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May 17, 2002 Meeting
~Fan Club Meeting Notes~

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Marilyn Remembered Meeting
At Greg Schreiner's House

On May 17, 2002, the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club met at Club President Greg Schreiner's house. Here are the meeting notes, be sure to click on the links provided:


The Los Angeles Conservancy will be presenting on May 29, 2002 the classic film comedy Pillow Talk starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day. In addition a wonderful display of Greg Schriener's movie costumes will be on display. Greg happens to be the proud owner of several Marilyn Monroe outfits.

For More information visit or on the flyer below for more information!


Franklin Mint has a new Marilyn Monroe item out, it is a statue called Reflections. It is a beautiful item available in either Bisque or Bronze.

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Greg made another announcement about Some Like It Hot German newsletter. (Recently Greg was made an honorary member of this wonderful magazine.)
Marilyn Remembered member Valerie Weich is the clubs liaison and keeps the German newsletter abreast of the latest meetings. This month's newsletter issue featured many wonderful articles including a subjective article titled "THE HALL OF SHAME, THE HALL OF FAME" which covered people who have kept Marilyn's Memory alive with honor and those who haven't. Greg Schreiner's name was mentioned as one who keeps Marilyn Monroe's memory alive with honor.

If you'd like more information about this club and how to get a subscription to this newsletter please feel free to write the editor at:

Ralf U. Beeskow
Haeckelstr. 9
38114 Braunschweig

Or email him here:


Robert Slatzer appears to be developing a website that will provide you with details about Marilyn's death and will stage her last moments alive. It will premiere August 5, 2002 and it will cost approx. $7.50. Currently the name of the website has not be revealed. Will keep you posted as details emerge.


A Los Angeles magazine called ANGELENO is featuring Andy Warhol's image of Marilyn on the cover. The article is on the Warhol Exhibit that is currently on display for the next several months at The Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art. You can pick up this magazine at Barnes and Noble bookstore or at your local newsstand if you live in LA.


The new DVD boxed set of Marilyn's films is out! This collection features 5 of Marilyn's movies: Niagara, Let's Make Love, River Of No Return, Monkey Business and Don't Bother To Knock! The edition of Let's Make Love will be the first time it is released in Widescreen! Want the best price possible for this set? Visit You pay no shipping and no taxes but best of all the price is over $20.00 less than store prices!
(Click on DVD to bring you to the best DVD site on the net!)


Update on the Memorial scheduled for Monday August 5th, 2002. The chapel has been reserved for 11am-- It shall be a major event this year as it marks the 40th Anniversary of Marilyn's passing as well as the 20th Anniversary of the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club. (FYI: Parking at the chapel is restricted this year due to construction but you may park outside the chapel at any number of parking lots located nearby.) Many wonderful speakers will be present this year to memorialize Marilyn including Nancy Jefferies, Stanley Rubin and Douglas Kirkland. Also The Marilyn Remembered fan club is planning a party after the service for all Marilyn fans. More details to be announced in July.


Greg commented on the play After The Fall that the club saw last month. Greg noted that the play was wonderful but difficult to watch, as it is an intense portrait of Arthur Miller's life with Marilyn. Greg complimented the actress that played Maggie, saying she brought depth to her character when most actresses would have brought only a caricature of the image of Marilyn Monroe. Overall the play was rewarding to watch. (More information on the play please CLICK HERE)


A new book is out by Frederic Cabanas! It is a 3-Dimensional book that covers rare images of Marilyn in 3-D!
The book runs $35.00 plus $18.00 shipping. Frederic accepts payments from Credit Card or Money order or PayPal. If you interested in this wonderful LIMITED EDITION book you can contact Frederic Cabanas by writing him at:

Frederic Cabanas
Marilyn Monroe ARXIU
C/ Santiago Rusinol, 54
08190 Sant Cugat del Valles
(Barcelona) SPAIN

Or email him here:

ITEM #10

Greg announced that the Andre de Dienes exhibit was May 9th and will run through June 8. The gallery exhibit is being held at the Stephen Cohen Gallery on Beverley Boulevard in Los Angeles. For more information and photo's visit our News Page!
(Click on photo to go to the news page)

ITEM #11

June 8th will be the premiere of the recently re-mastered print of the film "There's No Business Like Show Business" and it will be shown at the Alex Theater in Glendale! There will be a 2pm Matinee and 8pm evening show. Everyone is invited, as it should be a wonderful time and a rare opportunity to see Marilyn up on the large screen! In addition club members Valerie Weich and Jill Adams will be featuring an exhibit of Marilyn Monroe related items in the lobby for both shows. Several of the items will be on loan including the script of There's No Business Like Show Business generously loaned by Greg Schreiner!


After we covered the meeting notes we were treated to a wonderful 'Grade A' French documentary called MARILYN MONROE: INVESTIGATION INTO A SUSPECT. The film was about an hour in length and was filled with never before seen interviews from important people in Marilyn's life. The documentary covered the final day of Marilyn's life and explored every theory into Marilyn's death. Riveting and informational, this documentary was a notch above most and was well received by The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club!


  • Evelyn Moriarty, Marilyn Monroe's friend and stand-in, has fallen ill and is currently at the Motion Picture Home for retired actors. We are all wishing her well on her road to recovery.

  • Sylvia Barnhart, Marilyn's hairdresser, is doing much better since our last update and may be attending the June Party if she is feeling up to it. We all look forward to seeing her!!


    Our next meeting will be June 2, 2002 and it will a celebration of Marilyn Monroe's Birthday-- The event will be held at Greg's house and it will be fully catered! Look forward to seeing you all there!

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