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Ask Seedy69 Anything!
Seedy69 has been a member since June 29th,1999.
# Asked: 958 -- # Answered: 1318
Average: 0.68 -- Average: 4.50
Rank: 13 -- Rank: 67

6.13.00 - Ask Seedy69 Anything. Go on, I know I'm not generally one of the in-crowd, but most of you have encountered me.

cyndy10 - I'd like to know if that's really you in your picture. It's a beautiful picture, very provocative. Who took it and can you post any more, maybe rotate them for us?

Sorry Cyndy, no it's not me. I'm blonde and very fair skinned for a start! My husband put it up there as a surprise for me, and I'm pretty certain he has many more stashed around here, so I'll ask him to update them! Other than that, don't know who took it, but I think it's standard soft-porn fare.

Breakup - Do you find yourself much in awe of the so-called in-crowd around here or do you see them as just plain folks?

No, I'm not in awe of anyone here, apart from those people who give such consistent and amazing answers. I've been here a long time now, coming up for a year (in a few days), and have seen many people come and go. I do, however, feel that small amount of outsider-ness that any cliquey feeling'd place has (sorry to invent words, but my brain is absent on me today!). They're just normal folks having a good time and hanging out with each other. In fact, everything I've ever had to do with anyone who is accused of being in the in-crowd has always been very open, welcoming and positive.

I put that in my question because I would guess it is more fun asking people that you know about 'anything'!

obi-wan - What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? (I also want to know if that's your picture but that was posted already! whoo hoo!)

Sorry Obi-Wan, if I wasn't so rotund and pregnant I could probably look better (brag, brag while I have the world's best excuse to be a pudding!).

My favourite thing to do on a rainy day is actually to hang out by the windows and watch the rain. We are lucky enough to have a covered patio outside our house and a porch swing, and I love to sit out there with my husband, chatting and listening to the clatter of the rain around us. That's not quite what you meant, though, was it?

Okay, I guess hanging out internet surfing is my current active sport. Napster is my favourite new toy, along with Knowpost. I've also started my first website so that's kind of taking up a lot of my time now (it's not even close to finished, so I won't post the URL here yet). Oh, and I write fiction when I can get enough peace in my head, and invent all kinds of weird crafty things.

Also what does your name stand for?

It was my pre-married initials (CD), and then I needed a number to go with it and I went with the most obvious (I was a single, sexy, flirty chick at the time - now non-stop-mummy69 might be better!).

heyteach - What's your biggest passion in life? Oh, and I think you're "in." (You did disappear on us for some time though! Babies!).

My biggest passion in life is my husband. My family in general comes a close second, but he is the really big thing with me. I think being in love and being a good reciprocant of love is a very important job and deserves to be at the top of the task list. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have even become friends with my husband - he is truly one of the greatest people I have ever met. I can easily envision being with him and loving him for eternity.

kilnamar - Waaaaaay back you were trying to organize a magazine written by KP members. What is the status of that, or have you put the project aside? :)

For now, it's been put aside. You and I both have small, demanding people in our lives right now, and we're actually expecting another one in a few months (yes, it's pretty close to the one before, but...). My entire world is on hold. I get approximately two hours per day to do as I please with and organising and running a magazine would be a badly done job in that amount of time. It's on hold for right now, but I'm still thinking about how to make it work. Plus, there wasn't all that much interest in the idea from other KPers. I can understand that - one of the best things about KP is that it is so instant, and a paper version, or even a version that only gets updated once a day, might seem a little stale in comparison. If you have any better ideas on how to do it, ceremail me and I'll happily discuss them with you.

Norris - When is your little one due? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Who are the other members of your family? Please tell us about them! (This is your chance to brag!)

Ah ha, baby talk. Bane of my life, these days! The newest one is due on 16th October (although it will be about a week or so late, coz that's what the other two were). We don't know if it's a boy or a girl because they couldn't tell at the scan, although they didn't try too hard really, and the strange thing is that we knew with the other two even before the ultrasounds confirmed it, but this one we have absolutely no feeling for what it's going to be! It will be a different experience for us having to ask what it is at the birth!

The others are a four year old, blonde boy, who is your pretty normal cheeky, mucky, silly, active four year old, and an eight month old girl, who is currently trying very, very hard to walk! I don't mention her hair colour because she doesn't have too much of it yet, and because it seems either fair or dark depending on the light. It looks like she might have her dad's curly hair though. Both of them are very happy and healthy children, and I am a very fortunate person.

The other member of the family is my husband, the hero and star of the family, and an incredible and wonderful man.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to boast about my wonderful family.

Waterlin - hi seedy...i would like to know how you met your husband...and has becoming parents changed your relationship with each other, and if so, how?

Hey Waterlin

This is a nice question. Any question that lets me ramble on about my husband is a nice question! He was in London, England (where I'm from) working as a trainer for a company, and I started working there. He was responsible for my orientation class, which was a week long and (fortunately for the furniture) a group thing. By the end of the first day, sparks were well and truly flying, and by the middle of the week the bets were on as to how long it would take us to get together. It took us seventeen days before we actually first smooched, but the landslide was started earlier that day when we hugged for the first time, and that was the first physical contact we'd had. I can clearly remember the feeling that I was in the middle of a huge landslide as soon as he touched me, and there was no going back. Almost exactly three months after that first kiss we got married. There was no doubting that we were meant to be together, although neither of us believe in fate. We were drawn to each other in a way that nothing else has ever drawn me. I could not think without him.

BTW - He proposed by email, which was very appropriate as we'd done a lot of our flirting via email in the early days, and much of our loving by email too (as we worked together, we would often be side by side emailing each other!).

He was due to go and work in the Middle-East for a while, but got transferred to Canada instead so that we could all come with him. I'm glad, six months without him would have been the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Being parents has changed us in the fact that we used to spend a lot more time in bed, AWAKE! Now, we sleep more when we're there, and when we're awake in bed there's usually company! We also used to go out drinking and hanging out and dancing and eating and walking around hand in hand, and generally being lovers on our own, but now we get to watch more TV and stay home all the time. It means we often get to just lounge around being together, but also means that we're not flirting the same as we used to. We'll get it back, though, as soon as I'm not either pregnant or other baby related stuff.

I preferred the old us, but I also know that we're going to be together for a long, long time and will have plenty of opportunity to date each other again. Right now, we're enjoying walking in the park with the kids instead of drinking in the pub!

Hippie - When we goin' to see that web page of yours now you got Frontpage 2000? ;0

Aloha Hippie

Unfortunately, this goes into the same bracket as my answer to Kilnamar (i.e. that I'm pathetic), and gets blamed on the fact that I have a baby crawling around my feet all day. I'm working on it. It's a big project (maybe I should have started smaller?) and I'm getting there. I'm determined to make my first effort at being a web person a good one and make my site worth going to see, so I'm trying to make sure it's got all the stuff I want on it. As soon as I'm sorted, I'll let you know. But Frontpage is being really helpful. It's much quicker than if I'd been trying to use real HTML.

But if anyone has any wish to write some parenting web pages for me, please let me know. I could really do with some help here!

Fanx for your help with getting started though.

Incidentally, have you ever been to Gifs That Don't Suck? Someone else directed me there recently and I saw some stuff I think you might like for your website. Very cute and funny!

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