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JULY 14, 2002 Meeting
~JULY 14, 2002~

~Fan Club Meeting Notes~


On July 14, 2002 the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club met at the Greg Schreiner's house for yet again another amazing meeting and afterwards we were treated to a one woman play on Marilyn Monroe written by, directed by and starring Elin Eriksson!

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Greg shared with the club the numerous letters he has received thanking the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club for hosting such a lovely Birthday party for Marilyn in July. (See previous meeting notes) Specifically he mentioned 2 thanks you’s, one coming from Canada and the other from Northern California.


Greg reminded us that the August 5th Memorial for Marilyn Monroe at Westwood Chapel will be a huge event. He is asking everyone to arrive early and also to please park in the lots immediately outside the cemetery. (Apparently Westwood Park is currently undergoing renovations and parking will be very limited inside.) Also there is a huge line up of speakers this year, included in that list is George Barris, Nancy Jefferies, A.C. Lyles, Douglas Kirkland, Penny McGuiggan, Stanley Rubin, Kathleen Hughes and Gloria Pal. It is hoped that both Evelyn Moriarty and Sylvia Barnhart will be able to attend.
For more information of the August 2002 Events please click here:


Greg informed us of an ad in the LA Times that says a crypt immediately next to Marilyn Monroe is currently up for sale. There is not much information on this as it is a private sale, many wondered out loud if this crypt may be Hugh Hefner’s? If any more information becomes available we will keep you posted!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GLORIA PALL! Gloria Pall is an actress and member of Marilyn Remembered; she was also an acquaintance of Marilyn Monroe's. Gloria’s exact Birthday will be July 15, but we all sang Happy Birthday to her a day early!


Greg presented to us a book privately published (so we are not sure if it available for purchase or not) by Maite Minguez Ricardo. It shows a collection of authentic Marilyn Monroe items that Mr. Ricardo has collected over the years. It is noted that this gentlemen will be displaying a collection of rare photos at Immortal Marilyns Sunday night Gala event. For more information on this event as well as other events please click here:


According to Greg, Robert Slatzer is producing a website that will chronicle Marilyn Monroe's death step by step. Apparently it is Pay-to-View website that will air on the anniversary of Marilyn's death this year. We know very little about this website, so if anyone knows anything about this please contact me with the details


Elin Ericksson's presentation of

Actress and special guest to Marilyn Remembered, Elin Ericksson, performed for us her 30-minute play about a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Elin not only wrote and directed this one-woman show, but she also stars in it. Originally from Sweden, Elin has moved to California and has study at the Theatre Academy. She once starred in Arthur Miller's play After The Fall as Maggie, a character presumably loosely based on Marilyn Monroe. In the midst of working on After The Fall, Elin found herself inspired to write this play. It was presented The Garden Theatre and is currently in production for film!
The character that Elin presents is a Marilyn Monroe impersonator who appears to be lost in her role. She converses with a cardboard standee of Marilyn as if it is the real person before her.

As the play progresses it is obvious Elin's character is troubled. She begins to drink vodka heavily and flirts with a full bottle of pills on the table.

The dialogue is heavy with depression over the lack of love in her life, specifically the lack of love from her father. The connection to Marilyn Monroe is heart wrenching when Elin's character repeats numerous times, "All I ever wanted was somebody to love and have coffee with every morning."

One presumes that Elin's character has found comfort over the years in a old worn blue tee-shirt that was given to her by her dad. However, on this evening even the tee shirt seems not to provide her with the solace she is seeking. When a sudden accident occurs on stage, knocking down the life size statue of the real Marilyn Monroe, Elin's character becomes distraught. She is certain she has killed her only friend and confidant.

Desperate and depressed she grabs her bottle of pills, pours them out in her hand and right before she tosses them inside her mouth she says prophetically "I am happy I lived once as Marilyn Monroe.

Suddenly the phone rings, she spits out her pills and picks up the receiver. It is her worried father who is asking his lonely daughter to come home for a vacation.

It is only at this point that Elin's character separates herself from her idol and realizes her choices can and will be different than Marilyn Monroe's. The play ends.

Elin's play was enthusiastically received by the Marilyn Remembered Members, who gave her lengthy and hearty applause!

We all gathered in Greg's kitchen for some Birthday cake and fantastic conversation!

Evelyn Moriaty, Marilyn's friend and personal stand-in, is doing MUCH better. She is up and walking a bit and is hoping to be able to attend this year's memorial for Marilyn Monroe. We all wish her the very best.

Our next official meeting is scheduled for Sunday, the 15th of September at 2:00 p.m. at History for Hire, a movie prop house owned by Pam Elyea and her husband. For more information you can contact Dorothy at

Also don't forget our AUGUST MEMORIAL EVENTS! For more details click on banner below:

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