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Four Blind Mice
-James Patterson


Alex Cross returns in the most harrowing case of his career—one that risks the life of his closest friend and partner, John Sampson.

Detective Alex Cross is on his way to resign from the Washington, D.C., Police Force when his partner shows up at his door with a case he can't refuse. One of John Sampson's oldest friends, from their days together in Vietnam, has been arrested for murder. Worse yet, he is subject to the iron hand of the United States Army. The evidence against him is strong enough to send him to the gas chamber.

Sampson is certain his friend has been framed, and Alex's investigation turns up evidence overlooked-or concealed-by the military authorities. Drawing on their years of street training and an almost telepathic mutual trust, Cross and Sampson go deep behind military lines to confront the most terrifying-and deadly-killers they have ever encountered. Behind these three highly skilled killing machines there appears to be an even more threatening controller. Discovering the identity of this lethal genius will prove to be Cross's most terrifying challenge ever.

On his visits home, Alex must confront another, more harrowing mystery: what's the matter with Nana Mama? As he explores the possibility of a new relationship with a woman who offers him new hope, Alex must also confront the fact that his beloved grandmother is only human.

The return of Alex Cross in Four Blind Mice also marks James Patterson's arrival at dazzling new heights of mind-bending suspense, explosive action, and lightning-fast plot twists. It is sure to be acclaimed as the best novel yet from the author the Associated Press says "writes thrillers as if he were building roller coasters."

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3 Pysco men in the Military go off on a killing ramapage. They are called the "Three Blind Mice" but there is someone else behind these murders so hence the title "Four Blind Mice". Alex Cross and his best friend and partern John Sampson go off to solve this ghastly case.

Out of all the books I have read, I have never read a book so smoothly. Being my first James Patterson novel I was so impressed with this one. It was so easy to read and it went by so fast that I was already on page 100 within an hour. I will definitely be reading other novels of his. One thing that bothered me though is I don't really understand how Alex Cross's wife died. Do I have to read previous book of Alex Cross to know this? This novels plot was excellent. It didn't bore you to death with all the said what it had to say and it kept on going. So many twists, you'll want more. *MY REVIEW* (Great buys for used books)
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