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Kitchen Privleges
-Mary Higgins Clark


Even as a young girl, growing up in the Bronx, Mary Higgins Clark knew she wanted to be a writer. The gift of storytelling was a part of her Irish ancestry, so it followed that she would later use her sharp eye, keen intelligence, and inquisitive nature to create stories about the people and things she observed.

When Mary Higgins Clark's father died during the Depression, her mother opened their home to roomers, announced by a discreet sign that read



Those who responded proved to be a colorful lot.

Studying these diverse people, then later observing passengers on the Pan Am flights on which she worked as a stewardess, Clark began to form ideas for short stories that later appeared in magazines.

When her husband died, leaving her a young widow with five children to support, she found work writing radio scripts and also decided to try her hand at writing novels, the second of which was Where Are the Children? That book launched her career and was the first of 27 (and still counting) bestselling novels of suspense.

As Mary Higgins Clark has said when asked if she might give up writing for a life of leisure, "Never! To be happy for a year, win the lottery. To be happy for life, love what you do."

In Kitchen Privileges, she reflects on the joy that her life as a writer has brought her, and shares with readers the love that she has found.

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Bestselling novelist Mary Higgins Clark tells a story of her own life. In this novel she reflects on the first time she knew she wanted to be a writer, childhood, her very first love, and other tragedys that made her who she is today. When I was younger I tried to read Mary Higgin Clark novels. I wasn't much into reading in those days so I wasnt much into her books. After reading this book I am very intrigued to read one of her books again. This novel was so heartfelt. She experienced so many tragedys in her life it was amazing to know she pulled though it all. She witnessed the death of father at age 8, her youngest brother and then soon after older brother..her very first husband and so many other family members it seemed like a curse. Mary is the only survivor. One part in the book that sticks to my mind well was when Mary was about 8 years old. Her mother mentioned "Mary is going to be a famous writer one day". Little did her mother know how right she was. Everyone should pick up this book. (Great buys for used books)
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