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There's a wall of marble
Five hundred feet long -
Ten feet high, scribed with names
Of those who died, the strong.

There's more than fifty-eight thousand
Etched upon that stone -
Most of them died so young
This life, they've never known.

It's such a small tribute
To those who fought our war -
Such a small price we pay
To those who gave much more.

Their name carved in a rock
That most of us won't read -
Not near enough praise to give
For their most gracious deed.

Seems there's too many of us
Who don't really seem to care
That we stayed home secure and safe
While they died over there.

Remember when you see that Wall
With all those initials and names
That those men were only pawns
In one more of those deadly games.

Let's hope what they gave had meaning -
And that peace will always reign -
That we won't have to send our young
To fight and die again.

Del "Abe" Jones
White Bluff, TN