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The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The Grave of Pvt. Neal Toland, Company D, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, "Birney's Zouaves". Neal was born in the year 1844 in Philadelphia. He was mustered into service on September 4th 1861 and was wounded at The Battle of Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864. He was mustered out with the Company on September 8th 1864 and re-enlisted with the 82nd Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was discharged a Vet on September 8th 1861 and met the Regiment at Camp Graham. He was wounded at Marye's Heights, Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg on May 3rd 1863.He was transfered to Company H, of the 82nd PA and discharges on September 8th 1864. He returned to Philadelphia and took a job as a Stoker.

Neal Toland was the son of Jane Johnson and Hugh Toland. He was married to Catherine. They lived at 2057 Mountain Street in Philadelphia at the time of his death from heart disease. He was originally interred at the Toland Family Plot at Old Cathedral Cemetery. He was removed to Holy Cross in October 1896.

The Grave of Pvt. William N Tapper, Company A, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, "Birney's Zouaves". William was born in Philadelphia in 1843. He was mustered in on August 8th 1861 and Mustered out on September 8th 1864. He died on March 13th 1925 in Philadelphia. He was buried in The American Mechanics Cemetery and then in 1951 the Cemetery was removed as a part of Philadelphia's "Diamond Project" for development. He was reinterred at Philadelphia Memorial Park in Frazier and buried in the Amanda Goodhue Plot. Division A, Section 18 , Lot 19, Grave 2.
Grave of Private Aaron C. VanFleet , Company K, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, "Birney's Zouaves". Aaron was born in Hillsborough,NJ. At the time of the Civil War he decided to join a Regiment and found the Highest Bounty at the time coming from Col. Birney's Zouaves,500 Dollars, more than any NJ Regiment was offering. He went to Philadelphia and Enlisted. He was mustered into Service on August 6th 1861 at the Schuykill Arsenal in Philadelphia. On September 7th he moved with the Regiment to Washington D.C. for the defences of the Capital against possible Rebel Invasion. The 23rd was encamped at "The Queen Farm" owned by Jacob Queen and they made Camp Graham thier home. Typhoid Fever broke out in November and December of 61 and over fifty men of the unit died forcing them to move to higher ground near Bladensburg, MD. There they established Camp Clark in which they remained until March when they were shipped to The Virginia Penninsula . There on May 31st 1862, Aaron was wounded at The Battle of Fair Oaks . He was mortally wounded at the Battle of Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864. He was sent to Philadelphia on a Steamer where his family took him home. He died on June 11th 1864 from the wound he suffered at Cold Harbor . He is buried at Clover Hill Reformed Chuch in Hillsborough, NJ. During his service, he wrote home in a group of letters in which he stated he could not wait for his enlistment to run out. You can view the Letters by clicking the links below. There is also a photo of him on Page 2 of The Original Photos Page and you can view his Soldier Index card on Page 1 of the Soldier Index Cards Pages.

Aaron C. VanFleet Letters

  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (10/21/61)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (12/15/61)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (12/17/61)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (12/26/61)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (01/04/62)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (01/14/62)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (02/15/62)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (02/23/62)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (03/30/62)

    There was over 1 year of Silence between his wounding at The Battle of Fair Oaks on May 31st 1862 and the next letter.

  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (04/27/63)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (06/07/63)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (07/16/63)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (08/18/63)
  • Aaron C. VanFleet Letter (03/13/64)
  • Grave of Private James H. Barbour . James was born on December 28th 1839 in Villanova,PA. He was drafted in Philadelphia on March 31st 1864 and was placed in Company B, 23rd Pennsylvania. He was mustered out with the Company on September 8th 1864 and was transfered to the 82nd Pennsylvania, Company F. He was discharged on July 13th 1865 a Vet.After the war he moved into the City and became a Blacksmith. He died on September 24th 1907 in Philadelphia. He is buried at Mt. Vernon Cemetery in Philadelphia.
  • 1444 N. 27th Street, 32nd Ward 1907-09-26; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer

    "BARBOUR - On Sept. 24, 1907, JAMES H. BARBOUR, in his 68th year. Relatives and friends, also the surviving members of Pa. Volunteers, are invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, at 2 P. M., from the residence of his daughter, 1444 North 27th st. Interment at Mount Vernon Cemetery."

  • This is the Grave of Corporal William L. Uber Company H , 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, also known by their nickname, “Birney’s Zouaves”. He was born in Philadelphia. He enlisted into the 23rd Pennsylvania at the Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia on August 20th 1861.On September 8th 1861, he moved with the Regiment to Washington D.C, where he was encamped just three miles north of the Capitol on “The Queen’s Farm” at Camp Graham . He was there with the Regiment during the cold winter months and in December of 1861; Typhoid Fever broke out within the Camp which resulted in the Death of Fifty-One men of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. It was decided on March 12th 1862 to move the camp to higher ground in Bladensburg, Maryland to rid the epidemic and ready the Soldiers for campaign. The 23rd Pennsylvania moved to Bladensburg and were encamped at Camp Clark . William L. Uber was Wounded at The Battle of Fair Oaks Virginia on May 31st 1862 and 2nd Fredericksburg on May 3rd 1863. He was mustered out of Service on September 8th 1864, reenlisted and transfered to the Verterans reserve Corps. After the War, He moved to California. His death occurred on December 16th 1915. He is buried at Angelus /Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles, California in Section 3, Lot 155, Grave 3NW.

    You can view a Photo of William L. Uber on Page 34 of the 23rd Pennsylvania, Original Photos pages.

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