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Ask cyndy10 Anything!
cyndy10 has been a member since August 1st, 1999.
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Cyndy - Asked 6.7.00 7:53 PM
No Guts No Glory, GO AHEAD!  Ask Cyndy10 Anything!!!

Breakup asked: ..."Cyndy, as an avaricious KnowPoster (me, not you!), can you tell the exact date and time that I will have made my first million?.."


Heyteach asked ..."Cyndy, as you look back over your ENTIRE life is there something you would still change? OR do you think that what you've overcome has been worth the price you have paid?..."

Excellent thought provoking question Laurie. If I could pick one life defining moment, I'd never have left home at 13. I like myself now in spite of all that's happened as a result of this choice, but indeed, the price was too high. I had it good at home, my Dad was wealthy, a swimming pool in the back yard in Seattle..., he owned his own business...

I look at my 1/2 brother and sister, and although my Dad and Stepmom learned from the mistakes they made with me, they raised my Brother and Sister much the same. And they did not leave home. They suffered through what I thought was insufferable. I commend them.

I was not abused in any way in my home life, but I became abused as soon as I left home at 13.

I left because I was very strong willed and independant, and I did not return until a few weeks before my 18th birthday. And now, at age 44 I am finally able to admit for THE FIRST TIME, that if I had the opportunity to do it all over again, by GOD, I'd STAY HOME and take all the benefits of being raised by parents that loved me, provided food, shelter and clothing, vacations to exotic places, Family Unity, hugs, kisses, COLLEGE, down-payments on houses, anything I wanted...

I would have still had challenges to overcome, but frankly looking for a place to get my next meal is something a 13 year old should not be worrying about. Having to sell my 13 year old body for a plate of food is too high a price. And I'm not even Beginning to explain what happened during those years. I had NO idea what I was doing when I left home that day with the clothes on my back and $10.00. Being held in that garage is too high a price for anything. I'd rather "go to my room", ...Thank you very much.

I regret it now, but it took me 30 years to admit it, today. Now THAT is stubborn. Thank goodness I've Finally out grown it.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to finally admit this. It brought a tear to me eyes.

Thank you for asking.

Goody13 asked: ..."What do you think is the best part about the new KP?..."

I like the new rating system best. The differences in how the site functions will become rote and will not affect the site in the long run, but the rating system overhaul will affect how the people interact in questions and answers. I like the social aspect of the site, but I like that it is intellectually stimulating even more. I like having a 5 be more meaningful. I like getting a 5 when there are no other 5's... I can be gratified that an asker told me: "YOUR ANSWER IS THE BEST ONE!".

I suspect this will not be what people want me to say in response to your question, but I LOVE THE NEW RATING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!

Coney asked: ..."but this IS a serious question... i have often wondered how many pairs of underwear a woman who likes to look nice half dressed ends up owning... in the frozen northland here, most of mine are longjohns... can you enlighten this burning curiosity? i figure you for a gal who fits 'likes to look good half dressed'... how many pair of underwear do you actually have?..."

ANSWER: I drug them all out of the drawer. Here's the scoop: Not including lingere....I'm talking standard underwear here:
1 pair thong style bikini/panties. (pink)
10 pair high cut briefs (high cut in the thigh). (2 black, 3 red, 1 gold, 1 floral, 1 plaid, 2 beige)
2 "control top" briefs. (1 black, 1 flesh)
4 boring spandex type "Danskin" briefs. (1 black, 1 white, 2 flesh)

That adds up to 17 total!

thomasgx asked: ..."Cyndy, I'd like to know about fears. I would like to know what your biggest fear was as a 10 yr old, as a 20 yr old, as a 30yr old... i wanna know what has made a grown woman scared... interpret the question how you'd like though, take it where you wanna..."

Answer: At 10 years old, I was afraid of my natural Mother. My Dad had gotten custody of me at about age 7, and my Mom would come to get me on weekends and proceed to get drunk and obnoxious. It was terrifying for a child. I remember one day she dropped me off at my Grandma's, and she was in an absolute rage when she came to get me to take me back to Dad's. I hid in a closet and they looked for me for a couple hours. My Dad forbade her to see me because of her drinking in my presence, and I contimued to have nightmares about incidents and once I was outside playing, I thought I saw her car and I ran home and hid again, afraid she was coming to "get me".

At age 20, I was scared of jail. I had been arrested for pot sales and possession, along with some prescriptipn meds. It turned out ok, but it was scary.

At 30, I was scared I'd never walk without a brace, that my right foot would be in a brace forever. I had a horrible year, lost my house, my kids, my business, everything important in my life. I had nerve damage in my right hip causing "foot drop" and the Doctor had told me I'd never walk without a brace. I never believed him, but I was scared just the same. After 18 months, I could wiggle my toes. I tossed the brace in the garbage and went back to Physical Therapy. I worked really REALLY hard at getting the use of my foot back. It paid off. Now I still have a slight limp, but I walked for Hours in downtown Seattle in front of the large plate glass windows, watching my walk. When my right foot got to maximum capability, I made my left foot "match" the right, so my limp is almost indistinguishable.

At 40, 3 years ago... I was afraid of losing the business I had birthed and ran for 6 years. I did lose it, but it was a controlled loss, I got something out of it and feel I broke even or possibly came out in the black considering how long I lived for free and the vacations I took.

