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Ask Dilbert Anything!
Dilbert has been a member since February 27th, 2000.
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6.15.00 -Dilbert will answer any question posed to him .... in exchange for cookies. Remember that I am shy and modest.

Scrooge on 6.15.00 - List all promotions, citations, medals, etc. that you received while in the Armed Forces. I understand your modesty but you MUST be honest!

For Scrooge.... While in the service I received the Bronze Star, Viet Nam Presidential Citation, Air Force Commendation medal, several just for being there, and the expert markmanship medal.... oh... forgot the Good Conduct Medal

GreyEyes on 6.15.00 - Hi Dilbert! Would you mind telling me a bit about your farm? It must be hard work but I imagine it is extremely satisfying....

For GreyEyes... We have several farms. We have a couple thousand acres within 25 miles of Columbus Ohio. They are basically grain farms. We once raised black Angus cattle and once paid $20,000 for a Poland China hog back in the 30's. The core farm has been in the family for over 200 years and we have added to it. One farm is currently being considered as a 450 acre golf course/housing development. We lost out old farm house in a fire 6 years ago and are currently living in the replacement for the old homestead.

Loaded on 6.15.00 - What's a Poland China Hog and what kind of tractors do you have?

For Loaded.... A Poland China hog was a breed imported into this country from China that had a high percentage of fat. This was back when lard was an important staple in the kitchen and the hog was incredibly large at maturity and had a high percentage of backfat and the bacon (pork belly) was about 4" thick.

Why have mainly had Big Red machines. IH. All my neighbors have John Deere equipment, but I have all these IH hats to use up before I buy any green machines.

psykomom on 6.15.00 - Hi, Dilbert. One of my cousins used to and probably still does raise a breed of cattle called "Brangus". It is a mix of Brahman and Angus. His name is Patrick Taylor. Have you ever seen cattle like that or do you happen to know of him?

For Psykomom....Brangus is a breed that was developed for area that are more arid than here in Ohio. I've seen them, but we haven't been in the cattle business for several decades and not in hogs for over 10 years. Sorry, don't know the guy you mentioned.

FranBacv on 6.15.00 - Who the BLEEP is Missy25????  First prncss gets your attention, and now I have to compete with Missy25???  Damn....

For Franbacv... Missy25 ??? I', not sure who she is. And if I did she is so sweet.

heyteach on 6.15.00 - You'll have to settle for KP cookies, my man ;)
How "therapeutic" was it for you to write up your Vietnam information? Would you consider putting that into a book?

For HeyTeach.... I wrote it at a time that was very traumatic and terrifying. We has gasoline that had gotten into our water supply. I had active lesions on my brain stem and my memory was getting worse and worse. I had just gotten my first computer and used it to help write down as much as I could about my childhood and my life. I got to the part about my expreiences in Viet Nam and memories starting flashing back to the forefront. They were things that I had almost entired forgotten. I was barely able to move or to develove a coherent thought, but as time went by, I started regaining some of the memories and the motor skills that I had lost. Writing help with the mental restoration. Thanks for asking.

LLDY on 6.16.00 - Would you tell us a bit about your family? Does your whole family pitch in to run the farm?

For LLDY... The farms are no longer run by the family. With the medical problems and the loss of our fram manage of 46 years due to leukemia (probably because of the above problem) we have gone with a cash rent situation. My wife is an executive with the Girl Scouts, Sara is an IT recruiter for a headhunting firm, and 7' 1" Brian (Shilldog) is at Ohio State taking up space. Because of my physical problems we are probably going to be scaling back the size of the farms and starting to develope real estate. We recently gave our kids 200 acres.

SuprPwrs on 6.16.00 - Would you be willing to tell us about your medical situation?

For Suprpwrs..... My medical situation. I currently have an over abundance of insulin for some reason. They are still trying to figure out why. Maybe an insulinoma. I have a heart that has arrythmia and cardimyopathy. I also have congestive heart failure which is filling my lungs with fluids and well as other places. I have had 5 vertabrae removed from my neck because of stenosis and currently have a regrowth that is poking into my spinal cord again. I have lost 18% of my IQ since the beginning of the gasoline problem. This is the excuse I use for some of the dumb assed answers that I have given in the past. Otherwise, I am in great health and in good spirits. After seeing area of my brain that was dying on an MRI image I am hell on wheels to kids who want to smoke, drink, or do drugs. I'm going to be the cranky old neighbor guy who yells at the kids to stay off his grass. :-)

prncss on 6.16.00 - What's up with your daughter and the foreign guy?

For Prncss.... Swedish guy goes home tonight at 9:30. Talked to Sara yesterday and she is looking forward to having her apartment to herself. He is going home for 3 months and the he wants to come back and join the US Army as a combat engineer and eventually become a US citizen with the help of the Army. I taught him how to play tree golf, I showed him how to make a bomb, and he drove my quadrunner all over the KP Kommune. He liked it here and he's a nice guy. Not sure where the relationship is going. Sara likes her freedom.

obi-wan on 6.20.00 - What kind if crops did/do you produce on your farms? Also please include any livestock you raise as well, thanks!

For Obi-wan..... It's strictly grain farms. Wheat, corn, and soybeans....... and some other stuff that they can't find. No government programs for not planting. Only live stock is the groundhogs that eat the tender beans, plus a golden retriever and a really old farm cat.

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