity where she has to start her life all over again. She must live in fear everyday knowning that she husband "Bobby" (a cop) is searching for her and could show up any day at her doorstep. She must watch every move she makes. I was a little disappointed. Everyone raves about this novel but I found it to be a little difficult to read and it seemed to drag. What irriated me the most about this book was the way she wrote her sentences. I constantly was re-reading paragraphes over and over again because sometimes they made no sense until I had gone over them a couple times. It started getting good towards the end. Actually the ending was the best part because there was a real twist. I enjoyed this novel but it wasn't one of my favorites. (Great buys for used books)
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