Right now, I'm scared of starting all over, again. I'm not really "scared" per se, I'm just all to familiar with all the hard choices and work it takes, and so I am weighing all my options and have been doing so for about 4 months. I'm wasting time on KnowPost but my mind is always thinking about which direction to go. There's 3 things I can do. I have one possible opportunity, one that I would absolutely love, but it is uncertain and may never come to pass. There's another one that I'm doing but I don't like it near as much as the very thought of the other one. I'm afraid that if I commit to the 2nd one, the 1st one will become reality, and I will have to disappoint the 2nd company. Both are good, but one is with a company I really respect and "would give my right arm" to become a part of.

The 3rd possibility is to start another company. I've done it twice. But both the other opportunities are start-ups too, and the only difference is that I simply would not own the company, which is FINE with me knowing the headaches that entails. I'm a natural leader, but I can follow too. I have some ideas for starting a company and have taken the first tenuous steps towards making that happen, but nothing irreversible. I am stuck, like a deer in the headlights, and something must break soon. I live under the premise that making NO decision is the same as making a decision to "do nothing". It's worse than deciding and making a mistake, because in making a mistake you at least have chosen to control your destiny. In making a "No-Decision" decision, your options narrow because of indecision and no action, leaving you with poor self-esteem. I'm about to do SOMETHING, and SOON, because the 3 opportunities are still viable, and my indecision has not affected the choices yet, but the window of opportunity is narrowing. I refuse to let any pass due to indecision and lack of action. I will decide.

hedges asked: Do you gamble ? i.e. Slot Machines, Blackjack.. etc.

Answer: NO. I don't gamble at all. I hate the big casinos and when people come to visit from out of town, I'll take them to see the "Fremont Street Experience": This is an outdoor light show of the MAJOR EVENT KIND. Incredible, and free. I let visitors expole the inside of casinos alone, but I will drive up OR down the strip, once. When you're a resident here, the thought of going to the strip is horrid. Even crossing the strip is bad, we go out of our way to avoid it. They just finished the "Desert Inn" underpass, which has a tunnel under the strip and is almost in the center of the city, the locals love it. Of course there are plenty of locals that DO gamble, I'm just not one of them. Now in reality, I have, on RARE occasion, gone to a bar and popped 4-5 dollars into a video poker game, but to me it's the equivelent of just lighting a match to dollar bills. So the answer is really NO, It's not in my heart, I don't gamble.

Prncss asked: What is your best, all-time favorite recipe, the one that you use for special occasions, or when the mood strikes you, the one that everyone loves? Share, cinderella!

ANSWER: Here ya go! This is the very best recipe I make. It's awesome. My kids, family and friends die for it. I've had neighbors come and ask me for the recipe because they can smell it.

Cyndy's BBQ Pork Ribs

This is best done in the oven, so this is That recipe, although it can be modified for the grill.

ALLOW 6 HOURS ...from start of recipe for end result.

Best with 4-5lbs of Country Style Ribs - Bone In.

Parboil ribs for about 10 minutes. Remove and drain well. Reserve 1 cup of the water for the sauce.

Ketchup base. - About 3-4 cups

Add the following:
Chili Powder. - about 3-4 Ts
Cider Vinegar. - about 2 Ts
Worcestershire Sauce. - about 1Ts
Tobasco Sauce. - To Taste
Chopped Jalepeno's
Celery Powder.
Dry Mustard
Pork and Chicken Seasoning -or- Poultry Seasoning

I also look in the fridge and cupboards to see what's available beyond this list.
I've been known to add Salsa, Taco Seasoning, whatever is there….

Add SOME of the water you reserved to the sauce, add at the end to get to the right thickness (thinness...)

(less than 1 cup, more than 1/2 cup...)

Slice 2 onions into circles, place onto ribs, overlapping, in a LARGE flat/shallow pyrex/metal thing that will fit all the ribs. Pour the sauce over the raw onions/ribs.

Cook for 1 hour at 350, and turn. Cook another 30-45 minutes, then turn off the oven and let them sit. You will notice the sauce is Really Runny. This is ok. That is why you're letting them sit.

Do Not skip that step.

When the oven is COLD, turn it back on to 325. Turn every 1/2 hour. Waiting 45 is ok, but not near the end.  (It will take about another 2 1/2 to 3 hours.)

Done when meat begins to fall off the bone when turning, NOT BEFORE.

Let me know how you like them!

jakimbro asked: ..."Are the how to sexual secrets in cinderellas closet really worth 25,000 pts? can you give us an example?..."

Answer: It's not a HowTo. It is exactly what the name implies, it's the "Secrets in My Closet". In other words, it's deep inside my head, in the bedroom.

Most everyone here knows I'm a submissive, living in a Dominant/submissive "lifestyle" relationship, wherein, all forms of kink are applied and lived on a daily basis. This document not only describes them, it describes them as they relate to ME, the "whys" and the little innuendos and details, in excrutiating vivid detail, leaving not a single thing to the imagination.

It's written in story form.

It's extremely personal, written so that someone that has never been with me will understand what I am about, in the most personal way imaginable.

It is 10 pages, single space type in size 10 font.

Now, you may be wondering, why I would post such a document.

I realized months ago that KnowPost was much more than a website to me. I am using KnowPost to document my life. I plan on writing an autobiography in the next 10 years. KnowPost is holding all the information for me. I'm writing it NOW, painlessly. All that I will have to do is go through all the answers I've given and extract the information I need. This is the reason I'm so honest here. I have no need to lie, and if I can't tell KnowPost, then I certainly can't write an autobiography, so in effect, this is a trial run.

