The LegendHold Girls

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Legend's Red Storm Rising CDX,ASCA-CD,HT,TT,CGC,HiC,BHI,HD,OFA,n/e -- "Breeze"
March 26, 1994 - September 22, 2004
Breeze at 4 1/2 years old

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Am/Can CH Twin Acres Rendezvous CD,HT,VA,ROM-P,TT,CGC,BHI,OFA-e,n/e -- "Rachel"
June 26, 1992 - April 9, 2005
Rachel at 8 years old

Can CH (Am CH ptd)LegendHold Believe It Or Not CD, HiC,CGC,OFA-e -- "Ripley"
May 16, 1996 - May 6, 2005
Ripley winning a BOV from the BBE Class Oct 1999

LegendHold When Ashes Ascend CDX,RN,TT,ASCA-CD,HiC,CGC,OFA-e,n/e -- "Phoenix"
Phoenix at the 2000 CC of A Nationals

Can CH LegendHold Innovation CDX,PT,TT,(1/3 ASCA-CD),HiC,CGC,OFA-e -- "Indy"
Indy at the 2000 CC of A Nationals

LegendHold Once Upon A Time (2/3 CDX),CD,PT,JHD,TT,HIC,HCT,CGC,OFA-g h&e -- "Ariel"
Ariel at 2 years old

(Am ptd) LegendHold Warrior Princess CD,PT,CGC,OFA-g h&e - "Xena"
Photo of Xena at 7 months

LegendHold Empress O'T'World CD,HSAsd, HRD1s, HTAD1s, STDs,(1/2 STDd), CGC, OFA-e h&e -- "Fortune"
Photo of a pretty naked Fortune bringing the sheep to the last panel - August 2004

Am CH (Can ptd)LegendHold Beauty N T'Beast CD,PT,VA,JHD,CGC,OFA-g h&e -- "Belle"
 Belle at 5 months old

New Rally Title
LegendHold Come Up N See Me RN (n/e) -- "Mae"
 Mae at 2 years old

LegendHold Marauder's Map (n/e) -- "Mischief"
 Mischief at 10 weeks old

LegendHold Every Flavor Bean HT,(n/e) -- "Bertie"
Bertie at about 20 months old

LegendHold Golden Snitch (n/e) -- "Seeker"
 Seeker at 10 weeks old