From the Corner of his Eye
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From the Corner of his Eye
-Dean Koontz


Bartholomew "Barty" Lampion is born on a day marked by tragedy. Both of his parents will die, though thanks to some quick medical help, his mother, Agnes, will return to the living. Little Barty proves himself to be an amazing child almost from the first day -- a prodigy who, by the age of three, is reading at an eighth-grade level. Then tragedy strikes again when a rare type of cancer forces the removal of both of Barty's eyes, leaving him totally blind. Yet despite this setback, Barty continues to amaze everyone with his boundless love of life, his steely determination, and more than a few astonishing perceptions.

Angel White is born on the same day as Barty, and the circumstances are just as tragic. Not only was Angel conceived during a violent rape, Angel's mother, Seraphim, a 15-year-old African American and the daughter of a Baptist minister, dies during the birth. But something amazing happens first, something that will affect the lives of both the doctor delivering the child and Seraphim's older sister, Celestina, who raises Angel. This child, too, proves to be exceptional.

It will be three years before these two remarkable children meet, though their lives are mysteriously intertwined from the moment of their births. Each possesses a unique and rare ability that changes the way they, and those around them, see the world. But a vicious killer wants them both dead, and their eventual confrontation will have a mind-shattering outcome, the effect of which will eventually be felt throughout the universe.

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Amazingly well written. This was my first book by Mr. Knootz. I really couldnít put this book down. I enjoyed how all the characters came together in the end. If you havenít read this book yet Iíll just let you know that the ending gets you thinking a little bit. The most perfect thing about this novel is that it has just the right about of sci-fi to a point where it doesnít make it to cheesy. (Great buys for used books)
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