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OCTOBER 23, 2001 Meeting

Fan Club Meeting Notes

(Chris Horack and Greg Schreiner)

    On October 23, 2001 the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club met at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum for another wonderful meeting!

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  • ITEM #1: The first topic of the meeting covered the USC Marilyn event that took place October 17, 2001 at USC. It was an event that honored David Wolper's work as a producer and the opening of a new documentary wing named after him. David Wolper produced many films including the 1962 documentary THE LEGEND OF MARILYN MONROE! The event included many rare and treasured items of Marilyn Monroe and some rare pictures that were considered lost until this year. If you'd like to read more about this exciting event and see some rare pictures of Marilyn Monroe please click here:

  • ITEM #2: Next a very exciting announcement was made by Greg Schreiner. On Saturday, September 15th, 2001 the Temecula Valley Film and Music Festival presented their very first LEGEND AWARD!
    This award is designed to recognize people in film that had significantly contributed to the movie industry in their lifetime. Marilyn was chosen as the very first recipient for her behind the scenes work in movies. Marilyn created in 1955 her own production company called MARILYN MONROE PICTURES, under which she produced two films: Bus Stop and The Prince and The Showgirl. Being one of the first women in film to create her own production company the Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival decided that Marilyn Monroe was deserving of the very first LEGEND AWARD. The award was presented by Marilyn Monroe Bus Stop costar Don Murray and Greg Schriener was invited to accept the award on Marilyn's behalf! (There were may celebrities in attendance at the Temecula Festival including Rita Coolridge and Ray Charles!)
    At today's meeting Greg presented the award to Hollywood Entertainment Museum's curator Chris Horack where it will remain permanently on display for all of Marilyn's fans to come to see. If you'd like more information on the Hollywood Entertainment museum please visit:

    The Award

  • ITEM #3: 2 new books on Marilyn Monroe have recently come out!
    ....One is called SOME LIKE IT HOT by Taschen. This book covers the entire film from inception to completion. Included inside many rare pictures of the cast and a copy of Marilyn's prompt book complete with her acting notations! You can purchase this book at
    .... The second book is BLONDE HEAT by Richard Buskin. This book is perhaps one of the most complete books on Marilyn Monroe's film career. It is a large oversized book complete with many photographs. The authors notes thanks Greg Schreiner and the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club Members! You can purchase this book at local bookstores or here at

  • ITEM #4: Bradford Tree Ornaments of Marilyn Monroe are currently available for Christmas. They are one dimensional but they are reasonably priced. Check for them in your local gift or Holiday shops.

  • ITEM #5: Greg mentioned to us that the Christie's LA Auction which took place mid-September this year was remarkable. The items consisted of a collection from Marilyn's late foster sister Bebe Goddard and from Anna Strasberg. The items were sold to help benefit Hollygrove, the orphanage where Marilyn lived. All of the items did sell and many of the prices were astronomical. Greg said he did notice that for the Bebe Goddard collection one person bought most of the entire lot!

  • GUEST #1: Our first guest of the day was Tracy Moss who is a muscian/actress. Tracy was in the famous Marilyn film SOME LIKE IT HOT! Tracy recalled to the group how Marilyn took her under her wing and showed her off to all her friends. She said that Marilyn would introduce her by saying "Here is Tracy, look how cute and pretty she is! And she is sooooooo talented." Tracy also spoke about how wonderful Billy Wilder was as a director and how when he would try to give notes to Marilyn she would be shaking her hands like mad, a method she often used to get into character. Tracy did mention there was quite a bit of waiting for Marilyn to get ready to come to the set, during the long waits she said she had a marvelous time with both Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Tracy was a delightful person to listen to speak, so bubbly and sweet! At the end of the meeting Tracy presented Greg with a tape of her harp music.


  • GUEST #2: Our second guest was Walter Leimert. Walter was a 20 year war correspondent who worked with Edward Murrow and for 40 years he was the voice of the Bruins! But the reason Mr. Leimert spoke to us today was because he was the gentleman who loaned his house to Marilyn Monroe to have her last pictures taken by George Barris! He said that he had offered his house to Mr. Barris without knowing who the person was that was being photographed. When the scheduled "Movie Star" failed to show up at his house for 3 days in a row Mr. Leimert finally said that he couldn't keep offering his house to a someone who couldn't keep their appointments. George asked him kindly for one more day, the movie star did show up and he was amazed to learn it was Marilyn Monroe!
    Marilyn did not come alone however, she had her entire entourage with her. Walter's house was suddenly invaded by hair dressers, makeup people, camera and lighting men, just to name a few. Walter Leimert shared with us what it is was like to have Marilyn Monroe sit on his furniture, hang from his porch and play on his bed! Right before Marilyn left Walter asked if he could have his picture taken with her and Marilyn happily obliged. Walter said it was only a matter of a few weeks when Marilyn's untimely death took place. He was struck by how he was one of last men she ever had her picture taken with.
    Walter had tried to get that picture of himself with Marilyn for over 40 years! It was only this year that he met up with George Barris at the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Marilyn Event and asked for his photo which Mr. Barris gladly gave him! Walter Leimert has since moved from that house but he said that he has kept most of all the furniture that Marilyn used in her infamous photo shoot that one sunny summer day.


  • The meeting ended with the viewing of a VERY rare documentary that was hosted by Catherine Deneuve. The documentary was made years ago and in French. Until recently it was thought there was no English version available. The film was made around a 1955 audio interview of Marilyn Monroe and it was both touching and insightful.

  • UPDATES: Club members Evelyn Moriarty (Marilyn Monroe's stand-in) and Sylvia Barnhart (Marilyn Monroe's hairdresser) who fell ill last month are doing much better. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them both.

  • NEXT MONTH: Next month special guest will (hopefully) be Dr. Engleberg, Marilyn's personal physician at the end of her life.





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