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The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The grave of Col. John F. Glenn of the 23rd PA Volunteers. John was born in Philadelphia on November 2nd 1829. He was a veteran of the Mexican and Civil Wars. He entered service at the age of 15 in the Mexican War and he offered his services at the age of 70 during the War with Spain. He was mustered into service for the Civil War on April 21st 1861 as the Captain of Company B of the 23rd PA Volunteers, 3 Months Volunteers. He reenlisted on August 4th 1861 as the Captain of Company A, Three Years Vols. He was wounded at the Battle of Fair Oaks on May 31st 1862. He was promoted to Major on July 20th 1862 and again to Col. of the 23rd. After the war he returned to the City he loved and dealt in Coke which was used to make iron. He was elected to five terms to Common Council in 1869 and the leader of the 15th Ward. He was a member of the Fernwood Lodge, free and accepted Masons. A member of the loyal Legion and Post 2 of the Grand Army. He was the President of the Survivors Association of the 23rd PA Volunteers. He was married with nine Children and 13 Grandchildren. He was a Republican. Col John F Glenn died on January 8th 1905 at 1:30 at his home on 2535 Brown Street in Philadelphia. His funeral was held in the pouring rain. Services were conducted by Rev. L.Y. Graham and Rev. J Alexander Vinton of Olivet Pres. Church. Honorary pallbearers were General James W. Latta, Hon. D Newlin Feil, Hon. Charles L. Brown, Hon. George S. Graham, Col. William Wallace, John Kinsey, Edward Patton, William J Reen, Charles N. Mann, J Frank Bower, James McGarvey and Robert Osbourne Jr. He was buried at Greenwood "Knights of Pythias" Cemetery on January 12th 1905 in Section K, Division 4, Lot 46/47.

On April 9th 1926 , James H. Glenn had the remains of Col. John F Glenn along with his wife Eleanor removed from Greenwood and re-interred at Westminster Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, PA. It was due to the lack of upkeep of the Cemetery that his remains were moved. He is buried there today in Section Lakeview, Lot 18, Grave 1. From about 1910 to 2002 Greenwood Cemetery had been in a state of decay. It has recently come under new ownership and is recovering.

Grave of Sgt. Jesse Cornell of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, Company K, "Birney's Zouaves". Jesse was mustered into Company K which were also known as the "Gymnast Zouaves" on August 6th 1861 as a Private. He was wounded at the Battle of Malvern Hill on July 1st 1862. He fought with the Regiment at Gettysburg. In September of 1862, he was promoted to Corporal. he served his three year enlistment until his muster out of service on September 8th 1864 in Philadelphia. After the War he moved to Galveston Texas where he lived on 26th & Church Avenue and was the proprietor of The Temple of Bacchus Saloon, located on 25th & Market Avenue. He died on April 27th 1899 and wasburied in Lakeview Cemetery is Galveston, Texas on April 30th 1899. Though there is nothing written in Official Records, it appears he was again promoted somewhere after June 1864 to the rank of Seargent.
The Final Survivor of the 23rd PA! Born in November 26th 1841. The grave of 2nd Lt. Jesse S. Williams Company I, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was mustered in on August 19th 1861, in Philadelphia, as a Private and went to camp at Camp Union in Philadelphia. He was promoted to Sgt. on July 1st 1862 after the battle of Fair Oaks. On January 1st 1863 he was again promoted to 2nd Lt. He was mustered out of service on September 8th 1864 and sent home to Columbia, PA. In his later years he moved to Dayton Ohio and lived at the Soldiers home. He became one of the last Civil War Veterans to Die there when he passed away on March 27th 1939 at the age of 98. He is the final survivor of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. He is buried at

Dayton National Cemetery

in Dayton Ohio in Sec R, Lot 15, Grave 2. As far as we know he was the Final Survivor of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers "Birney's Zouaves".

The Grave of Private Tunis N. Van Brunt of Company C, 23rd PVI. He was mustered into service on August 2nd 1861. He served until August 2nd 1864 when he deserted due to his fullfillment of Enlistment. He had felt he met his obligation of three years though the regimental muster was not until September 8th. He was pardoned by President Abraham Lincoln. He lived at The Dayton Soldiers Home until his death on September 8th 1914. He is buried at Dayton National Cemetery in Section 1, Row 15 , Site 55.
Grave of Pvt. Alexander P. Wilkins of Company A and B, 23rd Pennsylvania. He mustered in on August 2nd 1861. He served his three year enlistment and was mustered out on September 8th 1864 in Philadelphia. In his later years he moved to the Dayton Soldiers Home where he died on May 3rd 1897. He is buried at Dayton National Cemetery in Section P, Row 18 , Site 20.
Grave of Private John H. Kennedy of Company D, 23rd PVI. John H. Kennedy mustered into service on August 2nd 1861. He served three years and reenlisted. He was transfered to Company H of the 82nd Pennsylvania. He was discharged a vet on July 13th 1865. He died on September 25th 1915. He is buried at Hampton National Cemetery in Section A Grave 10808.

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