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Each year, on August 5, MARILYN REMEMBERED holds a special Memorial for Marilyn Monroe at the Westwood Chapel in West Los Angeles. This wonderful event, organized by it's club President Greg Schreiner, has over the years brought together Marilyn Monroe fans from all across the world to reflect on the brilliant career of the world's greatest movie star, MARILYN MONROE.

This year was even more significant as it not only marked the 40th ANNIVERSARY of Marilyn's passing but also the 20TH ANNIVERSARY of the MARILYN REMEMBERED fan club.

In celebration of this historic event, various Marilyn Monroe fan clubs held their own special activities in Los Angeles. Listed below is a chronological schedule of events along with pictures and description. So sit back and enjoy this special event update!

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~~ SATURDAY AUGUST 3, 2002 ~~

  • The Immortal Marilyn Fan Club Hollywood Driving tour. *

    ~~Seeing all the Marilyn Monroe Sites~~

    On Saturday, August 3rd 2002 at 11am Immortal Marilyn took 30+ fans on a 6-hour driving tour to see many of Marilyn Monroe’s homes and haunts in Los Angeles. The tour covered all aspects of Monroe’s life from childhood to stardom. The fans participating in this wonderful tour came from around the world, some as far as Germany and Australia! Along with various news reporters from Los Angeles, we also had a several Marilyn Monroe Look-a-Likes in the group.

    The tour began at one of Marilyn’s childhood homes, The Hollygrove Children’s Orphanage and came to completion on one of the last stops, Marilyn’s’ Fifth Helena Home in Brentwood. It was a wonderful thrill to see Marilyn’s homes that she lived in on her road to stardom and we easily could imagine ourselves swept back into time as we gazed at homes like the one she shared with Joe DiMaggio in Beverly Hills.

    Since the tour was so long Immortal Marilyn planned a wonderful picnic lunch at the Will Rogers Park located directly across another Marilyn Monroe site, The Beverly Hills Hotel! It was here we ate a picnic lunch, had a raffle and enjoyed the view of one of the many homes of Marilyn Monroe. An hour later the Immortal Marilyn crew gathered the troops up and began the second half of the tour, which included Marilyn’s last home on 5th Helena as well as the infamous Lawford/Kennedy Estate on Pacific Coast Highway.

    All in all the day was wonderful and it was a special surprise to see the events written up in the Calendar section of the LA Times!

    Or for more information on the Immortal Marilyn Fan Club you can click here

    On Saturday August 3 at 7pm, Norma Jeane 2 Marilyn Fan Club organized a play outing to see the Los Angeles play production of Arthur Miller's AFTER THE FALL . Great fun was had by all who attended. For more information on the Norma Jeane 2 Marilyn Club click here

  • ~~ SUNDAY AUGUST 4, 2002 ~~

    On Sunday, August 4th, the Norma Jeane to Marilyn Fan club, run by President Barbara Kotlarchick, held a wonderful poolside event at the Roosevelt Hotel in memory of Marilyn Monroe.

    Many fans of Marilyn may be familiar with The Roosevelt and the important part it played in Marilyn’s history. Marilyn started her modeling career here, modeling by the pool on a diving board in a one-piece swimsuit and suntan lotion by her side. Later in her career Marilyn often sought refuge here, her favorite room having a view of the pool. There is rumor that a mirror that once hung in her favorite room is now haunted by her ghostly image. (For those curious to see for themselves if there really is a Marilyn ghost you can visit the mirror in the lower parking lot area beside the elevators.)

    Fans from all around the world gathered here at the Roosevelt in a wonderful celebratory mood to talk about Marilyn and to enjoy each other’s company. Marilyn Remembered President Greg Schreiner attended the event as well as pinup model and actress Jeanne Carmen. Don O’Melveny was also on hand selling and graciously autographing his new fictional book on Marilyn called No City For Dreaming. (For more information on this exhibit or on the new book “No City For Dreaming” please contact: Don O' Melveny Gallery, 9009 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069 Tel 310-273-7868)

    There were delicious assorted refreshments laid out on the tables as well as a near bar where one could order such drinks as the blue liquor filled cocktail drink invented by the bartender himself called Tropical Pools. Marilyn Monroe music filled the air, fans wore Marilyn tee shirts and there was even a Marilyn Monroe Look-A-Like in attendance, the lovely Janet Valentine, who was dressed in knockout silver swimsuit and Lucite heels. We ALL had to have our picture taken alongside her. A bit of Marilyn was everywhere, especially in our hearts.

