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A Brief Summary

The national professional leagues started in 1959, but it took another five years for the national professional cup games to start.

European Cup Winners' Cup competition made that start faster. There was a national Turkish Championships - a cup style tournament, being played since 1923, but it was for amateur clubs only. TFF had to start a cup competition at professional level, after missing three European Cup Winners' competitions. The first cup was held at 1962-63 season and Turkey joined the European up Winners' Cup the following year.

The competition started as "Türkiye Kupası - Turkish Cup".
The name was changed to "Federasyon Kupası - Federation Cup" in 1981-82.
It became "Türkiye Kupası" again in 1992-93 season.
The cup had a sponsor first time in 2004-05 and the cup changed its name to include the sponsor name "FORTİS Türkiye Kupası".
The sponsor changed in 2009-2010. TRT - Turkish Radio and Television company became sponsor and sold the name sponsorship to another governmental company - Ziraat Bankası (Bank of Agriculture). The name became "Ziraat Bankası Türkiye Kupası".

The cup winners used to play for the "Cumhurbaşkanlığı Kupası" and the losers for the "Başbakanlık Kupası". The winner plays the "Süper Kupa - Super Cup" vs the league champions, recently.

The Turkish cup is the second to the league games in popularity.

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Cem Pekin would like to thank

Mehmet Durupınar, Mustafa Erten, Cem Ertuğrul, Mehmet Yüce, and İlker Aksu

for their support and contributions to his work.

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