I don't intend including that story in my autobiography. But it is posted now, on the internet, and in actuality the high, unattainable price in fact "passwords" it. I could lose my Hard Drive, my back-up disks and everything, and it will still exist. I have ZERO intention of letting anyone here see it. I can change the Points to a higher number and will do so if anyone threatens to go near it. It's not the kind of story that I can back up on disk and ask someone to "hold" for me.

All that being said, there IS one person here at KnowPost that has a copy. That person will never speak or share it. I respect and trust this person implicitly. I also believe it's a mutual respect. I also hold certain information belonging to that person. I have information and documents that are quite different, but equally important to this person, in their own way. Nowhere so devestating if made public, but private and personal nevertheless.

It's a mutual thing, unexpressed and unquestioned.

SO, That is what it is, and why I have it here. And I'm sorry, but I will not divulge a single solitary sentence, ever.

obiwan asked: Cyndy, here's one for you. What is your best character trait? What is your weakest character trait?

ANSWER: My best character trait is my ability to commit to a project. If I do commit, I become the "DOG WITH A BONE". I don't look at things like other people do. Most simply, although I always see the big picture, what it takes to get there is to set THAT aside and break the project down into small "baby steps" (yes, I saw the movie, loved Bill Murray), so that no one step looks hard. SO instead of looking at the whole thing and going SHEESH! That's too hard, that'll take forever... I instead break it down into the bite size pieces. I look at each one, and not seeing any one of them as hard or difficult, I say YES! I CAN DO THAT, just like "The Little Engine That Could". That's me. UNSTOPABLE, once I've seen and set the small goals and COMMITTED TO DOING THEM. Simply Nothing short of death could convince me something is unattainable if I have personally seen the road. This trait has seen me through 2 highly successful StartUps.

My weakest character trait is that I am impulsive. It's not so much of a fweakness as it is something I ALLOW. It is in my nature, but I could control it. I do control the most destructive impulses, but I consciously allow myself to be impulsive in many ways. WHY? It's the reward for the ability to commit. The dog with the bone must play. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Let me use another analogy. Say you're on a diet, you are "doing the right thing" all the time, you're committed to it and doing well, pounds are dropping. Allowing yourself a Hot Fudge Sunday when you just happen to be driving past Dairy Queen is the impulse. I immediately review my diet (I don't diet, although I could stand to lose a few pounds). Do I deserve this impulse? If I've driven past that Dairy Queen 5 times or 50 does not matter, I give in when I deserve it. I NEVER try to become a "Perfect Person". I've even gone so far as to "schedule" impulses. I'll tell myself: "Not today, but on Sunday, whatever it is that I want on Sunday I can have". I have a lot of impulses, you have NO IDEA how difficult this is for me, but over the years, I've gotten SO MUCH positive reinforcement for the ability to commit, that I allow the impulses so that I can "Stay On The Diet".

Hope all that makes sense. Excellent question by the way...

Lounds asked:
It has taken me weeks to think up what to ask you. Cyndy, when I first came to this site, I didn't understand you, then I was intimidated by you (and I still am at times) Some times you angered me, others you have made me laugh out loud...but one thing is consistent through this all.. I am continually learning from you! I never thought I would have anything in common with you, but the more I learn about you, the more I realized we do have things in common.. anyway.. none of this is a question, but it needed to be said in order to ask my question. My original question was to ask about the submissive relationship. But as I see from your previous answer, you would, i think rather keep the intimate details of that to yourself.. the details that I may have wanted to understand...and I can respect that choice, and understand it. so anyway.. what I want to ask is this.

I have many questions... about life, about everything, and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer some of those, in an open dialogue sort of situation? I don't mean that I would hound you daily with c-mail. But I think that I stand to learn a lot if you are willing to share with me, and if I am willing to open myself up to what you have to say. Is this something you would be interested in? Can you see yourself as a mentor?

Please take this request as it is.. you can say NO and I will not be hurt. It is asked with the utmost respect for you!

ANSWER: Yes lounds, it would be a pleasure. In fact I have been a "trained" mentor in the past. I was a volunteer mentor in a State Funded program to assist welfare Moms in getting off public assistance by starting their own business. I did that for well over a year before moving to Las Vegas. I was required to go thru their mentor training program before being assigned a person to assist. I found it very rewarding.

I also would not mind sharing some of the intimate details about my life as a submissive. The 25,000 Point HowTo is more than intimate details, it's what one would tell a lover they trusted with their life, it's beyond details such as "harder, and a little to the left please" it describes very specific fantasies in excrutiating painstaking detail, and beyond that, it explains the WHYS, so that every nuance can be understood so that the acting out of each fantasy will be done with this psychology in mind. This is not the detail you need, I understand some people here have questions about this lifestyle, and in fact I've answered some questions in private ceremail for many members, some 1-2, and some I still get questions from occasionally.

I also understand I am a bit controversial at times. I have a view of things not all that common. I'm comfortable with that, and because of that I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. They have more of a problem with me than I do with them, they may stay angry with me for a long time, and I am so used to it in Real Life that I never even give their displeasure a second thought except to note it. When it's the norm, well, you just live with it.