    Later in the day a raffle was held that featured amazing Marilyn Monroe related prizes such as rare books, rare photographs, cool watches and much, much more. The event was great fun and those who ran the event deserve a hearty thank you for being such gracious hosts!

    For more information on the Norma Jeane 2 Marilyn fan club click here


    On Sunday evening, August 4, 2002 the Immortal Marilyn fan Club held their first ever Gala Event in celebration of Marilyn Monroe’s.

    Fans from around the world, near and far, gathered together in high fashion to attend the Immortal Marilyn Semi-Formal Gala Event in the Mount Olympus room at the Renaissance Hotel to both mingle and party! Immortal Marilyn’s President, Leslie Kasperowicz along with her lovely staff Lisa Bates and Mary Sims, orchestrated the event at the Renaissance and there is just one word to describe the entire evening and that is, “ELEGANT”.

    There was a live band, food and drink as well as a huge cake. There was also a gallery exhibit of rare photographs of Marilyn Monroe from the collection of Mrs. Maite Minguez of Spain. The photographs featured a rarely seen young Marilyn Monroe from infancy to her early modeling days from the Blue Book Models. Representing the exhibit was a gentleman named Victor Fernández who also brought along sale copies of a book featuring the entire collection of Mrs. Minguez called Marilyn: The Dream. These books were quickly snatched up but not to worry you can still get a copy yourself if you like just contact Victor at for more information.

    There was another special exhibit brought to the event, it was a dress once worn and owned by Marilyn Monroe and is now in the collection of Lynne Angus-Barker. This beautiful black beaded dress hung above the photos and attracted many “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd. Later professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator Kim Kaine tried on the dress to the delight of her friends and fans, and of course it fit perfectly!

    There were many celebrity guests in attendance at this classy gala event including Mickey Song (Marilyn’s’ hairdresser for the night she sang Happy Birthday to the President), Gloria Pall (Pin-up model and actress), ), George Barris (Took the last beach photos of Marilyn Monroe), Penny McGuiggan (Co-Star in Some Like It Hot), Greg Schreiner (Marilyn Remembered President), Stanley Rubin (Producer of River of No Return), Kathleen Hughes (Actress who knew Marilyn and Rand Brooks (Co-Star of Ladies of the chorus as well as Co-Star in Gone With The Wind).

    Before the evening concluded Rand Brooks took center stage and shared with those present his fond and touching memories of Marilyn Monroe. After his heartfelt speech the lights were dimmed and the shrine to Marilyn located near the back of the room was lit with candles while the band played the Elton John classic “Good-Bye Norma Jean[e].”

    The event ended with the cutting of the cake. It was a fun and elegant evening for all.

    Or for more information please click here

  • ~~ MONDAY AUGUST 5, 2002 ~~


    This special report is brought to you by Marilyn Remembered member, Valerie Weich.

    It’s hard to believe that Marilyn has been gone for 40 years, and I’m sure you have all been very busy with your own Marilyn-related events. This particular anniversary of Marilyn’s passing also marked a special milestone for Marilyn Remembered – it is the 20th anniversary of the fan club and the 20th memorial service we have hosted for Marilyn.

    The memorial service was held in the chapel at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park on Monday, August 5 at 11:00 a.m. As always, the chapel was filled with beautiful flowers, balloons, cards and sprays sent by Marilyn fan clubs from around the world. Greg Schreiner, founder of Marilyn Remembered and organizer of the annual memorial services, introduced the speakers of the day. He also expressed his gratitude to the many fans who had traveled from all over the globe (England, Ireland, France, and Australia, to name a few) to attend this memorable event.

    We were delighted to have as our first guest speaker, Nancy Bolender Jeffreys, Marilyn’s first foster sister, who was appearing at the memorial service for the very first time. As you know, Nancy attended our Marilyn Remembered meeting in January and spoke about her upbringing in the Bolender household with Lester and Norma Jeane as her older “siblings.”

