LegendHold Marauder's Map

Normal-Eyed (carrier), MDR1 N/m, GCS-Non-Carrier

Sire: CH McMaur's Black Gold HT,n/e,OFA-g h&e,GCS-non-carrier -- "Kobe"
Dam: CH LegendHold Beauty N T'Beast CD,PT,VA,JHD,CGC thyroid normal, heart clear, OFA-G h&e, Moderate CHC, GCS-non-carrier -- "Belle"

Mischief's Pedigree

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Mischief lives up to her well planned name.
Generally if someone is getting into something they
shouldn't be meddling in, it's her.

This lovely girl has that face that's hard to stay mad at for long.
Mischief will be growing up here at LegendHold.
Look for her in many rings in the future....

And listen for...
" Mischief Managed "
for a chance to get a glance at
The Marauder's Map.

Photos of proud Daddy Kobe this year after he finished his Championship
(Thank You Jackie for this great photo of him!)

March 2007: Momma Belle pickes up her VA Award at the Nationals and looks GREAT doing it.

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