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Man am I glad to see that sun this morning.
Thought it would never get here.
Feels so good, worming up in here now.
Hay Lifer what have you got to eat over there?
Cold scrambled eggs and ham in a can.
That stuff will kill ya. You are a lifer.

Hay, check this out.
That little girl, looks just like my little sister.
And thatís a fine looking woman holding her hand.
Shut up Doc is that all you ever think about?
You got that right.

Looky here, sheís holding up that little girl.
And their rubbing something over one of those names.
No way man, check it out.
Wow this is really spooky. What is?
That womenís face looks so familiar.
Like maybe my big sister, except I donít have a big sister.

Lifer, youíve been in the bush to long. Youíre seeing things.
Maybe so Doc. Whatís so important about this damn wall anyway?
Well Charlie wants a piece of it every night, it must be worth something.
And donít forget all those civilian pukes that stop by every day.
It seems to really mean something to most of them.
And the look on some of their faces, like theyíve been here and done this.

Itís almost dark, knock of the chatter and take your position.
Lock and load, there wonít be any friendlyís out there tonight.
Man, look at all those stars out tonight. Makes you feel so small.
Just a few more nights and a wake up and Iíll be heading home.
Back to the world, save my seat on that freedom bird.

Quiet, weíve got movement.
Let them come in close, time to rock and roll.

Ed Matyjasik
A 2/502Infantry
6/69 - 6/70