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This is a little introduction to this poem:

Thought you might be interested in the attached poem (reproduced exactly as handwritten) by my wife's uncle from Toronto. He emigrated as a young man to Canada then dropped out of sight when his marriage broke up. It's only in the last two years, drinking and talking during his too rare trips across here, that he's started to tell us about his service in the US military - one old soldier to another (I'm ex-Brit Intelligence Corps - no jokes please. I've heard them all!) plus the liberating influence of a good single malt whisky....good for both of us! He was with the 101 for two tours in the 60s.
David Anson
Operator - Intelligence & Security III


Did you remember those we lost in WW1?
Did you lose somebody close in WW2, my son?
Did you remember the guys who were lost on the way to BERLIN, when the losing WERMACHT were spread out pretty thin?
Did you remember THE KOREAN WAR and the guys that we lost there?

If you did, GOD bless you – I’ll doff my hat to you!

We should never forget those, who went and did what they had to do!

They answered THE CALL – They gave their ALL – And didn’t come home!

If they believe The Cause is just, CANADIANS will “GO FOR BUST”, and in some far-off, muddy field, they will die, before they yield – That’s how they are!

In World War Two and Korea, I was too young to be involved, I was still going through school, So I was absolved.

But in the latter Sixties,(influenced by JFK), like thousands of CANADIANS, South of The Border made may way.

There we joined The Forces of our friendly “UNCLE SAM”, And after the usual training, were shipped out to VIETNAM. Officially, CANADA was not involved in that conflict over there,

But let’s not forget “The VIETNAM VET” Believe me – we were there!!

Some served in the NAVY, or flew with the AIR FORCE, some were ARMY, MARINE and AIRBORNE, and SPECIAL FORCES of course!

They all served with honour, made it through their TOURS, came home, kept their mouths shut, didn’t want to become BOORS!!

But enough years have passed now, since SAIGON took its fall, VIETNAM VETS have had their PARADE, and have even got “THE WALL”!!

I guess, what I’m trying to say –EVERY VET should be honoured to-day, who was in those WARS, fought so far away!!

“O CANADA” you are our home, for some, their NATIVE LAND, which hasn’t seen a WAR for years,

My God, ain’t it grand!!
We supply “THE PEACEKEEPERS”, the boys of “THE BLUE BERET” –
But while they try to keep the peace, they still get blown away!!


Take a quiet moment and REMEMBER EVERY VET – THEY’RE A DYING BREED!!