    As a special addition to the memorial service, we had presidents of other fan clubs speak about Marilyn, including Mary Belzunce (Fan Club Marilyn Monroe/France); Barbara Kotlarchick (Norma Jeane 2 Marilyn Monroe Fan Club); Leslie Kasperowicz (Immortal Marilyn Fan Club); and Jill Adams (Forever Marilyn Fan Club/Immortal Marilyn Website Author). Jack Allen, author of Marilyn by Moonlight, talked about Marilyn’s enduring popularity. Gloria Pall, who was a 1950's pin up model and an Earl Carroll girl, spoke next. Gloria met Marilyn Monroe on two occasions during her early starlet years, and wrote a book about her experience at the Marilyn Monroe party in 1952.

    Mickey Song, who was a hairdresser to the Kennedys, brushed out Marilyn’s hair for the Madison Square Garden event when she sang “Happy Birthday” to Mr. President. He spoke about how enthralled he was to have met Marilyn and that she was just as wonderful in person as he had hoped she would be.

    Then Penny McGuiggan, who appeared in Some Like It Hot as part of Sweet Sue’s band, spoke about Marilyn and briefly played the trumpet. George Barris spoke at length about his experiences with Marilyn, beginning on the set of The Seven Year Itch and ending with his final photo shoot on the beach with her, not long before her death.

    Kathleen Hughes followed. Kathleen was a starlet around the time Marilyn was getting started in Hollywood. Kathleen met Marilyn several times and she spoke about her relationship to Marilyn. She said that Marilyn actually won out on a part in A Ticket To Tomahawk that she had once auditioned for because she (Kathleen) couldn’t dance! She also saw MM perform on stage in a talent show in the late 1940s.

    Kathleen's husband is film producer Stanley Rubin, and he spoke after Kathleen. Stanley had worked closely with Marilyn on River of No Return and debunked the myth that Marilyn was difficult on the set. He said Marilyn was a pleasure to work with and that the only trouble she had was with the director Otto Preminger who had a reputation of being difficult to work with. He said Marilyn was a darling girl and he has very fond memories of her.

    A.C. Lyles, long time Paramount Producer, spoke about meeting Marilyn on numerous occasions and thought she was a very sweet girl. He also thought she was an ambitious girl who predicted (about herself) that everyone would want to talk to her when she appeared at the commissary. He said he enjoyed going to the commissary and would get excited when she saw other movie stars she liked. He said she also enjoyed hearing mild gossip about them, too, but that she was not mean spirited about it. A.C. recalled one story in which she only ordered soup for lunch because, as she had predicted, everyone came up to chat with her and she didn’t want to be caught with food in her mouth!

    The last speaker was Douglas Kirkland, who spoke about his one photo shoot with Marilyn in 1961 and how affected he was by her presence. Doug, who was speaking at our memorial service for the first time, had a great deal of energy and was quite animated as he talked about his experiences with Marilyn.

    The service concluded with a tape recording of Lee Strasburg’s eulogy for Marilyn Monroe. It was an actual tape recording of the original speech that Lee made at her memorial 40 years ago. Lee’s voice, breaking with emotion, swept you back to the exact day of Marilyn's' funeral. It is so moving that I found myself, and many others around me, in tears.

    Afterward, Sue Ann Pinner performed the song "Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep" which Greg Schreiner wrote for Marilyn Monroe.

    Thank you Valerie, for that WONDERFUL REPORT!.

  • The Crypt #1
  • The Crypt #2
  • The Crypt #3
  • Immortal Marilyn Leslie, Lisa & Marilyn
  • Author Fredrick Cabannas with Jill Adams
  • The Media
  • #1 Parisian Flowers replica of original 1962 display
  • #2 Parisian Flowers replica of original 1962 display

    Click on the following photos to bring up the speeches from the various Marilyn Monroe Fan Club Presidents invited to speak at the Marilyn Memorial.

  • After the amazing Marilyn Remembered 40th Anniversary Memorial for Marilyn Monroe, which was also the 20th Anniversary of Marilyn Remembered, Greg Schreiner, President of Marilyn Remembered, invited all the members of various Marilyn Monroe fan clubs from around the world for a cozy reception at his home.