So yes lounds, please, I consider it an honor that a fellow member thinks they can learn from me. It's heartwarming that you are open-minded enough to choose ME, when there are much "safer" people to publicly ask to mentor you. You could get publicly Stoned for this!! ...So what's REALLY burning in your heart to ask? Where would you like to begin?

Ingrid asked: ..."Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?..."

ANSWER: Since I seem to go into 10 year cycles, this is fairly easy to answer, with one exception: the mistakes I will avoid so I don't take another fall.

In 5 years I expect to be out of the current financial mess I'm in, be happily and gainfully employed in yet another new field, hopefully on the Internet. (I hate to be bored, and I don't ever re-enter a field I know, I like new problems.) I will have about broke even by then, hopefully I will have bought another home, be living in Las Vegas still, or somewhere where the climate suits me. I will either be single or in a relationship with a man that can communicate his feelings to a degree that it is possible to disagree respectfully.

In 10 years I will have taken that base and done what I usually do, which is prosper. I wish to first prosper in feeling good in all aspects of my life, so I can enjoy the financial fruits when they come, yet again. My happiness is of paramount importance this time, more than anything else. Right now, I'm working part-time on the Internet, which pleases me greatly. I'd like to avoid all the mistakes I've made in the past, and the simple way might be to avoid owning my own business this time. I have a tendency to delegate too much as I grow the businesses, giving away too much decision making power to those not accustomed to making such decisions. This is the main mistake I will avoid, whether self-employed or not. I will retain control, not that I didn't have it before, but I trusted others decisions, expecting them to have done their homework.

So in 10 years, I will at a minimum be free of my current debt load, have taken on new debt and have the ability to repay with ease. My "financial" goal in life has always been to have enough money to where when I want to do something, money was not the FIRST consideration. I'd rather be in the position to have to worry about TIME. I expect to be a busy woman. I'm using this downtime to regroup in every possible way, and adjusting my priorities is high on the list. I want to be genuinely happy and proud of whatever I have accomplished in the next 10 years, so I am choosing these first tenous steps very carefully, because they are the foundation of great things yet to come.

I will be happy in my personal relationships because I've grown weary of emotionally constipated men. I'd rather be single than deal with irrational narcissistic people that don't care about anyone besides themselves. Life has so much to offer, I will be making choices based more on what I want, instead of what is good for a personal relationship.

Boogada: what elements of your life do you think would be different if you were born 50 years earlier?

I think my chosen lifestyle would be much more socially accepted, since this how the vast majority of women conducted their vanilla relationships anyway. As for the rest of it, well, I don't know.

lunchmeat: What do you like better, turkey, liverwurst, or salami?

My favorite is always the one that I have not had in the longest time. That would be liverwurst. I love liverwurst and mayo sandwiches. Yummy.

Minga: Do you prefer wine, beer or another alcoholic drink. Feel free to dicsuss more than one.

I prefer Vodka. My favorite drink is called a Smith and Wesson, Vodka, Kahlua, Coke and Cream.

Sansnom: If you could live absolutely anywhere in the world, and live well, where would you choose and why?

I would likely choose here in Las Vegas. The reason is the Airfare is reasonable to everywhere in the world, the entertainment is World Class, the weather is wonderful, it's only 2 hours away from my home town/family and friends (by plane), Cost of living is low, it's not in a Horrid earthquake zone, there's Palm Trees and houses are still cheap.

Seedy69: You have a very unusual lifestyle. I know you have spoken of it before, but I missed it. If you don't mind, would you tell me more about your lifestyle and how it began for you?

This is what you missed. I try not to retype it. Soapbox Post

JTassoff: What was the name of your first boyfriend?

Robin Wayne Michel, "Robby"

colldoll: what advice would you give to another woman who has sparked an interest in your chosen lifestyle? Has it proven to be all that you thought it would be? Are you satisfied?

No, I am not entirely satisfied. My advice would be do start a submissive's journal, make a written relationship agreement, read up on submission on the internet, ask questions, and above all, practice submission in daily life. Your Master need not be present to do this.

whatevillurks: How do I find your hidden closet?

look hard, think out of the box, or send money.

pmace: Where is that link to the hidden closet on your site? ;)

Look for it. I left a message for you there, somewhere.

whatevillurks: think out of the box? What the hell is that supposed to mean?  =0)

ask knowpost, or look it up on the net. No clues.

pmace: How did you get to be such a BABE?

That picture is the best out of 70 shots, taken professionally. Normally, I don't look like that. I'm a hag, honest injun. Luckily, there are plenty more of those...

auburn23: if you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
if you could meet one person from history who would it be?
what is your favorite color?

From the past? I would have stayed home past age 13, where there were hot meals and a warm bed and family that cared about me. In the present I'd remove my present financial challenges, or even skip forward about 12-14 months, the projected time of completion of my present plan.

Today I would choose to meet Amelia Airheart. Tomorrow would likely be someone different though. Amelia Airheart was born before her time, was an inspiration, and an excellent pilot. Yes, I enjoy flying.

My favorite color is blueberry, it's the background color of this page. A cross between blue and purple. I prefer it darker though.

tutton: I want to know why and how it is so easy for you to be so open with your life especially in your diary part of your webpage. Why the Dickens some people would pay to read things like that.

