Enemy Women
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Enemy Women
-Paulette Jiles


Three years into the war, the Union militia is burning homes throughout the eastern Ozarks in retaliation against the families whose men fought for the Confederacy. Although Squire Colley, a justice of the peace, has maintained neutrality in the conflict, his family does not escape the militia's wrath -- their home is burned, their possessions stolen, and Colley himself is arrested for "disloyalty" and taken away.

Colley's 18-year-old daughter, Adair, joins her sisters, who set out on foot to find their jailed father and demand his release. But before long the stakes are raised, and Adair herself is accused of espionage. Her interrogator, Major Neumann, urges her to confess, but Adair refuses to admit to crimes she did not commit. Eventually, the major is transferred to another jurisdiction, but not before a romantic interest in Adair has been kindled. He helps her plan an escape from prison and promises to find her when the war is finally over. In poor health, and with virtually no possessions other than two gold pieces, Adair sets out to find her family and rebuild her life.

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I really enjoyed this book. Though there were some slow parts in the I still enjoyed it. This book is full of history so I don't recommend this book to people who don't like that sort of thing. I especially enjoyed the ending. A great book to those who are history and civil war buffs!!

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