Am CH (Can ptd)
LegendHold Beauty N T'Beast
CD,PT,VA,JHD,CGC,OFA-g h&e, heart clear

Sire: Can CH(Am CH Ptd) Bellagio Platinum Pinnacle CDX,PT,JHD,TT,CGC,HIC,n/e,OFA-g h&e, normal thyroid, normal heart -- "Everest"
Dam: Tomelle's Black Eyed Susan HT,HIC,HCT(1) thyroid normal, heart clear, OFA-e h&e, Mild CHC -- "Suzie"

Belle's Pedigree

June 11, 2007: THE PUPPIES ARE HERE!
Click HERE to go to the puppy page. Kobe and Belle are the proud parents of 10 little bundles of cuteness.
Photos of proud Kobe this year after he finished his CH (Thank You Jackie for this great photo of him!) and while earning his HT title with me.
Kobe is a very sound dog, and a mellow, sweet lap puppy in personality.
He already has 3 working service dog puppies from other litters
Several of Belle's pup with him should also have those good working qualities.

March 2007: Belle pickes up her VA Award at the Nationals and looks GREAT doing it.

August 5th, 2006: Belle finishes up her CD at the Canfield Ohio shows. YEAH.
This also qualifies her for the CCA-VA which we should pick up
at the CCA Nationals next spring.(Versatility Award).
This makes her my youngest VA titled dog to date.

April 8 & 9, 2006: Her first two shows out for the new year,
Belle picks up her first two CD legs at the Youngstown All-Breed Training Club trials.
Her first leg on Saturday was a nice 183, enough to pick up
High Scoring dog with a herding title again for the 3rd year
for my dogs at our show. Then she got a little distracted on Sunday
for a pretty ugly score, but it was passing.
Hopefully she'll pick up that last leg shortly!

January 2006: OFA results for Belle - OFA-Good hips and elbows, though our Vet thought she should have been rated "excellent" easily (I though so too)... Oh well "good" is good enough!

August 13, 2005: Just a few weeks after her CH, Belle finishes up her PT title at the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog trial at Hado-Bar. She has a lovely run. We'll run again on Sunday for practice before heading to HSAs.

July 21, 2005: Belle finishes up her CH going WB at the Medina shows for that last 2 point win.
FINALLY! Now on to obedience and more performance events!
(waiting on photos)

June 19, 2005: Belle wins another MAJOR at the Albion PA shows,
going BOV over 4 specials, two of them highly ranked.
It was quiet a shock to everyone there including me!
A special thank you to Mr George Heitzmen for this super win.
This leaves Belle with just 2 points to go to finish.

June 11, 2005: Belle adds another point to her AM championship at the Canton, OH Shows
going WB/BOW today for that point.
She really had a good look at for BOV but couldn't hold still!

April 15, 2005: Belle finishes up her AHBA-JDH title
on some pretty light sheep.
She had two nice runs,
showing a lot of raw tallent with this girl.

BIG NEWS! January 9th, 2005. Belle picks up her first major
at the Rubber City KC shows in Tallmadge.
She went WB/BOW from the BBE classes for 3 points.
This BOW win and a little help with the WD
going BOS over the two specials put them both up in the point range for 3pts!
WOW even I and the judge only thought it was 2 points at best!
The photo is coming!
I got one since I really respected
this judge's opinion even if I didn't think it was a big win.
(not just our win but how he judged the WHOLE collie entry).
Now I'm so glad I did! Thank you Mr Gregory Alden Betor!
It was a very nice win indeed. I'm glad you loved her movement.
I think she's pretty special all around
at 14 months old she's up to 8 points and 1 major!
She'll be out more in this spring and Summer
and in the CD ring soon to try to get her VA title by the time she's 2 years old (we hope!)

News: December 2, 2004: Belle finished up her CGC at the last
class of the year for the Youngstown All-breed Club.
She's just getting a little jump start on next years training time to add yet another CD for the LegendHold gang...

News: October 9th and 10th, at the greater Detroit Shetland Sheepdog Club
herding trials and after only a little bit of herding practice...
Belle picks up her HT on her 4th and 5th outing on sheep and
while in her first season.. now that's a girl with focus for herding!...
Belle will be back in the conformation rings soon,
after we get done with the 2004 working trials on the rest of the gang..

NEWS: July 17 & 18, 2004: Belle picks up two more
points at the Medina & Richland KC shows from the BBE class.
She went WB on Saturday and WB/BOW on Sunday.
Two more points down...

News: June 2,3,4,5 2004: Belle picks up 2 more points at Canton Ohio,
Thursday (WB/BOW/BOV) and Sunday (WB/BOW) from the BBE classes.

NEWS NEWS: Belle picks up 3 points in Canada
out with Cheryl Ellis of Cherfire collies handling her to her wins!
She took BOV all three days at the Kitchener Ontario shows.
Unfortunately competition is light there,
with only 1 pt on Saturday,
2 points on Sunday, and no other smooth entered on Monday.
It's a nice start!

NEWS: Belle picks up her first point in St. Clair
on May 17, 2004 going WB/BOW/BOV
and on to the group for an apperance all at 14 days over 6 months old.
My Friend Cheryl Ellis handled her in the gruop
so I could get these nice photos

An information shot of Belle at 5 months old
playing on the deck.

A head shot of her at 5 months old.

Belle at 8 weeks old.

Belle, Belle, Belle, what a wild child -
Independant, adventuous, into everything, definately too smart for her own good,
and almost fearless.
She sends her brother flying for a loop most of the time.
Belle is both a Beauty and a BEAST.

Which fits right in with the Disney Theme on this litter.

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