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          23rd Pennsylvania

Virtual Cemetery Page 6

The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The grave of Captain James Monroe Craig of Company H . He is buried at Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh in Section36, Lot 327, Grave 1.
The grave of Private John Doyle of Company F. He is buried at Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh. His headstone reads "Asleep in Jesus".
Grave of Asst. Surgeon, Dr. George W. Yoemans Regimental Surgeon of the 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers and 3rd brigade N.C.P. George was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on February 25th 1832. As a young man he attended medical school and had a Practice on Market Street at the Outbreak of the American Civil War. He was mustered in on August 30, 1862 most likely due to the large amount of casulties the 23rd sustained at Fair Oaks in which Dr. Roller needed assistance. He took ill after the Battle of Gettysburg and was discharged on a Surgeons certificate of Disability on March 18, 1863.He died on april 17th 1895 at the age of 63 and is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia in Section 18, Lot 171, Grave 1. Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia is a National Historical Landmark. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Philadelphia region who is considering plots for Loved ones and Family. they have a beautiful Cemetery, well kept and with an excellent Support Group, The Friends of Laurel Hill . They also have excellent Office and Maintnance/Groundskeeping Staff who are always extremely helpful.

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You can view a Photo of Dr. George W. Yoemans on Page 8 of the 23rd Pennsylvania, Original Photos pages.

The Grave of Captain James Gwyn of Company F, 23rd Pennsylvania. He was born in Philadelphia on November 24th 1828. He was mustered in on August 2 1861. Resigned July 22 1862 to accept Lt. Colonelcy of the 118th Pennsylvania "Corn Exchange Regiment". Discharged as a Coloniel and breveted Major General on June 1st 1865. He was wounded in the battle of the Wilderness on May 5, 1864. He is buried in Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia in Section E Lot 33 Grave 1, about 35 yards from David Bell Birney. This is an excellent well kept and helpful Cemetery and I recommend it for buying plots .
Grave of Pvt Henry McKim of Company B of the 23rd Pennsylvania. He was mustered in on January 28th 1862. He was transfered to the 82nd Pa Company F and then discharged on January 28, 1865. He is buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Section I Lot 58 Grave 3.
Grave of Pvt. Houston Sigmund of Company C. His last known address was 725 Watkins St. in Philadelphia. He died on May 5, 1893 and is buried at Philadelphia National Cemetery in Section A Lot 146 Grave 1.

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