LegendHold Empress O'T'World
OFA-e h&e



Sire: CH Ka-Ze's Tangled Up In Blue - "Dylan"
Dam: LegendHold When Ashes Ascend CDX,RN,TT,CGC, HIC,
normal eyed, OFA-excellent, thyroid normal, heart clear -- "Pheonix"

Fortune's Pedigree

August 22/23 2007: Fortune finishes up her ASCA-STDs title
in two back to back show the same day and picked up a STDd leg as well.
She ran out of brain power going for that last duck leg
I really couldn't believe we actually qualified considering I have
never seen an ASCA trial run, let alone tried to do it,
and we haven't been out herding for almost 3 weeks now.
We are both totally out of practice, and yet she still came though for me.
She's my wondergirl!

June 23rd, 2007: Fortune finishes up her HSAd title
with a nice 2nd place in the class at the Greater Detroit Rottie Club trial.
If her handler (me) could have figured out she could walk through the cross drive without an NQ
before I caused the ducks to vere off line, we could have had a MUCH better score.
Oh well. Next time I know better.

March 2006: CCA Nationals! Fortune picks up her 2nd HSAd leg with a 5th place against top competition in the breed.
Not too bad for very little winter practice.

July 14,15 & 16, 2006: Fortune finished up her first HSAd leg with a lovely 2nd in the class.
She did wonderfully all three runs actually, but little
bobbles all handler caused,
cost us to loose more then 1/2 of the possible points on the outruns the first two trial runs she had.
She actually HAD qualifing scores, except of the 1/2 possible points on each excersize rule.
She is now requesting someone send her a better handler for the next shows.
Such a smart girl for only having 3 practice sessions on ducks just the two weeks before the trial!

May 19 & 20, 2006: Fortune and I went to a AHBA Herding Ranch Dog Trial (HRD1)
on Saturday and a Herding Trial Arena Dog (HTAD1) trial on Sunday.
I was mostly going for practice since I haven't had
much time to work Fortune this year. Well she surprised me with how well she did.

On Saturday, Fortune finished her HRD1s title.
I've never run a ranch style course, so a lot of the points off where from me stopping
and trying to figure out where I was going next. Saturday morning trial she did
wonderful, but I cost us 4 points on the sort we should have never lost when
I lost count of my sheep and sorted in 6 of the 10 when I was only supposed
to put in 5 of the 10, so we had to start that sort over again.

Still she won the HRD1 class and took reserve High in Trial, which tells you
how well she did at all the rest of the course (20 minute ranch course).
Saturday afternoon trial though I got a really rangey group of barbado sheep
and I had no dog mentally about 1/2 way through that course (it's a lot to
do two ranch courses in one day on a dog that really hasn't been on stock
more then 2 times just to sort this year). We just about ran out of time,
so I lost a lot of points for letting the sheep racetrack up to the final
gate to beat the 1 minute warning...Still we squeaked out a leg to finish
her title. It was ugly but we did it.

The Today we had a HTAD trial and we did really well considering I have
never standing penned anything with her before in the middle of the field.
We got that same rangey group of straight barbado sheep from the day before
and all the handlers groaned as I walked on the field (and secretly thanked
the heavens it was not their group)...I figured it was going to be a lost
cause, so just had fun with the run to practice as I figured we'd have
points off everywhere for LOC/LOS...well we actually qualified enough for
4th in the class on that group...(we had dogs where advanced handlers
retired on their run with them today!). Then this afternoon we got a much
nicer set of sheep enough for a good solid second place in the class with a
81 score (out of 90?) to finish her HTAD1 title! YEAH!

My wonderful herding girl!

October 9, 2005: just for insurance,
we ran HS again for a nice 1st place
class placement with a score of 83.
She was tied for RHIT, but lost it on the cross drive.
Not to say I wasn't so impressed with the judging today.
Oh well, on to HIAs in the spring

October 8, 2005: Fortune does it! Getting her HSAs
title at the Greater Cleveland SS dog trials at Hado-bar.
She got 2nd in the class with a nice 88.5 score.
She was just out of the running for RHIT.

September 23, 2005: Fortune does a fabulous job of
getting her 2nd HSAs leg with a 93.5 in the class and
a solid 3rd place at the BAHA trials out at Hado-Bar farms.
Unfortuneately I had to pull her to send her off
to CT to be bred for the rest of the weekend,
so we didn't get to finish a nice start to the weekend
only to then find out the male I wanted to bred her too was sterile!
ARGG, sometimes you can't win for loosing.

October 9th, 2004: After a very few training sessions,
Fortune picks up her first HSAs leg at the
Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Detroit Trial at Hado-bar farms.
She had a very lovely score of 82.5/100
which was good enough for a solid 4th place in a nice class of 11 entries.

August 28, 2004: Fortune finishes up her PT title in grand form
at the GCSSA show at Hado-bar Farms.
Nice run all the way around. She becomes my youngest PT titled dog to date.

July 17 and 18th, 2004: Fortune finished her CD in
style at the Medina KC shows. She got her 2nd leg
on Saturday with a 183 and in 5th just out of
the ribbones. Then Sunday, she pulled off a nice
188 and 3rd in the class. She becomes my 12th CD
dog and to date my youngest to finish a CD at the
age of 22 months. What a girl!

June 18, 2004: Fortune picks up one PT leg at the
Greater Cleveland Rottie Club AKC herding test/trial.
It was such a picture perfect leg on Friday,
only to be followed by a train wreck of a PT attempt on Saturday.
So goes the the fickle nature of FORTUNE I suppose.
We did get a whole lot of nice compelments from
judges and spectators alike on her wild attempt,
as she definately wasn't a "push-button-collie"
when it comes to herding.
We'll have to wait until fall,
and a little more maturity, for the last leg.

NEWS!: June 4, 2004 - Fortune gets her first CD leg
with a score of 190 at the Canton Shows!
Not bad for only 8 hours of practice!
Now to just finish up with a few more nice scores.

Fortune and Xena in herding stance standoff at 5 weeks old


Fortune at 3 weeks old.




Latin Lyrics

O Fortuna,

velut luna

statu variabilis,

semper crescis

aut decrescis;

vita detestabilis

nunc obdurat

et tunc curat

ludo mentis aciem,



dissolvit ut glaciem.

Sors immanis

et inanis,

rota tu volubilis,

status malus,

vana salus

semper dissolubilis,


et velatam

mihi quoque niteris,

nunc per ludum

dorsum nudum

fero tui sceleris.

Sors salutis

et virtutis

mihi nunc contraria,

est affectus

et defectus

semper in angaria;

hac in hora

sine mora

cordis pulsum tangite,

quod per sortem

sternit fortem

mecum omnes plangite.

Carl Orff's O' Fortuna

"O Fortuna" is the dramatic opening movement as well as the Finalle for Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana". An Opperetta composed of several poems written by "defrocked monks" of the middle ages, it is sung mostly in Latin and Middle High German. "Fortune" is the ever "fickle" Empress of the World. With her revolving "wheel of fate" She grants people with riches and health and then snatches it away just as quickly as she gives. She gives some power, weath and success, others she makes pawns in her game of life. Some would say, that is the story of the world of showing dogs as well.




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