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Treasured Thoughts Twelfth Anniversary

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Treasured Thoughts

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Twelfth Anniversary

My brother's 12th Anniversary May 31 2002
Missing you as much today as I did yesterday and as I will tomorrow.......

Dearest Brother,
Twelve years have come and gone as though time were standing still.
Your beautiful spirit still lives on forever within my heart
As well as all who pass through our Treasured Thoughts.
Remembering you today is no different than yesterday.
You are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart.
And until we are together once again, face to face,
Your arms around me & mine around you,
I will continue on my journey through this life missing you as always.
Your Loving Sister, Patricia
Rose In Stone

~A Very Special Poem written by: William W. Chadsey ~
"In Memory Of My Brother"
Victor Allen Hester

"Victor's Visit"

Memorial Day, 2002, Victor is here to visit you,
Open your eyes, open your mind, Victor is here,
His very first words, please sister, shed no tears,
You and I were so very close for those short years,

I am here, do you see the radiance, my form,
I was chosen, by the Lord, the day I was born,
You, my beautiful sister Patricia, gave me the greatest gift of all,
Your total love from your precious heart, made me stand so tall,

One thing I do ask Patty, stop your mourning for me,
I am in Heaven's Realm, I am so very happy,
Here!!!! the beauty you can not ever imagine, so radiant,
To be with God, is total love, within you the Spiritual Dove,

Here!!! dear sister, let me embrace you,
Feel my love surging through your body into your heart,
Go!!! and live your life, give it a fresh new start,
You are the Lord's most beautiful work of art,

One day Patty, we will never be apart,
You have been working too hard, let your body rest,
Put your mind at ease, I am here as your guest.

"Written for Victor"

 Spiritual Angel
Memorial Day 2002

~A Very Special Poem written by: Sue Anne Aguilera ~
"Guestbook Entry"

Where every one here has wings
The ANGELS here that I have met
Have taught me such wonderful things

Your Heart is still broken
I can see from way up here
Day by day I see you struggle
As you wipe another tear

Please don't grieve for me so hard
Try and find PEACE in your Soul
Just know that I am with GOD now
PEACE at last more than you will ever know

I think very often about you Victor.
Your Sister Patricia is such a wonderful person. We have become such good friends.
I know that our friendship will last forever.
Blessigs and Love to you Victor, Sue-Anne May 30, 2002



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