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"Welcome to the Official Website of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers....Memorial Association",visit us at

Official Website of the
23rd Pennsylvania Memorial Association

About the 23rd PA Memorial Association

The 23rd Pennsylvania Memorial Website is dedicated to the History of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry known as "Birney's Zouaves". If you have any ideas or information that will make this site better or more accurate, please contact us. Learn about the original Birney's Zouaves, their leader, their campaigns and engagements, the uniform they wore, and the flag they carried. All this supported with original photos, the entire roster, pension records, and a virtual cemetery. A good place to start is with the 23rd PA Timeline page which is a chronological chart with links to each event.

Latest Website Updates

1) Microsoft Access Entire Roster Database Updated! 8/29/2019.

2) News Page Updated 8/29/2019.

3) Original Photos Page 38 John D. Thomas added 3/1/2019.

4) Virtual Cemetery Page 82 John D. Thomas added 3/1/2019.

5) Virtual Cemetery Page 81 John W. Kling added 3/1/2019.

6) Virtual Cemetery Page 6 John W. Kling census added 2/28/2019.

7) Washington D.C. Camp Graham New Page 2/21/2019.


We are always looking to find the Final Resting Place of any 23rd PA Soldier. This also includes any soldier who was a member of the 23rd PA and was transferred to another unit. If you know of any and have any photos of their graves, please send us a detailed e-mail. To date we have located the Grave sites of 1,370 men of the Regiment so far. You can use the Entire Roster Link to Download a copy of our list which contains the ones that have been located so far.

"Birney's Zouave's" News

Keep up with the latest news concerning The 23rd Pennsylvania Memorial Website. Find out what The 23rd Pennsylvania Memorial Association is up to on the News page. This page is updated every few days or anytime there is something to announce. You can also link back to news from all the months of the current year from the News Page.

Original Photos

We are always looking for Original Photos of any 23rd Pennsylvania member to add to the database on the website. This also includes any soldier who was a member of the 23rd PA and was transferred to another unit. If you have a photo and would like to share them, please send a detailed e-mail to us with any and all info on your photo and who to credit for the photo. The Photos can be Pre-War, Wartime or Post-War Photographs. We are also interested in Photos if they are an Unknown soldier in the 23rd Pennsylvania.


We operate the 23rd Pennsylvania Memorial website at a cost of $10 a month. The site is free to everyone and contains thousands of Dollars of Research Information on it. If you would like to help us by "sponsoring a month" with a donation, it would be very appreciated. Please send any donations through Paypal to and make sure to put "23rd PA Donation" in the Subject. The 23rd Pennsylvania is a 501 C3 Tax Exempt Organization. Pennsylvania TIN # 83-0361057.

What are people saying about This site!

"This is an Amazing Website! The amount of Information that is here is mind-boggling. I have never seen a website that was "Civil War Related", to any One Regiment, that contained as much information,, or dedicated to any one unit as I have seen here. " Michael Victorino--New York City,NY

"We think your commitment to the 23rd PA is remarkable!" Aileen Johnston--Bear,DE

"Excellent History Related Website!"--John Taverns--Vancouver,BC,CANADA

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