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Virtual Cemetery Page 36

The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The Grave of Private Peter McGirr of Company K, 23rd Pennsylvania, Three Month Volunteers. He is buried at Holy Rood Cemetery in Washington, D.C. Mustered in April 21, 1861. Mustered out July 21st 1861. Member of The George U Morris Post, No. 19, G.A.R.
Grave of Captain Joseph J. Vaughan, Company H, Three Month Volunteers, 23rd PA. Joseph was born in Philadelphia on August 12th 1838. A few days after the Civil War Began, he enlisted as a volunteers with the 23rd PA on April 21st 1861. He fought with the 23rd PA on JUly 10th 1861 at The Battle of Falling Waters. His three month enlistment ran out on July 31st 1861 and he was mustered out.

He later reenlisted and served with the 84th and 106 Pennsylvania Volunteers. He moved to Massachusetts after the war. He died there on March 28th 1897. He is buried in Riverview Cemetery, Groveland Massachusetts, Essex County.

I would like to thank Brian Downey who for months researched and searched for Joseph's Grave for me. His efforts were "first rate". Also thank you for the excellent photo and for helping us and all of our visitors remember and honor his service.

The Gravesite of Private Hamilton Harding of Company C, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, "Birney's Zouaves". Hamilton was born in Birmingham England in 1823. After coming to the United States, he and his family settled in Baltimore, Maryland. After the firing on Ft. Sumtner, Hamilton signed up with the 23rd PA Volunteers and was mustered into Company C on September 1st 1861. His enlistment age was 48 years old. After formal training in Washington D.C., the regiment was sent to the Virginia Penninsula where it was first engaged in action on May 31st 1862 at The Battle of Fair Oaks/Seven Pines. Hamilton was wounded at that battle and shortly thereafter returned. Just before the Gettysburg Campaign the 23rd was engaged at 2nd Fredericksburg. Hamilton was wounded for a second time as he charged Marye's Heights in the storming column. He finished out his service with the 23rd and fullfilled his three year enlistment. He was mustered out on September 8th 1864 and returned to The Baltimore/Cockeysville area. He entered the Almhouse on September 19th 1898 after being a resident of Baltimore for 30 years. He lived in the 8th District which is in the Cockeysville area. He died at the age of 75 on October 22nd 1898 of a "Double Rupture." This may be the result of his wounding at Fair Oaks and Fredericksburg. He is buried at The Almshouse Cemetery on the Grounds of the Baltimore County Almshouse at 9811 Van Buren Lane in Cockeysville. today The Almshouse is The Historical Society of Baltimore County. The website for the Historical Society is (Here) for more info . There are no markers for the gravesites in this field. May the sould of this heroic man rest in peace and his memory live on forever!
  • Hamilton also seen action at Gettysburg, 1st Fredericksburg, Malvern Hill, Mine Run and Cold Harbor. He served as a guard at Johnson's Island in Sandusky , Ohio and was trained as a soldier in Camp Graham in Washington D.C.

    A special thanks to John Nardello of Grants Pass, Oregon for the information. John is the Great,Great,Great Grandson of Pvt. Hamilton Harding.Also a special "Thank You" to Lisa Elliot for offering to take the photo of "The Paupers Field".

  • The Grave of Private Henry Jump, Company A, 23rd PA, "Birney's Zouaves" .Henry was mustered into the 23rd PVI on August 8th 1861 at the Skuykill Arsenal in Philadelphia. He was wounded at The Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg (Marye's Heights)on May 3rd 1863. He was discharged on September 8th 1864 at the fullfillment of his three year enlistment. He died on January 3rd 1909. He is buried at Atlantic City Cemetery in Atlantic City New Jersey.

    Special Thanks to Eileen Campost of the 26th PA Re-enactors for the discovery of the grave and photo.

    The Grave of Pvt. John MacAllister, Company C, 23d PV. He was born in 1844. He enlisted into service on September 1st 1861. Was wounded and in the Hospital from August 1st 1862 til July 10th 1863. He enlisted again into the 12th US Infantry . He was discharged on September 2nd 1864. He died on September 11th 1901. He is buried at Atlantic City Cemetery in Atlantic City New Jersey.

    Special Thanks to Eileen Campost of the 26th PA Re-enactors for the discovery of the grave and photo.

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