    From the moment we waked through Greg’s door at 2pm in the afternoon, there was a wonderful celebration in the air. Here we all were, some of us having traveled thousand of miles, meeting each other and talking about our favorite subject, Marilyn Monroe! Greg provided us all with fruit punch, finger sandwiches, veggie platters and delicious deserts.

    Many of the guests at Greg’s home finally had an opportunity to see his legendary and infamous Marilyn Monroe collection for the very first time. And what a collection he has! Not only does Greg collect Marilyn books, Marilyn Merlot’s and vintage Marilyn Monroe memorabilia but Greg also owns much of Marilyn’s 5th Helena home furniture including a yellow sofa, a refrigerator and several end tables. In addition Greg has 2 of her bedroom dressers from 5th Helena (The ones seen in pictures from the day she died) as well as her personal coffee table. But it doesn’t end there! Greg owns jewelry, checks, ceramic tiles, scripts and accessories all once belonging to Marilyn. He also has original designer drawings from William Travilla and Jean Louis as well as Marilyn’s personalized directors chair from the film Bus Stop. But perhaps what Greg is most famous for in his collection is his huge array of clothes and costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe!

    Before the party ended Greg was generous enough to pull out all his costumes one by one and show them to the party. He showed outfits from The Prince and The Showgirl, a red and purple dress used in publicity stills as well as an orange negligee with matching robe that Marilyn wore for sizzling cheesecake photos. Greg allowed us to touch the fabric that once graced the body of Monroe and he specifically allowed Marie, President of the Marilyn Monroe French club, to try on Marilyn’s robe! What a thrill!

    We all stayed well pass the 4:30 hour, gabbing with each other as long lost pals would. It was sad to see the event end but we made promises to each other that we would all meet again next year.


  • On August 5th at 5pm, Author and Film Historian Jack Allen awarded one lucky winner with a strand of Marilyn's hair in a commemorative plaque. That was the top prize in the drawing that took place at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard (across the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt). Every person who had bought the book within the last few months automatically had been entered into the contest (lottery numbers were printed on page one of each book copy). Books were also on sale at the museum at 4:30 PM to accommodate those who still wanted to purchase a book before the contest.

    The winning prize numbers were drawn and announced live over the internet ( at 5 PM. Winners did not need to be present to win. Admission to the museum included, for Marilyn fans only, a one-time guided tour of the current, much-acclaimed Judy Garland exhibit by Judy Garland Expert Tom Boghossian (whose own collection is currently on exhibit). This special tour will began right after the drawing.

  • On Monday evening, at 8pm August 5th, 2002 many Marilyn fans from across the world gathered at the Roosevelt Hotel’s Academy Ballroom for the second annual Children’s Charity event. This event, run by its President and Marilyn Monroe Impersonator Bettina Monroe, was designed to raise awareness as well as funds.

    The evening featured dining and dancing as well as a Marilyn Monroe Look-A-Like contest. Each table was uniquely designed with decorations and gifts, making each guest feel special and pampered. We were all treated to a lovely and elegant full course dinner including a scrumptious cheesecake for dessert. The event’s special guests included pin up model and actress Jeanne Carmen as well as Legendary Paramount Producer A.C. Lyles.

    Bettina filled the evening with event after event, the first being a rare viewing of Marilyn Monroe footage on the stages big screen, which included never before seen clips from Korea. Bettina then had several guests, myself included, come on stage to speak about raising funds to help battered and abused women and children. Afterwards, the winner of the Champagne Label Design, Daniel Cadrin, was brought up on stage where Bettina presented him with his award; a bottle of the Champagne he designed! (Proceeds from each bottle of wine sold will go to help the Children’s Charity Foundation)

    The main event however was the Marilyn Monroe Look-A-Like contest where four beautiful and talented women competed in song and dance to gain title of GRAND PRIZE WINNER. The contest was loads of fun and all the people attending were able to participate in judging. There were many wonderful moments in this contest; Cindy Brooks performed two terrific song and dance routines and Janet Valentine performed her routine while mingling with the crowd and flirting with the gentlemen! Before the announcement of the grand winner began we all enjoyed dancing to the live band.

    The winner of the Look-A-Like contest was Cindy Brooks and the second runner up was Janet Valentine. But there were no losers in this contest, everyone walked away with many wonderful gifts. This was a truly inspiring event where we all enjoyed each other’s company, dancing and dinning, as we raised funds to help abused women and children.

