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          23rd Pennsylvania

Virtual Cemetery Page 12

The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The grave of Private Abraham Stauffer of Company I. Abraham was born in Washington County in 1839. As a young boy, in 1850, he lived withJohn and Anne Miller. By 1860 he was an apprentice at Mellenger's. He was mustered in on September 4th 1861. During the Gettysburg Campaign, Stauffer was transferred to the Brigade (Shaler's) Band and played the horn. He was wounded at the Battle of Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864 and then mustered out with the regiment on September 8th 1864. Somewhere around this time he married his sweetheart Mary whom he had a child with. He reenlisted and was placed in Company H of the 82nd PA. He was discharged a vet on July 13th 1865. After the war he was a laborer and moved back to Washington Boro. He died there in 1898 and is buried at Washington Boro Church of God Cemetery. Thanks to Robert Kise (decendant) for the bio.
Grave of Pvt. John Eberlein Brown of Company I. He is buried at Washington Boro, Church of God Cemetery. He mustered in on August 13th 1861. He was shot at the Battle of Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864 and died a few days later at Washington Landing in a hospital. He was born in 1846. Thanks to Barry Duesel (decendant) for the information and for getting a gravemarker.
Grave of Pvt. Benjamin Siple of Company I.
The Grave of Pvt. Jacob Henderson of Company I. He was mustered into service on July 10th 1863. He was transfered to Company H of the 82nd PA on September 8th 1864 and discharged a Veteran on July 13th 1865. He was born in 1835 and died in 1907. After the war he returned to Columbia, PA. He died there and is buried at Mt Bethel Cemetery in Columbia.
Grave of Captain Sylvester Martin. He was born on August 9th 1841 in Chester County,PA. Sylvester began his military career as a private of Company A of the three months regiment. He was mustered in on April 21st 1861. He was mustered out on July 31st 1861. He re-enlisted on August 1st 1861 with the 88th PA, Company K, and rose to the rank of Lt.Sylvester Earned The Medal of Honor During the Civil War For heroism August 19, 1864 at Weldon Railroad, VA. His citation reads: "Gallantly made a most dangerous reconnaissance, discovering the position of the enemy and enabling the division to repulse an attack made in strong force. " He died September 25th 1927. He is buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia,PA.

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Grave of Pvt. James Shenberger of Company I. He was mustered in on August 13th 1861. Wounded at Fair Oaks May 31st 1862. He was absent at the muster out. He was born in 1840 and died in 1812. After the war he moved back home to Wrightsville,PA and died there. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Wrightsville.

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