4 Blondes
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4 Blondes
-Candace Bushnell


In a new collection of stories, 4 Blondes, the romantic intrigues, betrayals, victories, and insecurities of four modern women are told with Bushnell's keen wit and sardonic eye. A beautiful B-list model in "Nice N'Easy" attaches herself yearly to the man with the largest summer house in the Hamptons, but she soon realizes that snagging a rich man and living in a fancy beach house won't necessarily bring her happiness. In "Highlights (for Adults)," a high-powered magazine columnist doesn't feel that she needs a man; an examination of her deteriorating marriage shows that her literary journalist husband could never live up to her sexual or emotional expectations. Too many expectations overwhelm Princess Cecilia in "Platinum"; her marriage to "the world's most eligible bachelor" leads to a descent into paranoia that she chronicles in her journal. And in "Single Process," an aging "It girl" worries that she is getting too old to meet a local eligible bachelor, so she travels to London in search of a husband, where she makes pithy observations about the differences between British and American men.

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This was the trashiest most pathetic book I have ever read. It started out okay then it just got worse and worse. It was mostly about sex, cheating and sex! It was trying to tell woman in American that if you get married your just going to end up having an affair or get cheated on! I was appalled. Every single story was about cheating or having an affair. It was soo unrealistic and sooo cheap, tacky, tasteless...do I need to say more? I am giving this book away as soon as possible.

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