LegendHold Once Upon A Time
(2/3 CDX), CD, PT, JHD, TT, HCT, HIC, CGC, OFA-g h&e

Mild Chordial Hypoplasia, heart-clear

Sire: (Am CH Ptd) Palary Nor'Loch Valiant Hero (2/3 CD) - "Brodie"
Dam: Can CH LegendHold Innovation CDX,PT,TT,CGC, HIC,OFA-excellent, thyroid normal, heart clear -- "Indy"

Ariel's Pedigree

Once Upon A Time, there was a little mermaid daughter of the great sea god Neptune.....or that's how the Haus Christen Andersen story goes anyway. Ariel was a fisty little mermaid who wasn't exactly the most mindful of daughters and "Ariel" here is just about as willful as The Littlest Mermaid.

April 15, 2005: After a little break off the show scene,
Ariel returns to the herding ring and finishes
up her AHBA-JHD title in two straight runs out at Hado-Bar Farms.
Her first run was a little shakey
with a wild Ariel showing just how excited she was
to be out working sheep again. The second leg was
"almost textbook perfect" according to our judge.
That's my girl!.

Another Month, Another title!: Nov 29, 2003 Ariel finishes up her second HCT leg to finish her HCT certificate through the AHBA out at the Turkey Trot Trials at Hado-Bar farms.
Brother Calum finished too!

NEW TITLE!: Ariel finished her CD in style at the Youngstown All-Breed
Obedience Trials on October 25 & 26th, 2003.
She had a nice 186.5 score on Saturday and a 184.5 on Sunday.
She also won high scoring dog with a herding title both days
and yes there were some other dogs with herding titles entered!

News Flash: NEW TITLE! Ariel finished her PT title at the BAHA herding trials on September 19th and 21st. She only got two runs as we drew and alternate slot on Saturday, but that is ALL she ever needed. She finished in grand style with nice complements from the judges on her work. I think we will be going on to Herding Started soon!

Show News: Agust 2, 2003: Ariel picked up her first leg on her CD at the Canfield Clusters. It's her first show as well. Not a great score, 178.5, but then again, I've been traveling so much for work this year, Ariel has only had 6 weeks worth of training.

Herding Training: 07/12/03
Ariel is getting ready for her Herding titles.
After a Spring of my traveling for work,
we are finnaly getting down to Hado Bar for some training time.
Some of the lasted shots from our work.

Ariel doing a nice square flank.

Ariel getting around quick to head off those sheep.

Ariel working hard.

How is this for a hold Mom?

On 11/09/2002 Ariel passed her HIC and HCT(1) test at Hado-bar farms.
Thanks to Larry Pimm and Judi Bingham for the nice set up and opportunity as usual!

On 9/28/2002 Ariel passed her TT test.

On 3/10/01 Ariel passed her CGC test.

"Double Trouble"
Ariel (right) with her sister Melison (left) at 9 months old

Ariel at 4 months old

Ariel at 9 weeks old.

As the Disney Tune goes..."Just wait and see, some day I'll be, part of your World!"
And this little "Ariel" will be part of the collie show world very shortly!

Ariel at 7 weeks old

Ariel at 5 weeks old

Ariel at 3 weeks old

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