I don't know, it's my nature is all I can think of. I'm an exibishinist, but... I do like money. Actually, I do have a pay section of the website, called The Hidden Closet. I joke around about a hidden link, there actually is one to a page telling them they need to pay, but no one here has seen it or found it. And I have been known to give away access once in awhile. It's a work in progress like the non-pay section and is no where near done, but it does exist. Makes you wonder what is in THERE, doesn't it?

nflfan: I have a friend who is recently divorced. She doesn't think you can fall in love more than once in a lifetime-what do you think?

Of course we can love more than once in a lifetime. Humans by nature are not monogamous so given the right circumstances we can and do fall in love more than once. Also, it's possible your friend will not love again, but that does not mean that all of human-kind in general can not love twice. There are millions of people that do indeed, love again.

Loaded: If you could spend the week-end with me what would we do?

I love to cook. I'd want to cook you one of my favorites, then I hope we'd go to a bar and get pleasantly tipsy, go back to your place, and do what comes natural.

waterlin: what is the most important bit of advice you would give me?

Learn from mistakes. Don't keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Make a different choice. At least there's a chance it will work...

JTassoff: What is the most mind-blowing sexual experience you have ever had?

The most mind blowing experience was a simple kiss. It was, after childbirth the second most awesome thing that ever happened to me. I had a "peak experience" with another person, during a long kiss, that was literally out of this world. I was 17 years old, I mistook it for True Love. It was not love, but that one kiss was indeed mystical and very profound. I left my body and was out in inner-space somewhere, with this man, we looped out of this dimension for awhile. Spooky, but true.

Beyond that, as far as real sex goes, there was a time I was in scene with Master, I was deep in subspace and I felt this enormous relief and began to cry. But that was not sex either, I was getting whipped. It was a prelude to sex, but, let me think.

It would have to be my first G-Spot orgasm while having traditional intercourse. It was extremely strong, I could feel it everywhere in my body and it seemed to go on and on, deep contractions. I have since gotten used to it, but the first time was really a mind blower.

JTassoff: When you go into a casino, do you gamble? If so, what do you play?

I avoid the casino's like the plague, although I do go for the buffets. If I ever do go in casinos to gamble (not in the last 4 years) I would play slots, the "Double Diamond Deluxe", which tells you I have played a time or 2. Beyond that, I like black jack or craps. Baccarat is really fun and has great odds, but you need a bankroll.

DKIPPLEN: If you could be a man for a day, would you have sex with a woman? If so, who?

Gee, I think I would, and I would like to fuck myself. Egotistical, but I know what I know, and there's no one like me, except maybe you....

JTassoff: What is the most painful (physically) thing that's ever happened to you?

I had a pilonidal cyst when I was 15. It's on the bottom of your tailbone, the roots wrap around your spinal column. I had it lanced and drained in the Emergency Room under Novacaine. They dug around in there trying to get as much as they could. It was the singlemost painful experience in my life. I was screaming bloody murder. It was easily 5 times more painful than labor and childbirth. Ouch. This goes to a link with too much information on them.

LLDY: What do you think is the most important thing that you have taught your children? Have they followed your advice?  What do your children think of your lifestyle?

I taught them that they can have whatever they want in this world, all they have to do is to want it bad enough. I taught them that if they hear the word NO, it just means that's one way they will not get it done. it's is just a word, that it is not final unless they make it so. I taught them to follow their dreams, and beyond that, how to achieve them through goal setting, breaking a large goal down into "baby-steps" so each single step is easy... This means I taught them delayed gratification, that each small goal is a reward but the payoff is committing to the end.

My son is having problems, but he'll get over it. My daughter got thr message. She is hell on wheels and gets just about everything she wants. Once, she wanted a featherbed. She had it picked out, it was a nice one from Macy's, Box Stitched and all. I said no for 18 months. She would joke about it after that long, but she never gave up. She caught me coming in drunk one night, and we were having fun, I think I was cooking, something happened, she got me to make a bet. It was a sucker bet. I bet her the damn feather bed against her "NEVER mentioning it again". I lost.

About my lifestyle, they only get occasional glimpses that anything is ever different. Although tehre is no doubt that they know. I try to be a good example. My kids don't live with me right now, so it's not hard to keep things from them. When they did, I was a Domme, not a submissive. I did explain the change in my orientation to my daughter in a simple matter of fact type way. I told her I was tired of making all the rules and being in charge all the time, and I was going into the other camp to relax a bit. Being in control is a lot harder than being submissive. I only told her when it had been going on and she could tell things were different......

Loaded: I have some more questions for you Cyndy. If I handcuffed you to my bed (leaving one arm free, within reach of the telephone) went out to get some smokes and forgot about you. Would You call 911? If so how long would you wait before you called? What would you tell the dispatcher? Would you be mad at me? Would you ever let me do it again? Do you like hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top? What is the one thing that you would not tolerate in a relationship, not even one time, no second chance, it's over? Do you think I need some sort of counseling? If you could dedicate a song to me what would it be?

ANSWER: Wow, what a list, ok:

Would You call 911? - Even though it is wrong to leave a submissive in that manner, NO. Not unless the house was on fire. You would have to come home eventually. It would be wrong to call 911 unless I was in danger. It is your home, you will come home. If I had to go potty, well, I'd go on the floor and it would be your fault, not mine.

What would you tell the dispatcher? - THE TRUTH.

Would you be mad at me? - IT DEPENDS HOW LONG I WAS LEFT.

