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          23rd Pennsylvania

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Newspaper Clippings pertaining to the 23rd PA
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From the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 27th, 1889. This Clipping was about a Cerimony at The Gravesite of General David Bell Birney at Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia. Survivors of the 23rd PA Volunteers and Members of Several G.A.R. Posts numbering in the thousands attended. Thanks to Eileen Campost for sending it in.
From the Philadelphia Inquirer, December 30th, 1861. Presentation of the 23rd Pennsylvania's Flag by Speaker Grow. Left to Right: Col. Birney, Judge Terry, Speaker Grow, Col. Puleston Wright M.C.,Senator Cowen.
From Forneys War Press, 1862. The Desparate Bayonet Charge of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers at The Battle of Fair Oaks , Virginia, May 31st 1862.
This Newspaper clipping is from The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 20, 1861. Peter Stroup, Company I, 23rd PA, was bathing in the Skuykill River and accidently Drowned. He was only in Service for 5 Days at Camp Union in Philadelphia . We are still looking for burial information. Date of Death August 18th 1861.
From a Washington Newspaper .This is a story of a Deserter, Peter Lawson, Company A,who tried to escape camp, dress in civilian clothes and get away. Sadly he was killed by men of his own Regiment for desertion.
Philadelphia Inquirer August 14th 1861 recruiting ad for the 23rd Pennsylvania at The Globe Hotel in Philadelphia.

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