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Burial Records of the 23rd PA
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Burial Information for Sergeant William John Wray Company F , 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, also known by their nickname, “Birney’s Zouaves”. He was born in Philadelphia on May 16th 1845. He enlisted into the 23rd Pennsylvania at the Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia on August 2nd 1861. On September 8th 1861, he moved with the Regiment to Washington D.C, where he was encamped just three miles north of the Capitol on “The Queen’s Farm” at Camp Graham . He was there with the Regiment during the cold winter months and in December of 1861; Typhoid Fever broke out within the Camp which resulted in the Death of Fifty-One men of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. It was decided on March 12th 1862 to move the camp to higher ground in Bladensburg, Maryland to rid the epidemic and ready the Soldiers for campaign. The 23rd Pennsylvania moved to Bladensburg and were encamped at Camp Clark . William John Wray was Wounded at The Battle of Fredericksburg Virginia on December 13th 1862. The bullet went through his left eye and shattered his jaw. The same bullet struck his friend and blanket mate , Patrick Hickey. Hickey carried Wray to safety. Wray was taken to General Hospital in York, PA. William was there being nursed back to health foe the next six months and was assigned to the Veterans Reserve Corps. In late June during the Gettysburg Campaign , Confederate General Jubal Early was attempting a run on Harrisburg. Wray volunteered to defend The Bridge at Wrightsville with McGowan's Invalids. During the Overland Campaign, he was at Fort Stevens when Early made his last attack on the Capitol. Wray, in charge of a Battery that was under severe fire, ordered a change of position of the Battery to prevent it from being deystroyed. He was mustered out of Service on November 23rd 1865. After the War, He returned to Philadelphia and became a Laywer fighting for Veteran Pensions. He fathered Nine children with his wife Lucy. On December 15th 1892, William John Wray was awarded the Congressional Medal of Homor for his Actions at Ft. Stevens.During General Early's advance on Washington, D.C., Sergeant William Wray earned the Medal of Honor for his heroic defense of the Capitol City. At a critical moment during a charge at Fort Stevens, amid a hail of fire and the rush of the Confederate soldiers, Sergeant Wray rallied the men of his company. His death occurred on June 1st 1919 at the Home of his brother Albert Wray, 5412 Webster Street . He was 74 Years Old and was buried in American Mechanics Cemetery in Philadelphia. In 1951 the area was developed and the bodies removed. His body was disinterred on September 11, 1951 and re-interred on September 13, 1951, along with several other Wray family members.He is buried at Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazier, Pennsylvania in Division F Section 1, Lot 31, Grave 1.

William John Wray was a Pennsylvania Freemason,Member of Lodge # 9 . Corinthian Royal Arch Chapter #250. Republican Club of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Fireman (Goodwill Engine Company).

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You can view Burial Records of William John wray on Page 1 of the 23rd Pennsylvania, Burial Records pages.

Burial Information for John Moffitt, Company F, 23rd PA. A resident of Pittsburg, he was wounded at The Battle of Fair Oaks.He was a Member of GAR Patterson Post 151. He died on October 20th 1905 of complications from Apoplexy (Stroke), and was interred at Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh on October 23rd in Section 10, Lot 293, Grave 1 under the familt obeliske. In 2004 a new headstone was ordered by Frank P Marrone Jr and dedicated. You can see a Photo of him on Original Photos, Page 15of the Website ,and his Grave site in the Virtual Cemetery Page 4.
Burial Information for Byron G. Keyser of The 23rd PA . He is buried in Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia,PA, Section YY, Lot 96, Grave 1. On Page 201 of the Regimental History in the Roster List of Company B, it says that he was accidently killed in Camp. This remained a mystery for 130 years until Frank P Marrone Jr found and began to translate the Joshua Garsed Letters. In a letter dated February 12, 1862 from Camp Clark, Washington DC he writes that Byron was killed when struck with a hatchet. We know the 23rd was clearing trees for Forts in the Area such as Ft. Totten. Most likely while on duty a hatchet head slipped of the handle and struck 17 year old Byron in the head. Erysipelas set in and he died.
Burial Information for Jacob Urban, Company C, 23rd Pennsylvania. He is buried at US Soldiers and Airman's National Cemetery in Washington D.C. about One Mile from where he died in Camp Graham on November 14th 1861 of Typhoid Fever. Origianally the Cemetery was named Military Asylum Cemetery, it's name was changed to US Soldiers and Airman's National Cemetery. He is buried there in Section B, Grave 1025.
Burial Information for Joshua S. Garsed , Company B, 23rd PA. A resident of Roxborough,PA, Joshua Simster Garsed was killed on July 3rd 1863 at The Battle of Gettysburg. He is buried at Leverington Cemetery in Roxborough,PA in Section 22,Lot 14, Grave 2. You can see a Photo of him as 1st Lt. on Original Photos, Page 11of the Website and a Second Photo as 2nd Lt on Original Photos, Page 18 ,and his Grave site in the Virtual Cemetery Page 7. He was killed about 5 P.M (according to James Shinn in a letter)in a reserve position near the Taneytown Road (Near the Current New Visitors Center)as a solid shot struck him between the neck and shoulder, "tearing him to pieces". His body was taken to the Home of Michael Fry and buried behind the house on the night of the 3rd. Joshua Father and Brother Frank went to Gettysburg to retrieve the remains and got there on July 12th. They met up with Dr. Huber (Father of Frederick Huber) to the Michael Fry Home. His father had a box made and two farmers disinterred the body which was buried at a depth of 2 feet. The body was decomposed but was identified by both Josh Sr and Frank. The body was then taken to Cemetery Hill to Dr. William Burnell to remove the strong odor. Joshua's remains were treated with charcoal and clorate of Lime. The Body was taken to the Adams Express Office for Return to Philadelphia. It arrived for the funeral on July 19th.

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