Would you ever let me do it again? PROBABLY NOT.

Do you like hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top? - YES, I DO!

What is the one thing that you would not tolerate in a relationship, not even one time, no second chance, it's over? CHOKING.

Do you think I need some sort of counciling? - NOT YET, BUT I'LL KEEP YOU POSTED.

If you could dedicate a song to me what would it be?


My friends
Feel its their appointed duty
They keep trying to tell me
All you want to do is use me
Oh, but my answer
To all that use me stuff

I want to spread the news
That if it feels this good getting used
You just keep on using me
Until you use me up
Until you use me up

Verse 2:
My brother
He sat me right down and he talked to me
Oh, he told me
That I ought to not let you just walk on me
And I'm sure he meant well
Yeah, but when our talk was through

I said brother if you only knew
You'd wish that you were in my shoes
You just keep on using me
Until you use me up

Verse 3:
Oh, sometimes
Yeah, it's true you really do abuse me
You get me in a crowd of high class people
And then you act real rude to me
But, oh, baby, baby, baby
When you love me I can't get enough!

I want to spread the news
That if it feels this good getting used
Oh, you just keep on using me
Until you use me up
Until you use me up

Talking about you using me
It all depends on what you do
It ain't too bad the way you're using me
'Cause I sure am using you do to the things you do...

nickfry: Hi Cyndy, Ever been to Australia? Would you like to go there?

ANSWER: No, I've never been there, and it would be wonderful to see Australia! Send 2 round trip tickets, I can't come visit without Master...

Loaded: Just one more question Cyndy. After our last conversation would you, you know still let me do the handcuff thing?

ANSWER: Maybe, it depends on the look in your eyes. If you look crazed, then no. I'm a great judge of someone's immediate intentions. I doubt I would get in a situation where you would hurt me.

nickfry: What are your hobbies Cyndy?

ANSWER: Besides KnowPost: Making Websites for fun and profit, Cooking, Reading, Pocket Billiards...

JTassoff: My s/o just dumped e-mail (GRRRR). She asked me not to try to contact her and I responded that she'll have to talk to me one last time, that I refuse to accept it online, she's going to have to at least do me the courtesy of coming as close to face to face as possible. Here's the problem: she refuses and won't take my calls. Got any advice for me?

ANSWER: Go here for some immediate real, and comic relief: Beyond that, forget it. The thing called "closure" is highly overrated. Just because you'd like to get the last word, or to be able to say what you want at the end of a relationship, does not mean you will get the opportunity to do so. Be a bigger man than she thinks you are, and walk away. The best revenge is a happy life.

bigbrother: If you were to die today, and God was to ask you "Why should I let you into my Heaven", What would you say?

ANSWER: I'd say " God, I have learned many lessons, and have made many mistakes. I have never intentionally hurt others, have lived by the Golden Rule to the best of my ability, do you have room for me? PLEASE? I lived in Las Vegas, it's hotter than Haites there, and I need a nice sloping hill, covered with Green Grass and Shade Trees...

nickfry: Hi Cyndy, You've answered heaps of questions at KnowPost. How did you find KnowPost?

ANSWER: I found it by making "My Netscape" my home page. KnowPost was on there by default. I watched the questions every day, one of them caught my attention, I answered it, the rest is history...

febe: What do you do for a living? Work at at home? Out of home? Describe your job and how much it means/or does not mean to you.

ANSWER: After 7 years of self employment, I am taking a well deserved break. I am not working at a traditional job. I make Personal Home pages for people really cheap, for extra cash. I do Internet Research for a Search Engine, or did, until they shut down to re-organize...

DKIPPLEN: Cyndy, what is the best sexual advice you can give a girl at the age of 23?

ANSWER: I don't think you need much advice in that area Diane... But, since you asked: Search the dark recesses of your mind for whatever REALLY turns your crank. We ALL have a "hitch in our giddyup", somewhere... Find your "hitch," capitolize on it. Also, learn how to have G-Spot orgasms. They are BY FAR, better, more deep and intense than regular orgasms (if there is such a thing as regular). Beyond that, find a man with ZERO inhibitions that is willing to explore with you. And as far as feelings are concerned: Always remember, that if you are feeling feelings of jealousy, at any time, it is NEVER the "3rd" person you should be angry with. It is always your partner causing the despair. Focus on your relationship, not the 3rd person, because temptation will ALWAYS be there...

DKIPPLEN: I am only a few questions away from 1000, I had a bet with NickFry that I would beat him, told him I would not be on tonight, but guess what, I am about to stomp him!! I might not have quality answers and ratings, but I'm gonna beat him!!!

What question should I answer to make 1000?

ANSWER: I answered Via Cmail at the time she asked. I posted a question for her to answer.

Swillpig: Cyndy....I dig you. Did you ever know that you are a pretty good person?

ANSWER: Thanks! I try to be... but there's always room for improvement.

colldoll (asked in Ceremail): I have a question for your ask me anything, but it is way personal. You have intimated, at times, that your relationship sometimes leaves you unhappy or unfulfilled. Why did you marry him? I know you are worldly and dont make decisions like that lightly. I also know he is a babe, but there has to be more than that. If you dont want to answer I understand, I think this is way too personal to put in your question.

ANSWER: I don't consider anything too personal here, anymore. I have laid my life fairly bare here, so thought I'd include this here as well.

