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In the middle of the night I dream
a deep, dark, foreboding dream.
One of men and places long since past
of a country doomed to breathe its last.

Into the deep, dark void I go
to revisit the friends I know.
Hoff with his acne scarred face
Febo with his smile to fill all space.

Faces flash across the screen of my mind
bringing back the hurt of a lifetime.
I review all the evil I've seen
all the death caused by man's machines.

Corpses rise up with their wicked smiles
bloated and decaying they rot in piles.
Waiting for the transport of those few last miles
whose left to speak for them...the ones we never saved?

Hills and valleys so lush and green
Vietnam so evil, so mean.
I sense the end is coming near
clutch onto the life I hold so dear.

Look for a spot to slip away
escape...escape to dream another day.

Lawerence E. Mize
A Co. 2/501 101 Airborne Division
Dec. 1967-Dec. 1968