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Leslie Townes Hope

For one hundred years
He spent upon this Earth
The greatest purveyor
Of happiness and mirth.

This Country was his family
And this World was his home
And into its four corners
Was he bound to roam.

He came up through vaudeville
Made the best of his game
And after many gigs
Became a household name.

He traveled many roads
With his sidekick Bing
While he cracked his jokes
And helped Bing to sing.

He had his own show
In the television age
And all of his accomplishments
Wrote another history page.

But, when this unique star
Shone most brilliantly
Was with all his troops
Of all our military.

He respected and loved them
And they sent it back, ten-fold
Those guys and gals he visited
Some never, to grow old.

His heart was always with them
And never far, from his mind
Yes Sir, Mister Hope
You, were one of a kind.

This world has lost a treasure
That will never be replaced
And you left prints in the "road"
Which will never be retraced.

So, thanks, for the memories
Those passed and yet to come
For Bob, your contribution
Will never, be done.

Del "Abe" Jones
White Bluff, Tn