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The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club


Marilyn Remembered was founded in 1982 by Greg Schreiner, Teresa Seeger, Catherine Seeger, and Anthony Cordova.

Marilyn Remembered President Greg Schreiner, a pianist by profession, was 12 years old when he first saw Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot and was hooked ever since! Greg's extensive personal collection includes several of Marilyn Monroe's gowns, personal scripts, movie stills, 5th Helena home furniture, and numerous other rare items.

The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club consists not only of fans, but also of people who actually knew Marilyn, including her photographers, hairdressers, actors and even her personal stand-in. The Club meets regularly in Los Angeles, often invited to these meetings are celebrity guest speakers who knew or worked with Marilyn.

The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club also hosts special Birthday celebrations, Holiday parties and once a year a special memorial event at the Westwood Chapel (where Marilyn is laid to rest) on the anniversary of Marilyn's passing. The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club is open to any Marilyn Monroe enthusiast that lives in the Los Angeles area.

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Greg Schreiner also invites you to visit Marilyn Remembered Fan Club member Jack Allen's Marilyn By Moonlight website. Here you will find rare pictures, stories and exclusive items for purchase all on Marilyn Monroe:


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