I have very specific needs. He showed signs of being a great Dom, and lately he has been. It was potential. Divorce is only $75.00. We both needed to feel that commitment to go to the next level. It has helped. We both had the habit of threatening to leave. Being married stopped that. There's other reasons. We have a LOT of common interests. We both grew pot for years. We both were raised in the Pocket Billiards Industry and play pool very well, and have an understanding of that specific industry. Mine is much more broad, extending into ALL coin-operated Amusement Devices, but you get the drift. We have other common interests as well. Also is the fact that we think a lot alike.

I just get disgusted. If there's a hard way to do something, he finds it, every time. Damn girl, he almost cut off his right hand in May. He "WAS" right handed. He cut every nerve and tendon to his hand. Surgery was/IS $30,000. He went back to work 2 days after surgery. Not many people can do that. he's one tough MF'er. A BAD BOY. Stubborn. HARD-HEADED. Inexperienced as a Dom, but with patience and gentle direction and prodding in the right areas, he would be perfect. Unfortunately he is showing signs of abuse though. Time will tell. If he is abusive I will follow my own advice and leave.

So I wait. Right now, I think it MAY be paying off. I breathe a deep sigh of relief at each paycheck. His work ethic leaves a bit to be desired, But I love him, and there is a bond...

FranBacv: Cyndy: Do you think that it is best for a couple to stay married for the sake of young children when neither spouse is in love with or respects the other? BUT there is NO abuse involved? And one of the spouses is in love with someone else, even if he or she isn't "in" the relationship any longer?

You can answer this in general terms or specific to the description given.


ANSWER: For the short term - yes, for the long haul - NO! I think this should be a time when the person wanting out, feeling the conection broken should be making daily decisions based on the goal of becoming self-sufficient and independent, in effect, preparing to leave the marriage. A lot of planning should be done, and goals changed. Work a new plan. It is not fair to yourself or a good example to children to stay in a loveless marriage. You may think they don't know, but they do, they feel it intuitively. Do you want your kids to grow up and say "My parents stayed together for the sake of us kids..." ...? I'd work towards becoming friends again with my husband, by WHATEVER means it takes, and resolving to an amiable divorce, property settlement, child custody arrangement, etc... so one can seek her true calling...

Make a list of things that you must complete before you can break free. If those tasks seem to daunting, break them down into even smaller bites so no one thing seems too hard to do. Then, commit to taking all the steps to pursue your OWN happiness. True sacrifice means taking risks, not suffering needlessly. The kind of relationship you have and maintain is being watched by your children. Teach them not to settle for anything less than true happiness in their own lives, by doing that yourself. There is, no other way...

JTassoff: Why does it take so long for KP to step in and rate questions that have been closed for months on end?

Actually I had noticed but I really don't care. The short answer is because no one has bitched about it.

The REAL answer is this: The volunteers that do this are just that: Volunteers. There are HUNDREDS, and the "volunteers" that do this have a life. Some of them are not active anymore. Usually, if 2-3 people post a soap, and it becomes a "squeeky wheel" it gets some more attention.

And THIS is the REAL reason:
Also, it's taking longer now because Clay removed the visual reminder. The TOP100 page, Profile Page and Answer Page all report the same number. Theye didn't do that before. You could subtract the rated answers from the TOTAL yopu had answered. The only way we can tell now is to scroll way back.

My oldest unrated answer is from May 16th. That is 5 months. It NEVER used to be that long, but Clay has effectively eliminated that chore. No one has complained. It's perception. If it's in front of your face, you bitch...

You gotta give the guy some credit. He is doing less, as in unrated answers, and hearing NOTHING about it. Before, it was 2-3 weeks and people were bitching.

Don't tell him I said this...

JTassoff: As a domme, did you ever ignore a safe word? As a sub, have you ever had a safe word ignored?

There is a simple answer, and that is Yes and No. Yes to the first, and No to the second question. Part of the reason I went to a psychotherapist was I ignored a safeword. I was searching for some sort of relief and it never came, as it turned out, I was looking in the wrong direction. I never picked up any implement again, as a Domme.

JTassoff: It has been brought to my attention that I ask difficult, thought provoking this time I'm just gonna lob a meatball right over the plate:

What's your favorite kind of soup?

Chicken and Dumplings, home-made by me. It's OUTSTANDING. (Mainly Chicken, with Carrots, Onion, Celery, Chinese Bean Pods, Corn, Spices and Home-Made Dumplings) I like it as a thick soup, not a thin broth.

nflfan: What was your favorite thing about living in Seattle?

The fact that I had a LOT of friends and aquaintances there, besides Family. I also really like (now that I am gone) the HILLS, and the fact that houses are painted so many different colors. Here, everything is painted one of about 10 shades of off-white/beige... I also liked all the WATER, lakes everywhere, it's so dang DRY here, although 5 years ago I never would have said that. There is a joke in Seattle, if yoyu want your kids to leave you alone for awhile, send them on a walk and say: "Head on out, when you hit water turn around and come home"... Also, I owned a Vidoe Game Route for almost 10 years there, it's almost not possible for me to walk in a bar, ANY BAR, and not know SOMEONE there. It was the fact that I HAD A NAME THERE, people knew me. Here, I am a nobody, a nothing, another name in Las Vegas.

nflfan: Are you ever going to answer my question? ha ha OK I'm messing with you although I would like to hear your answer. Secondly, are you a football fan? if so, who is your favorite team?