    For more information
    Marilyn's Children's Charity, Inc.
    1990 Mill Pond Lane
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    For more information please visit Bettina's website

  • Don O'Melveny Gallery Hosts, Night of 1,000 Marilyns*
  • On August 5, 2002, I attended the “Night Of A Thousand Marilyn’s” exhibit at the Don O’ Melveny Gallery at 9009 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, California. This elegant affair was coordinated with the 40th Anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death and the release of Don O’Melveny’s book “No City For Dreaming” fictionally based on the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe.

    The gallery event featured artistic works from local artists, an artistic interpretation of “Marilyn’s death chamber,” as well a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like contest. Don O’Melveny, who was on hand to sell and sign copies of his new book, hosted the entire evening. In attendance were Marilyn fans, art connoisseurs, radio personalities and a few Marilyn impersonators!

    The gallery itself, as well as the bathroom walls were lined with original art work inspired by the legend of Marilyn. One of the pieces of art featured a nude Venus like image of Marilyn Monroe painted alongside a boldly colored Joe DiMaggio and a faded ghost like appearance of Arthur Miller. Another presentation was of a nude Marilyn lying stretched out with images in the background invoking the layman visitor to perhaps think of a young Picasso. There were realistic images of Marilyn, two being of an original Tom Kelley 1955 calendar that the artist took advantage of marking up in creative interpretation. There was also a cartoon type image of Marilyn complete with an over exaggerated sex symbol body (Big head, heavy hips and large bosom) starring vacantly out to her adoring public making you think more of Anna Nicole Smith than Marilyn Monroe. The center of the main gallery featured an Andy Warhol type sculpture of obscure items all seemingly related to Marilyn Monroe.

    The most theatrical display could be seen in the gallery’s second room. This “exhibit,” for lack of a better word, was a dramatic and subjective interpretation of Marilyn’s 5th Helena bedroom. Presented by local artists Edem Elesh ( and Charles Walker, the aptly titled “Marilyn’s Bedroom” was a sensory exploration of what we, the public, have perhaps conceived Marilyn’s bedroom to be like the night she passed away. It is certainly not a literal interpretation, as everything is physically incorrect, but perhaps a conceptually correct illumination of a tragically doomed sex idol’s bedroom. The gallery space in which the silk sheeted round bed is found was dramatically blacked out and the bed itself was theatrically lit with white stream lights from above giving one the impression at any moment Marilyn may find her way back to the comfort of her most intimate of habitats.

    But perhaps most impressive of the evening was the work of an artist named Smael Laurent whose paintings paid direct homage to Marilyn by painstakingly recreating actual images of Marilyn on canvas. To the casual observer these paintings, specifically the one of a Bert Stern photo featured in the Gallery’s front window, looked more like photographs than paint on canvas and it is not until the viewer is forced to look closer that it is realized how deceiving the eye can be. I was able to speak to the artist, who is originally from France and whose work has appeared in galleries around the world, about his work. He informed me that he enjoyed painting Marilyn, as she was “an easy inspiration” and that although his main focus is not Marilyn Monroe he did find her an endlessly exciting subject.

    It is clear when looking at his paintings that Mr. Laurent has found something that other artists still struggle to find when trying to recreate Marilyn and which, until now, seemed only to be able to be captured from the confines of a camera and that is the light within the physical beauty of Marilyn Monroe. To see some of Laurent’s work you can visit this website

    The evening culminated in the announcement that Marilyn look-a-like, Lisa Hedrick who was decked out in a red gown and rhinestone jewelry, was the blonde gentlemen preferred. The exhibit will run through August 28, 2002 and then will travel for exhibit in China.

    For more information on this exhibit or on the new book “No City For Dreaming” please contact:
    Don O' Melveny Gallery
    9009 Melrose Ave.
    West Hollywood , CA 90069
    Tel 310-273-7868

    For more information please visit Press Paks website: CLICK HERE

    ~~ TUESDAY AUGUST 6, 2002 ~~


  • Bettina Monroe held the 2nd Annual Hollywood Walk of Fame where many Marilyn Monroe fans from around the world wore designer Marilyn t-shirt while walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame Boulevard. This event was covered in the Los Angeles Times.
    For more information please visit Bettina's website




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