The Rainbow Bridge

Mauii & WolfieThere is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of medows, hills, and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. The old frail animals are young again. Those who are mained are made whole again. They play with each other. There is only one thing missing. They are not with their special person who loved them on Earth. So, each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up! The nose twitches! The ears are up! The eyes staring! And then one suddenly runs from the group. You have been seen, and when you and your special friend meet, you take him in your arms and embrace. Your face is kissed again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting pet. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated. (Unknown)

This picture is the real thing.
There was no computer enhancement done to it to add the rainbow.
This was taken at my parent's house in Indiana, July of 1992.
It is proof to me that the Rainbow Bridge really does exist and my Mauii and Wolfie are there waiting......

Awaiting at the Bridge:

Sadly, Devon was called to the bridge after a short illness of stomach/intestinal Cancer.
She really didn't feel bad until that last day.
I would have probably ended my day by taking her to the Vet
to be put down, but she passed away on my deck while I was at work.
She spent her last day out on the deck
on the nicest day of the year we have had so far.
She had a long and well lived life.
A crazy GSD among the collie clan.
Her wild antics will be missed

10/30/1997 - 3/17/2009
Can CH(Am Mjr Pt'd) Sandyglen's Black Mt Debutant CD,TC,CGC -- "Devon"

Rachel Jan 2001

April 9, 2005: It's with deep sadness I have to announce
the passing of a very special collie.
Last night my old girl Rachel,
Am/Can CH Twin Acres Rendezvous CD,HT,VA,TT,HIC,CGC,BHI,n/e, OFA-excellent
passed away in her sleep.
Rachel would have been 13 years old this June 26th.

She had been having a small series of strokes yesterday evening, refused to eat last night
and started walking in circles very late last night on the deck
(she had been pacing the floor wanting out last night about every hour).
I suspect she had some kidney failure starting as well as she had
made a few messes in the house yesterday while I was at work (which is really rare for her).
So, her passing was pretty much a result of old age and
her body just quit on her from multiple old age related problems all at once.
Although she was pretty deaf this last year,
she was still pretty sharp mentally up until last night,
as she would grouch at the youngsters if they got too close to her on her pillows or food.

Rachel was one of those special dogs that pretty much did it all. I got
Rachel from Sharon and Frank Edler at 4 years old as a finished AM Ch just
after I had lost my first collie, Mauii. Rachel had had a litter at the
Edlers's place and many of those pups have gone on to contribute to other
lines both here in the US and around the world in conformation
and performance events, as well as made great pets for many people.

In the following years with me, she finished all the rest of her titles,
including a nice AOM win at the BC Canada Collie Club shows,
a nice brace placement at the CCofA Nationals with her daughter Indy,
and finished her herding title the 2nd and 3rd time she'd ever seen sheep.
She even got to stand in as an extra on the set of the movie
"Best in Show" with my friend and her exclusive Canadian Handler,
Cheryl Ellis of Cherfire collies. She became my second foundation bitch,
leaving behind here three lovely daughters, 3 granddaughters
(with a few more hopefully on the way) and soon, some great grandkids.

This weekend, her daughter Indy
is working on getting her last two legs of her CDX done.
With the completion of this title, Rachel will become my first ROM-P dam.

Rachel had one quirky little trait that always made me laugh.
After each bath, she would walk around shaking off,
but would shake her "bum" like a bumble-bee returning to the hive
and doing a honey dance to let the other bees know where the honey was.
From this silly quirk, she got the nick name "queen-bee" around here.
Something she dearly loved to live up too, bossing the younger pups around.
She'd also sit up on the couch and just dare
the younger ones to try to get up there with her.
When Rachel was on her couch, no one touched her "highness's throne".
Her favorite place to be was sitting or standing on her grooming table
so she could look down her nose at the world. Funny enough,
it was the only "reward" she'd really work for on her way to her CD title.
In every since of the word, she considered herself "a queen".
Rest well "your highness",
until we rendezvous at the bridge...
You earned your rest.
Am/Can Ch Twin Acres Rendezvous CD,HT,VA,TT,HIC,CGC,BHI,n/e, OFA-excellent
June 26, 1992 - April 9, 2005

Legend's Red Storm Rising
March 26, 1994 - September 22, 2004

September 22, 2004: It's with a very heavy heart I have to report that my old girl Breeze,
Legend's Red Storm Rising CDX,HT,TT,HIC,CGC,BHI,HD,OFA-e,n/e
went to the rainbow bridge this morning.
She was 10-1/2 year old. She had been fighting a battle with chronic kidney failure
for over 3 years, but in the end cancer, caught up with her.

Breeze was a real free spirit here. She's the reason all my gates have locks on them
and every crate has a special latch so she wouldn't go around letting everyone else out
to play or steal their dinners. She was a real character,
hiding her Frisbee under water so Rev
and the others could not get it and pull the squeaker out of it.
She was my only collie who would catch a Frisbee like a true
"Frisbee dog", over her shoulder on a dead run, leaping all four feet into the air.
She loved to swim and would jump off the docks
like a retriever. She loved to jump in the wheelbarrow
and ride around in it while I did yard work.
She would bark viscously at the riding lawnmower with a
stuffed toy in her mouth (barking with your mouth full I called it).
She had an ornery streak for hording all toys and chewies,
which even old Wolfie and Reveille respected.

At 16 weeks old, she had mastered scent articles.
She was my collie I was trying to get through all three titles in a calendar year,
and we almost did it. She finished her CD in three straight shows,
and then her CDX in I think 4 shows with two class placements.
She knew all the exercises for Utility.
Unfortunately, her body gave out before we could finish her UD title, so she retired early.

Her free spirit is now free to go swim the streams and chase the sheep when ever she wants too.
No more gates to foil, no more locks to stop her.
Until we meet again my wild girl, go run with the wind.......

Brittish Legend Of Beowulf CDX,PT,VC,TT,HiC,CGC,TDI,CERF,OFA-g -- AKA "Wolfie"

On June 21, 1998 you gave me my first PT titled dog.
On June 22, that no longer mattered.
I pity not those who have never had a dog such as you.
I pity those that do.

Mauii Nikki Belzowski CDX,VC,HiC,CGC,TDI,CERF,OFA-g -- AKA "Mauii"

Mauii, No ka oy..
You were the first of a legacy.

Simon Simon

(5/?/77 - 8/20/94)

Mandy as a young 11 month old Mandy (Golden Retriever/Black Lab cross) Mandy at 10 years old

(2/79 - 11/90)


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