Icy Sparks
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Icy Sparks
-Gwyn Hyman Rubio


As if growing up wasn't hard enough.... Set in the 1950s, Gwyn Hyman Rubio's Icy Sparks tells the touching story of young Icy Sparks, a teenage darling living in a small Kentucky town. Icy certainly doesn't have it easy -- her uncontrollable, unexplainable twitches, jerks, and spasms make her a pariah in her own backyard. In a complusively readable style, Icy tells her touching coming-of-age story: from her experiences at a children's asylum and her bouts of isolation to the remarkable friendship that changes her life forever.

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Overall I really liked this book. It was amazing to know that back in the 50's they had really no idea what Tourette's syndrome was. This book was definitely a good read. I recommend it! This novel is a feel good, heart warming book. At moments in the book you just want to reach out and embrace the main character.

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