LegendHold When Ashes Ascend

Sire: Brittish Legend Of Beowulf CDX,PT,VC,TT,HIC,CGC,BHI,HD,TDI,OFA-g,n/e, heart & thyroid normal - Wolfie
Dam: Am/Can CH Twin Acres Rendezvous CD,HT,VA,ROM-P,TT,HIC,CGC,OFA-e,n/e, heart normal - Rachel

Phoenix's Pedigree

Old ladies aging gracefully....
Phoenix and Indy at 12 years old.

Phoenix & Indy Summer 2008
News! March, 2008 - At 11-1/2 years old, Phoenix goes to one more ASCA
run and gets her last ASCA-CD leg first time out.
She had a nice enough score for 4th in the class as well.
She's always my girl that does it all.

News!: September & October 2006, After spending the
past 2 years being a couch potato, Phoenix came out of semi-retirment at 10-1/2 years old
to finish her Rally Novice (RN) title in 3 straight shows.
Her first two legs at Bucyrus Ohio in September
and her last leg with a 96 at our Youngstown All-Breed show on October 27th.
Considering I did no real practice with her, never read the rule book,
and pretty much never practiced the signs except at the walk throughs,
it's pretty funny really that she did it in just 3 shows.
The first two scores weren't great, but that was really 100% my fault
not knowing the rules or signs. But then again that is my Phoenix...she just does what ever I ask.

News: November 7 & 8, 2004...Phoenix finished her CDX in back to back shows at the
Columbus All-Breed Training Club shows. Scores were pretty consistent 183.5 and 183.
Amazing considering Phoenix only had about 8 hours of serious training time.
She's my do it all girl that is for sure!

News!: October 31, 2004 - After many years on the couch semi-retired,
Phoenix came back out to pick up her first CDX leg
at the Cleveland All-breed Obedience Trials.
It wasn't a huge score, 183, but
after only about 6 hours of training, that's pretty good.
Hopefully she can finish up this year.

HAPPY NEWS!: On September 8th, 2002, Phoenix delievered 4 pups.
Their Sire: BOS 2001 CCA, AOM CH Ka-Ze's Tangled Up In Blue.
We lost two, but we have two lovely tri-colored girls
who are definately STAYING!

Pictures are coming...but click HERE for link to their
new page with a Pedigree at least to start with....

NEWS!: Phoenix completes her American Temperament Testing Society, TT Certificate on 9/16/2000.... Yeah Nixie-Pixie!!

MORE NEWS! -- Phoenix gets her Herding Instinct Certificate at the 2000 CC of A Nationals!

Phoenix spiffed up March 2000Phoenix says:' Look I'm the director here!' at the CC of A National
What a premadonna!
NEWS FLASH! -- Phoenix picks up 2 ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) CD legs,
going 3rd in Novice B on 2/26/2000 and Qualifying in Novice B on 2/27/2000.
One more leg and we have another title for a Versatility Point through the AWCA.

<------Grandma: "Mauii" (CD in 4 shows)
Father: "Wolfie" (CD in 4 shows)---->

Pheonix at 10 months old
LegendHold When Ashes Ascend CD,CGC,OFA,CERF --"Phoenix"
CD in 3 shows!
Including a 4th place class placement after winning a 3 way run-off!

Life is a circle...without beginning and without end....in your journey you sometimes get more than one chance to have a go-around at it.

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