4 Blondes
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Jemima J
-Jane Green

Jemima is fat, British, and lonely. Her great consolations are food and her friend Ben, but when she meets Mr. Right on the Internet she presents herself as thin and glamorous. When he demands a meeting, Jemima loses weight, becomes a blonde, flies to L.A., and discovers that happiness is back home on her doorstep. ------------

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I absolutely loved this book. I recommend it to anyone is feeling hopeless about losing weight. It was fast paced-and extremely enjoyable. One thing that kind of bothered me:
Being that I am from California the author made it seem like everyone in california is so beautiful, sweet and slim...which is totally untrue, I did not agree with her in the respect and I think that part should have been written to make it more realistic. Other then that...great book...I recommend it to anyone!

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