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These writings are as submitted by the writer in their entirety. Some langauge may be offensive to some people. This organization assumes no liabilities for these writings, they are for entertainment purposes, only. The webmaster has the right to refuse any stories that are not in the best interest of this organization.

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4/4/13Lt. Gen. John H. Cushman- 2d Brigade and 2d Brigade Task Force/101st in Vietnam, 1967-68 -- A Memoir
                                                                "Previously distributed, bound in 175 pages, now available to all."

4/24/12NVA Senior Colonel Nguyen Phu Dat’s [Nguyễn Phú Đạt] and a B 1/502nd Infantry - Sergeant Flaherty's last letters home.
Translated by Robert J. Destatte - Sergeant Flaherty's Unsent Letters (part 1)

6/14/12Submitted by Robert J. Destatte - Sergeant Flaherty's Unsent Letters (part 2)

5/27/13Submitted by Robert J. Destatte - Sergeant Flaherty's Unsent Letters (part 3)

6/2/16Charles Allen - FNG's Prelude to Our First Patrol

10/15/11Charles Allen - The Death of Lieutenant Pershing

8/30/10Chaplain Larry Haworth - The Iconic Huey

10/13/09Roger Ables - Operation Lamar Plain

10/4/09Jerry Czykalowskyj - A Tribute To Veterans

9/17/09Larry Fuller- Comradery

5/30/08Lt. Gen. John H. Cushman- 40 Years Ago This Week !
                                                                     A weekly continuing saga...

4/13/08Summer 1969 Rendezvous with Destiney Magazine- 1969 Summer
                                                                     Offensive in the A Shau Valley

4/19/07Stuart Steinberg- How I Almost Got Blown Up
                                                                     and Lived to Tell About It

4/1/07Ed Matyjasik- Women of Valor

1/20/07Michael Monfrooe - Sitting in the Dark

1/20/07Michael (MadMonk) Bradshaw - The Truth Of It All

1/20/07Michael Monfrooe - The C-Ration Cook Book

1/20/07Michael (MadMonk) Bradshaw- Another Year

10/19/06Ed Matyjasik- Killed in Action

10/19/06Ed Matyjask- The Wall

8/5/05Robert Clark- Just Last Night

3/23/05Jim Schueckler- The Day It Snowed In Vietnam

10/31/04Lawerence Mize- Escape

10/24/04Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- The Chat

10/24/04Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- My Bestest Good Ol' Buddy Ever

10/23/04Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- My Nickname, Mad Monk

10/23/04Melissa Bradshaw-A Life Lived

4/18/04101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)-RETURNS HOME from IRAQ

4/4/04Michael Angelo Shramko-LETTER HOME

2/17/04TJ McGinley-MONKEY MAN

2/17/04TJ McGinley-POPCORN !

2/17/04Dave A. Shade-These Colors Didn’t Run

2/16/04TJ McGinley-The AMBUSH

9/28/03Del "Abe" Jones- The WALL

9/28/03Del "Abe" Jones- POW / MIA Poem

9/28/03Del "Abe" Jones- A Tribute to Bob Hope

9/7/03Lt. Gen. John H. Cushman- Recollections of Bob Hope

6/27/03Josie McCormick (David Hindel)- Duty In The Sky

4/25/03Charles "Country" Cole- Mountain Tales

3/26/03SSG Hilliard Carter- A Long Overdue Award to a Hero !

2/1/03 Larry Weisbarth- Our First Patrol

1/30/03 David Anson - Rememberance Day

1/23/03 Dick Hise - November 28, 1971 - Tragedy

1/22/03 Charles "Country" Cole - BATTLE OF PHOUC YEN -
                                                                     Classic Cordon Operation

1/12/03 Author Unknown- American Soldierman

Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- This Old Unit

Dedication by Dwight Lane to John Gertch and Charles R. Pyle

Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- It's Been Some Time

David Williamson - I am a Soldier

Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- LZ Jane, 30 Jan 68

Mark Regan- Aquarius

Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- Burnin' The Shit

Ron Kuvik- Reciprocity

Michael (Mad Monk) Bradshaw- Why, Please ?

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