(Am Ptd)
LegendHold Warrior Princess CD, PT,CGC,OFA-good h&e,GCS-clear


Sire: CH Ka-Ze's Tangled Up In Blue - "Dylan"
Dam: LegendHold When Ashes Ascend CDX,TT,CGC,HIC,n/e,OFA-excellent, thyroid normal, heart clear, GCS-clear -- "Pheonix"

Xena's Pedigree

April 8 and 9, 2006: Xena finishes up her CD at our Youngstown All-breed Training Club
shows in back to back shows. Saturday was a nice 182 and Sunday was a nice 182.5 winning High-scoring Dog with a Herding Title.
That's my silly little Zee-der-Zee!
She's earned her right to go play in agility and herding again.

August 14, 2005: Xena finishes up her PT title at the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog trials
at Hado-Bar farms. It was a bit of a wild run at first,
but settled into a nice smooth ending. Good girl!

August 6, 2004: Xena picks up her first CD leg with a pretty awful score at the Canfield, OH shows.
It's a start but we can do better I think.

September 23, 2004: Xena got a chance to finish up her CGC at the YABTC classes tonight. Xena's just been waiting on her sister, Fortune, to get a few titles done before she heads back out to get her CD, which should be very soon now.

September 19 & 20, 2003: Xena at just bearly a year old finishes up her HT title in just two straight runs at the Buckeye All-breed Herding Association's Trial in Nova, Ohio. It wasn't pretty, but hey take what you can get. The theme of the day was Enya's "Wild Child" --- "what a day to take to, what a day to make it through, what a day to to take to, the wild child!" and that is what she was...the wild child!

June 10, 2003: Xena picked up a point out in Michigan
with Nina Fetter while I was in Switzerland.
She went WB/BOS and Best Puppy
(which sent her on to the puppy group).
Not too bad for a silly puppy just before turning 9 months old.
Now to update her page some of her pictures! (soon)

Xena at 7 months old

Xena at 5 weeks old

Fortune and Xena in herding stance standoff at 5 weeks old

Xena at 3 weeks:


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