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Friends Website
Dedicated to Clay Johnson, founder of
Member's Sites

Member's Personal and Business Websites
Send me yours and I'll add it today!  I need the link and a short description of what we will find.  - cjoh
The founder's personal website.  Go ahead, click on it, you know you want to.

Peter Kovacs  - kovacsp
Interesting and informative glimpse into the main brain behind this incarnation of Knowpost.  For those that don't know, Peter slaved over this code and was the lead engineer at KnowPost for about a year.

Spud's Travels  - SpudPotatoHead
This is a must see.  An increedible website about a spud's travel adventures all over the world.  I guarantee you've never seen anything like it.

Julian Cheah's Homepage  - BenJ2
Beautiful piano music here.  Slow to load otherwise.

Planet Terry  - jmcmahon
Personal site with lots of stuff to look at.

Something About Lisa  - Babytisa
Lisa's Personal Home Page - nicely done, great audio of a storm...

Lyra's Euphoric Paradise  - Lyra
This is pretty much just a collection of random things avout myself that I put together around the beginning of this year. Enjoy!!

esoteric exposition  - miked9
Cool professional looking site with a flash intro.  Here's a site description pulled from the first page:  ..."Welcome to esoteric exposition, version 4.0. When it was founded over three years ago, this site was essentially a soapbox upon which the author (that's me) could express himself.  While it still maintains that purpose to a large degree today,  ee has expanded over the years, and is now devoted to giving its readers an insight into the hearts and minds of young people in contemporary America as they try to make the transition into an intimidating, confusing, and ever-changing society. In addition, ee is a forum for the expression of ideas, artwork, opinions, and the like.  If you have any ideas, criticisms, comments or suggestions, please direct them to the discussion board.  If you would like to submit contributions (artwork, articles, letters you'd like published, etc), contact me via email..."

*nic*E*  - deox
The link at KP to deox's Home Page does not work.  I deciphered it and came up with this page.  Deox, this is cute, give me a description to post!

Christina's Homepage  - prncss
Lots of pictures and personal information about our famous prncss!

Luverly  - Luverly
Being redone, some stuff is already done.  There's a personal chatroon and some pictures.  And a promise for more to come soon. Interesting visual effets.

fervoli  - falchion
Under construction.  Check back.

Witty1 Productions - witty1
Witty1 is a professional web page designer and this is her business site.  It's excellent and shows she is very talented.

Meanderings of a Puny Brain  - Kyle9182
This site is hardly that.  Incredible.  Check it out.  There's another site too that he has that is just as interesting.  I'll see if I can find it.

Wisteria's's Yahoo Profile  - Moonskr
Tracy has a lot of interests listed.  Most are interesting and informative, be sure to check them out.

Weird-Ass World  - braino
A glimpse into braino's world.  Interesting.

A Search For Truth  - Ethmer
What can I say.  This is my favorite.  A simple but thought provoking and insightful "philosophical site" investigating the search for meaning and truth.  Excellent Ted.  I'm very impressed.

Kimbro Kronicles  - jakimbro
Jerry's site featuring his artwork and comic strip.

Spirit of Inspiration  - Kilnamar
Beautiful site by Tarvis, has stories, poems, a novel, artwork, polls, and links.

Packhawk's Page  - Packhawk
The personal site of packhawk, a.k.a. Alicia Allen. This site is dedicated to the things I like.  Explore the links to find out more.  Enjoy!

Victor Taveras  - vicnice
Vicnice's personal site.  He's obviously in school.  Undergraduate Student Majors/Minor:  Physics (BS), Mathematics (BS) / Computer Science - Class of 2003  Check it out.

Jay's Homepage  - Jaydogg
A nicely done personal site with a lot of information and pictures of things about Jaydogg.

Pete's Snake Chase Canyon Bar Bistro and Grill  - Seedy69 and Random
Excellent site.  Here's an excerpt from the first page:  ..."If you're feeling thirsty or just plain social, take a visit to the Bar area and spend the next twenty minutes trying to decide which of the knee-wobbling cocktails you're going to try first.  Alternatively, just grab a cold one and relax in good company.  If you're feeling like letting off some steam from those hard nights on the trail, grab a shooter in one hand an a bottle in the other and the good times will come sit right down beside you..."

Ziloft the Korbat  - Kileana
Kileana's Home Page link does not work at KP, and when I tried to figure it out based on what was typed, this is the page I found.  Kileana, will you fix it and send me the right one if this is not it?

Tim Coplin's Profile  - bigbrother
bigbrother's profile at Yahoo. Lists his interests and there's links to some other sites.

Mel and Kev's Page
Very pretty Missy...  Right now there's a great MP3 and Valentines Love stuff for her man - Kevin.

Meadow's Home Page  - Meadow
Great graphics Meadow!  Keep building, and I want updates!  I know you don't have a computer right now, but this is a beautiful start.

George's Place on the Net  - whatevillurks
The link says he's going to start a new site, but for now it's still up.  George, the link at KP does not work but I figured it out.  You need to fix it.  Give your site a name!  Send me a description!

Kelli's Page  - Tiarra
A cool page with photos, writing, recipes and lots of cool stuff!

Collected Quotes and Passages  - Swords
Andrew did an excellent portrait of Swillpig (Walker), entirely from dots, here. There are a lot of great quotes and other original artwork done by Andrew here too.

The Birthday Present - July 28, 2000  - Lawboy
This is a site I made for Lawboy's birthday last year.

Lizard's Family - Home Page  - Lizard
Lizards site that he made for his family.  There's a picture of him on it but I don't remember where...

Tehuti's Per On The Web  - Tehuti
(waiting for description from Tehuti)

Manitou Island - Tehuit
(waiting for description from Tehuti)

The Radioactive Playground  - Tehuti
For those who have been there before, there are new photos and a new guestbook; for those who have not been there before, please stop by to take the Island Tours and get a better idea of the inspiration behind Manitou Island. Graphics intensive, takes a while to load but is worth it.

Dave's Place - hippie
This is hippie's personal website.  There's a lot of nature photography here.  Kind of comforting, it'll be on the net forever...

Cinderella's Closet  - cyndy10
This is my personal website. I just finished a big update so there's a lot more content but it seems as if it's a neverending project. It's all about my life and interests. And like the KP Friends site, there's a lot of pages to wade through. There's also a few MP3's uploaded to click on and listen to. If you're curious about me, this is the place to go.

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