I like the Huskies, especially the years when Don James was coach. They ROCKED. Pro Ball? I like the Cowboys and the Raiders.


The Las Vegas OUTLAWS!!!

JTassoff: I've got an odd question for said a while back something like "what you call pain my body interprets as pleasure." Is that true for all pain? Or just in certain circumstances? For example, if you stub your toe in the middle of the night, do you cuss and hop etc just like anybody else?

This is really an EXCELLENT question, and the answer is interesting, I hope...

To begin, I want to explain a bit about pain. Pain, technically is simply a level of "sensation". You have heard, I am sure, that people have different pain "tolerances". There is a disorder, although I don't remember what it is called, wherein even a simple stroke of the forearm is "painful" to a person with this disorder. In reading about this disorder some time past, I learned a lot about sensation and pain.

Touch yourself... (not like THAT silly - just your arm or something)

Feel That? That, is sensation. It doesn't hurt though. Do it harder, next, use your nail, eventually you will find "your line" between sensation and pain. It's like the difference between mild hunger and being RAVENOUS.

What happens in pain with me is I DO experience pain like a "normal" person. When I stub my toe, it HURTS. But in a "scene" it is different.

One more explanation first. I was in a HORRIBLE accident once, broken back, pelvis and hip. I never went unconscious, I remember flying through the air and landing with a THUD on the street. (I was in the sidecar of a motorcycle that hit a car head on) While I was laying there waiting for medics, I felt ZERO pain.

As soon as the impact occured, my bodt sent out an incredible amount of ENDORPHINS. Endorphins are the bodys natural morphine, in fact, it is STRONGER tahn morphine. I felt NO PAIN, whereas morphine at best, can only take away 90% of extreme pain. (I had many talks about pain with the nurses in Harborview Hospital - specifically morphine)

Ok - In a "scene" nothing starts out (with me) as a WHAM - SMACK! ...That WOULD hurt! It starts soft, like the stroke on the forearm. Then, the "giver" will GRADUALLY increase the strength of delivery, holding each phase until I am comfortable with it, until it feels like the stroke on the forearm -- instead of the SMACK that it IS. My body has started to deliver ENDORPHINS to my bloodstream. Then, when I feel ready, the delivery "load" is increased again, then continued again, and even MORE endorphins are delivered. Then, the level is stepped up again. This may take as long as an hour to get to the point I like. I am not going through this to feel PAIN, I'm going through it to get the ENDORPHINS. It's called SUBSPACE...

When you take this much time to gradually bring the level up slowly, a submissive can enter SUBSPACE. This is where there is a very high level of endorphins in the bloodstream, from the CONTINUED SENSATION (that the body thinks it must protect you from) that you begin to get a floating sensation. If it's done with enough skill, you feel like you have smoked the best killer opium, you are floating in SubSpace, it is the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life.

This can be maintained as long as the "giver" feels like continuing the delivery of "sensation"...

So in closing, I simply trick my brain into releasing endorphins...

Sure I feel pain, but I don't feel it like you do, at some points in the "scene" a casual observer would be HORRIFIED and be absolutely certain I was being hurt, when really I am not. In fact at *those points* I am not even aware (anymore) that I am being struck.

After a scene like that, which by the way happens maybe once every couple months, "aftercare" is needed. I cannot be left alone, I cannot stand, my legs won't hold me... It's best if I am allowed to simply go to sleep and wake up naturally... The endorphins have to leave the body as any drug does, it takes time. If there was a fire, for instance, I may need to be carried out, I am limp, GONE.... Somewhere else....

And no, I have never heard of anyone overdosing on their own endorphins...

Loaded: Since you probably won't answer this until after Christmas. I will go ahead and start asking now. Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you get a present? Did you go to Seattle for Christmas? I am not going to ask you anything else. It took too long to scroll down to post it.

It's too early to tell. It's not Christmas yet, hell, I haven't even started shopping yet! I can tell you what I'm having for dinner though:

Seafood Roll-ups (Appetizer)
Baked Ham (candied)
Au Gratin Potatoes
Asparagus and Cheese Sauce
Creamed Corn (yes, home made)
Incredible Broccoli Salad
Confetti Pasta Salad
Pecan Pie (yes, made totally from scratch)

I bet you're sorry you asked.

phkhoury: Where the hell do you take to time to write those LONG LONG answers in today's busy world? I'm sorry I did not follow your story from the beginning, it seems quite interesting actually judging for the numbers of questions you're asked. I have more questions but I'm gonna post them later if I see that you answer me this time, all right?

I am not working a 9-5 job right now. My kids are grown. My husband works a lot of overtime. I have sleep disorders, I am often awake (or asleep) at strange times. I love the medium of KnowPost, I love the people here, I LOVE answering questions. I make the time. My responsibilities are few right now, so I can, and I do.

I do some freelance Internet Research and make Webpages. I cook a lot, but the kitchen and computer are in view of each other. Plus, when you're at the computer all day, all there is to clean up is one small area...

lizard: are you over your pms yet? - boxers or briefs? - what do your farts smell like? - are you sleepless in seattle?

No, I'm not over my PMS, in fact it's just beginning.... GGGrrrrrrr....... - I don't wear panties at all, ...My farts smell like lilacs and roses, silly... and I am sleepless in Las Vegas right now, but I used to be sleepless in Seattle!

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