LegendHold Come Up N See Me RN

Normal-Eyed (carrier), MDR1 N/m, Cardio-Clear, GCS-Non-Carrier by Parentage

Sire: Can Ch Bellagio Platinum Pinnacle CDX,PT,JHD,TT,CGC - "Everest"
Dam: LegendHold Once Upon A Time (2/3 CDX), CD,PT,JHD,TT,CGC, HIC -- "Ariel"

Mae's Pedigree

April 26, 2009: My little Wild Child Mae has proven when she's good,
she's very good!
Mae Finished her Rally Novice Title in 3 straight shows.
Starting off at Youngstown All Breed with a score of 95 and 3rd place.
Followed by this weekend back to back shows at Butler All-Breed
with a score of 86 yesterday under a hard marking judge
and a score of 97 today, just missing winning a 4th place by 12 seconds.

she did wonderful for so little training.
Soon we'll look at trying to get her CD done as well.

Mae is named for the blonde bombshell of the Hollywood screens,
who was also as coy as they come.
The lovely Mae West.
Her famous line with W. C. Fields,
"Why don't you come up and see me sometime"
is so defining of the personality of little Mae....
She's a deva in her own mind.

Though not often known, there are several
very funny quotes atrtributed to Mae West.

Such as this one:
"Given the choice between two evils,
I'd choose the one I hadn't tried yet."

So many of Mae West's famous quotes also fit the personality of my little Mae.

I'll be keeping Mae to grow her out, but she's very small for my lines
and I generally don't like small collies.
But genetically she has EVERYTHING I bred this litter for.

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