Can CH LegendHold Innovation CDX,PT,
TT,HiC,(1/3 ASCA-CD),CGC,OFA-excellent, Heart-clear, GCS-Clear

Indy's Pedigree

October 30, 2005: Well finally after about a year
of chasing that elusive last Open leg, my
Indy pulled it off IN STYLE!

Indy, Can CH LegendHold Innovation CDX,PT,TT,HIC,CGC,OFA-ex became my #6 CDX dog
today at the Youngstown All Breed trial! Not only did she finish her title
but she was the ONLY qualifier out of 21 dogs that showed (24 entered)
and took 1st in Open A with a 188.5 (which isn't a bad score at all!).

The sits and downs were a TERRIBLE set up both days and ended up NQ'ing
a huge majority of the classes. The judges had us leaving and walking behind
the dogs and almost out of the building the way everyone came in
in the morning, which really upset the dogs and made 50% of the spin around
on the sit or stand up on the down. We lost a lot of dogs
with high level trainers each day because of it.

Indy has been very solid on her sits and downs for a long time,
but even we got caught up on it Saturday, but today,
she stuck it out perfectly and wow what a win!

SO with her win, that give her mother
Am/Can Ch Twin Acres Rendezvous CD,HT,VA,VC,TT,HIC,CGC,OFA-ex,n/e
her last mid-level qualifier for her ROM-P!

That also gives her father
Brittish Legend Of Beowulf CDX,PT,VC,TT,HIC,CGC,BHI.HD,TDI,OFA-g,n/e
3 qualifiers and 2 mid level title qualifiers towards his ROM-P!

WOWOWWWW-- HOOO Indy you done real good girl! She's already been stuffed
with everyone at the club bringing her down roast beef, bacon, and cheese
until she was about to pop down at club,
so tonight we'll be getting only one slice of pizza instead of steak! :)

August 13, 2005: Indy finishes up her PT title at the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog trials.
Not too bad of a run for a wild 9-1/2 year old lady.
She really does like herding,
but it's just a little too late to start it seriously at this point.

April 9, 2005: Indy gets that second CDX leg at the YABTC with a score of 181. One more to go!

November 7th, 2004: Indy Picks up her first CDX leg in
Columbus at the CATC trials with a score of 178.

News! News! Indy finished up her Canadian Championship in early June and is back home,
taking it easy, while here sister Ripley works out in the obedience ring.

More news!: Indy is up in Canada after the CCofA Nationals
and has picked up 4 points in the last two weekends going WB/BOW for 2 pts and WB/BOB for 2 points on Friday 5/19/2001
(I think...have to wait on the conformation from the CKC and her handler).

Indy finishes her CD at the Columbus All Breed Training Club Obedience Trial on Nov. 12, 2000,
with a solid 192.5 score!

More news:
Indy picks up her second leg on her CD at the Dayton Dog Training Obedience Trial on Oct. 22, 2000.
(only day she was entered)

News news news:
Indy picks up her first leg on her CD at the Hamilton Dog Training Obedience Trial on Oct. 8, 2000.
It wasn't the highest score: 183 1/2, but I take the blame,
as I have pretty much haven't seriously worked with her more than three times since she had the pups!
(I know, I know.... bad human, bad human!)
Well, two more legs to go!

NEWS: Indy completes her American Temperament Testing Society, TT Certificate on 9/16/2000.... Yeah INDY!

NEWS FLASH!-- Indy gets her HiC at the 2000 CC of A Nationals, while carring her first litter. She's a credit to all those working moms out there and SHE'S the one who decided that she had to get in there and herd those sheep! It was pointless to sit there and listen to her barking like a fool in the Van while her sisters were out having fun herding those critters! What a lady!

Indy at the CC of A Nationals March 2000Indy at Nationals, 3 1/2 years oldIndy all spiffed up
NEWS FLASH!-- Indy picks up one ASCA CD leg on 2/27/2000.
Not bad for just three weeks of serious obedience training!

While out with her exclusive Handler: Cheryl Ellis of CherFire Collies in Canada,
Indy racked up 5 pts her first weekend out, including a BOW, a BOS, and 3pt RWB.

Indy's First (and probably only) Litter

Indy X Brodie pups 9 weeks old: Mica, Ariel, Mufasa, Rocky, Arthur, Melizon, & Buzz

4 Boys & 3 Girls all sable and white.
Born 4/7/2000
Sire: (Am CH ptd) Palary Nor'Loch Valiant Hero (n/e) - "Brodie"
Click HERE to go to the puppy page!

Indy's Daughter staying at LegendHold:
LegendHold Once Upon A Time CD,PT,JHD,TT,HIC,CGC,HCT - "Ariel"

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