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Marilyn Remembered Member Spotlight

The Spotlight is on Marilyn Remembered Members!

Every few months we will be adding more Marilyn Remembered Fan Club Members to this page!

Keep checking back for new additions!


Greg Schreiner has performed as a soloist with the Los Angeles Concert Orchestra, Santa Monica College Symphony, UCLA Symphony, Cypress Pops Orchestra and performed on the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Olympics. In addition to having several recordings in release, he performed the Shostakovitch and Piano Concerto for the PBS series In Search Of Wisdom and was the composer/performer for the educational series Masters Of The Silent Screen He is on the piano faculty of Cerritos College and is the accompanist for the Mansfield Chamber Singers. Mr. Scheiner is also President of the Marilyn Monroe Fan Club, Marilyn Remembered.

Dorothy and Tom Kelley Jr.

Dorothy is a 29 year old Neuro Muscular Therapist as well as a Veterinary Surgical Technician. She is a leading animal rights activist and very active in that field. She spend countless hours caring for and helping homeless, sick and injured animals. She also spends time educating people on animal welfare and animal cruelty. Dorothy has been a Marilyn Monroe fan for almost 20 years, has publicly debated the accidental overdose theory as Marilyn's cause of death and is always researching new threads of discussion on that issue. She is a contributor to Gary Vitacco-Robles' book: Cursum Perficio: Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Hacienda and a co-founder of the online Marilyn Monroe fan club & website, Marilyn's Place.


Marnie is a professional model and actress. She is currently working with an acting coach to learn how to to sing as Marilyn Monroe. Marnie, who is a distant cousin of Marilyn Monroe's, has been a fan of Marilyn's much of her life. She stands almost the exact same height as Marilyn and her hand prints are exactly the same size. Among her many hobbies, Marnie is also an avid collector of Marilyn dolls, books, calendars, posters, postcards and movies. She also has two of Marilyn's dresses, re-made for her, that she has modeled in; The white dress, from The Seven Year Itch movie and the hot pink French cut dress, from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Marnie recently got to pose in the same exact same ski coat Marilyn wore for the film Bus Stop! Marnie loves both acting and impersonating Marilyn.


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Brandon Barone

Brandon has worked at The Disney Studios for over 10 years. A collector of Hollywood memorabilia, his interest lie not only in Marilyn Monroe but also in Tom Mix, Tom Hanks, Tom Selleck, Tom Arnold, Tom Poston but NOT Tom Cruise. Brandon has over 500 autographs of various celebrities and is still collecting! He is hoping one day to form an LA fan club for Steve McQueen. Brandon is also the cousin of Jill Adams and an aspiring actor himself.

Jill Adams

My name is Jill Adams (Yes, that's me pictured with Marilyn photographer Joseph Jasgur) and I run this website on behalf of The Marilyn Remembered Fan Club. I have been a fan of Marilyn Monroe for 25+ years and have collected many Marilyn items along the way. Included in my collection are over 165 Marilyn books (many signed by the authors), 70+ vintage Marilyn Monroe magazines, several vintage Earl Moran pin-ups of Marilyn and of course every Marilyn Monroe film ever made on either VHS/Laserdisc/DVD! I am the Wife of the hippest actor around, Kipper Adams and the Mommy of the cutest and newest Marilyn fan in town, Tyler Edward Adams. We share our home and Marilyn collection with 4 kitties and 2 bunnies. I am also an actress and the President of an Internet fan club called ~Forever Marilyn~. If you'd like to learn more about this other club please feel free to click on the link provided below! Enjoy Your Visit Here!

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