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Sitting in the Dark

20, Oct. 2006 Sitting In The Dark
As I sit in the dark fighting back the tears,
Remembering the past, remembering the fears.
I miss my buddies, friendships dear.
Itís been so long, so many years.
We looked for the enemy wherever they might be,
We saw the side of war that most never see.
We were the infantry, trained to be the best,
We had pride in our unit, we stood above the rest.
I remember my friend falling, I still hear his screams.
I still see it after all these years, see it in my dreams.
I held him close, medivac was on the way,
I could see death in his eyes, I didnít know what to say.
The world turned silent as I gently closed his eyes.
I wondered, if when a soldier passes, do the angels cry.
As if he were a child I carried him to the bird,
The medics took him from me, no one said a word.
The mission wasnít over, the enemy was close by.
There was no time to mourn, no time to cry.
Remembering the past, remembering the years,
"Sitting In the Dark", fighting back the tears.

Dedicated to "Leo" who helped me cope. I saw it in his eyes
Typed by author
Michael D. Monfrooe USA Ret
1520 Becida Rd. SW.
Bemidji, Mn. 56601
U.S. Army. Infantryman
E/3/505-"L" Co. 75th Rangers 101 Abn