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Virtual Cemetery Page 7

The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The Grave of Corp. Gottlieb Staiger of Company C 23rd PA. He is buried at Knights of Pythias Cemetery in Philadelphia. He was born in Germany in 1843 and died in Philadelphia in 1924. View his Picture in the Original Photos , Page 13 and his Pension Record on Page 3 of the Pension Record Page.
Grave of Pvt. John Blum of Company C. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald,GA.Blum was mustered into service on September 1, 1861. He was wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks , a wound that would after the war cause amputation. He was sent home on a Surgeon's Certificate on November 10th 1862. Around 1890, he and about 150 other Union and Confederate Soldiers would found the town of Fitzgerald, GA. At a time where Union soldiers were hated due to Sherman's March through Georgia, this town was a symbol of rebuilding the Nation.
The Grave of Lt. Joshua Simster Garsed, Company B, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. Lt. Joshua S. Garsed of Company B was mustered in on August 2nd 1861 as a Corporal. He became one of the units best soldiers and was promoted several times until finally attaining the rank of 1st Lt of Company B. He was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3rd 1863. Please visit The Joshua S. Garsed Page for more detailed information on Joshua and read 20 letters written by him during his service, one by his father, one by his Captain, Jessie Simcox and his fathers account of retrieving his sons body from Gettysburg. He is Buried at Leverington Cemetery in Roxborough,PA.
The Grave of Pvt. James T. Earle of Company F. James was born in Philadelphia in the year 1842. At the age of 19, he enlisted in the Army. He was mustered in at the Skuykill arsenal in Philadelphia on August 2nd 1861. He was assigned to Company F,23rd PA. James had brown eyes, light colored hair and complexion and was 5 foot 5 and a half inches tall. His occupation at the time of enlistment, was a boatman. He was first wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks on May 31st 1862. His service record shows that he was discharged on December 25th 1863 at Brandy Station Virginia. Around this time at the age of 21 he was married to his wife Mary. He reenlisted as a Veteran Volunteer. At his re-enlistment he received $50 and the first installment of his bounty. He was examined on Christmas 1863 by A. L. Clark, Asst. Surg. of the 23rd PA Volunteers and was found to be free of all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would disqualify him from performing duties as a soldier. He was also inspected by J. B. Vancleve, 1st Lt., who stated that he was entirely sober and of lawful age. He stayed with the 23rd PA until the Regiment was mustered out on September 8th 1864. He was then transferred to the 82nd Pennsylvania Volunteers. Just ten days later, the 82nd was engaged at Winchester (3rd Winchester) and he was wounded in the left foot by a shell fragment. He was admitted to a Hospital at Filbert Street in Philadelphia. On July 13th 1865 he was discharged from the Army and on July 11th 1870, he filed for a claim for invalid pension for a shell wound of the left foot, received near Winchester Virginia on September 18th 1864. In March 1873 James Earle had three people testify on his behalf in reguard to his pension. John Anderson and William Barr, both comrades of his, were amongst the witnesses. The Medical Board of Philadelphia granted him a pension of $2 a month on February 2nd 1873. A month later he filed for an increase. He was 30 years old at that time and still receiving $2 a month. He declared that the wound was causing partial loss of use of his foot. He was dropped from the rolls of the US Pension Agency and was last paid $6 . John and Mary Earle had nine Children. John F, born June 4th 1866, James W., born January 23rd 1868, Mary L., born October 28th 1869, Lizzie, born May 18th 1872, Edward, born July 13th 1874, Maggie, born November 4th 1876, Ida, born on March 27th 1879, Bertha, born May 18th 1881 and Tracy A., born January 8th 1884. You can see a photo of James L. Earle on Original Photos Page 24. He died in Philadelphia and wand is buried in Westminster Cemetery with the name of his original outfit on his headstone. You can view his Soldier Index Card on Page 1 on The Soldier Index Card Pages.
Grave of Pvt Reuben Sewell of Company G.He was born on January 31st 1842. Sewell was mustered in on September 6th 1861. He was transferred to the 82nd PA on September 8th 1864. He was discharged on July 17th 1865. He then reenlisted in the Army for the Indian Wars and was discharged at Fort Larimie, Wyoming in 1870. He died on February 9th, 1918 at Blackfoot Idaho. He is buried there in Blackfoot Cemetery. Thanks to Gayle Sewell for the information and the photo.
Grave of Pvt. Robert Bodkin of Company F. He was born on May 31st 1821. He was mustereed in on August 2nd 1861. He served faithfully until his muster out on September 8th 1864. He died in Philadelphia on August 6th 1902 and is buried at Levrington Cemetery in Roxborough, PA.

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