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Patricia's Poetry

A Collection Of Poetry By Patricia Powell
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His Love Will... Good-Bye For Now Forever And A Day
Memory Little One Little Wonder
2 Hearts Everlasting Love Poetic Dance
A Mothers Love Tinker Belle
Garden Of Longing When You Took My Hand Can You Hear Me
My Heart KnowsOnce In A Lifetime Heaven Bound
His Dream One Single Wish Treasured Memories
Flowers For Momma Standing By The Gates A Sister Is Love That You...
An Angel Spread Her Wings Today Peace In My Heart Happy 39th Birthday
My Crossing Paths Comfort Quilt Happy 36th Birthday Mom And I
A Reflection Of My Soul SixteenYears

His Love Will Carry Me Through
Back to Top
I saw his name carved into stone
For the very first time today
It read, Victor Allen Hester
Died the Thirty-First of May

As I stood there reading it
Reality set in
I knew right then my heart would ache
Every day of my life for him

It's hard sometime to come to grip
With knowing he isn't here
I turn and look to just make sure
But yet I feel him near

I guess this love I have for him
Is stronger than I knew
Because even though there's memories
It's his love that carries me through.

His Love Will Carry Me Through
Patricia Powell ©

Good-Bye For Now
Back to Top
My brother is in heaven now
Beyond the clouds above
I had no time to say good-bye
To the one I love

His life was taken instantly
There was no time to prepare
The pain inside, I felt that day
Was something we all would share

When I have my quiet times
The tears begin to flow
I think of how much he means to me
And how I miss him so

I've locked him up inside my heart
And I've thrown away the key
So the memories of my brother
Will always be special to me

So good-bye for now my baby brother
Until we meet again
Some day I'll knock upon that gate
And I know you'll let me in.

Good-Bye For Now
Patricia Powell ©

Forever And A Day
Back to Top
I know the memory of him
Is all you have right now
Just take a step a day
You'll find the strength somehow

Even though you're both so young
You'll understand one day
Your daddy really loved you
Still did when he went away

The reason why he's gone right now
Only God may ever know
But like I said a few lines back
Your daddy loves you so

He's looking down at you today
From the Heavens above
Wishing that he could wipe the hurt
Away with all his love

If only he could tell you this
I'm sure that he would say
Dustin and Kendall, I love you both
Forever And A Day.

Forever And A Day
Patricia Powell ©

Back to Top
Our hearts spoke words of silent pain
as tears fell from above

The Angels appeared with open arms
to carry away our Dove

Fourteen wonderful glorious years
we have to hold and keep

Then and Now remembered
as we quietly weep

Our home displays her pictures
of yesterdays that's past

But our hearts display her memories
of yesterdays that last.

Patricia Powell ©

Little One
Back to Top

My arms opened wide to hold you
twenty-one years ago

And finally that feeling came
that I had longed for so

To hold my little one close to me
and feel your heart touch mine

To never ever let you go
not even after time

And now you have a little one
that you can call your own

To watch her grow and learn to walk
upon the stepping stones

To know that no amount of time
will ever pass you by

When she isn't in your heart or thoughts
don't even ask me why

A mother is a mother
no matter the day or time

Samantha is your little one
and you Suzanne are mine.

Little One
Patricia Powell ©

Little Wonder
Back to Top

You are my little wonder
my life my everything

You make me laugh, you make me cry
and all the in between

When life seems tuff
and all askew

I close my eyes
and think of you

You are my little wonder
my life my everything

You make me laugh, you make me cry
and all the in between.

Little Wonder
Patricia Powell ©

2 Hearts
Back to Top

While distance may prevent us
from speaking face to face
The internet is open
and has become the perfect place

To share our thoughts, our wishes
our dreams, our saddness too
To know that it is possible
to find a friend like you

Ta you mean so much to me
and I'm thankful everyday
That I have found a perfect friend
perfect in every way

You opened up your heart to me
and began to share your pain
I opened up my heart to you
and began to do the same

Was it all by chance that we crossed paths
or was it meant to be
I think it is the latter
that's what my heart is telling me

I know we have two angels
that are flying just above
laughing, singing and dancing
and spreading all their love

Upon us each and everyday
from morning noon 'til night
Smiling at each other
And knowing they did right

For bringing us together
to share the love we hold
For our precious angels
their stories we have told

To always keep them close
in memory and heart
And know that by doing that
We'll never drift apart

Soar high our precious angels
soar higher than before
And know that we love you
tomorrow more and more.

2 Hearts
Patricia Powell ©

Everlasting Love
Back to Top

Showering you with sprinkles
Of my everlasting love
As I'm watching over you
From the clouds above

When you see one wiggle
Know that it is me
Smiling down upon you
Just for you to see

Know that mommy loves you
And holds you close each day
And says a little prayer for you
And here is what I say:

Dear God, Josh is still a little boy
And he doesn't understand
Why you sent the angels down
That day to take my hand

Will you help me relay to him
That mommy is alright
And how I think of him
every day and night

That when he closes his eyes to sleep
And when he awakes each morn
That I am still there with him
Even though his little hearts torn

That it will take a little time
But one day he will know
The reasons that you called for me
And why I had to go

When he see's a butterfly
Floating just above
Let him know that it is me
Showering him with sprinkles
Of mommy's everlasting love

Everlasting Love
Patricia Powell ©

Poetic Dance
Back to Top

You were there to greet me then
I didn't hesitate

You touched me with your gentle words
Was it destiny or fate

Dare I say that destiny and fate are both the same
Where they meet in harmony
Is in the spelling of their name

You danced for me poetically
And I the same for you

Destiny or fate my dear
T'was like a dream come true

Mesmerised, but still awake to heed your every word
And all the left unspoken
I have to say I heard

Poetic Dance
Patricia Powell ©

A Mother's Love
Back to Top

A mothers love comes from above
with all of Gods good grace

To help you grow through all your time
and watch your smiling face

As you begin to start your day
and when it all is done

A mothers love will always be
your star, your moon, your sun.

A Mother's Love
Patricia Powell ©

Back to Top

Tinker you came along
to brighten our every day

You give us a world of joy and love
in your sweet and special way

Tinker you were so tiny
I could hold you in my hand

And now that you have grown a bit
I think I understand

The reason why you came to us
is very clear to see

So we could help you grow into
the puppy you wanted to be

And now that you are almost grown
I can't beleive my eyes

The little puppy you used to be
has grown to actual size.

Patricia Powell ©

Back to Top

You came to us one autumn day
when the sky was clear and bright

Black and white all over you
what a wonderious little sight

You were so full of spirit and pride
that you had found a home

That no matter where we placed you
you were sure to roam

Some days have passed since then you see
and your roaming still goes on

But you know you're safe and warm
in your happy little home.

Patricia Powell ©

Garden Of Longing
Back to Top

I know where the garden of longing is
I've been there many a time
To see your beautiful smiling face
And hold your hand in mine

We walk the paths where flowers bloom
And watch the butterflies
We share some childhood memories
Of yesterday's gone by

Many tears I've cried since you went away
My life has changed so much
Without you here to share with me
Or feel your gentle touch

I miss your smile, your laughter too
I miss those days gone by
I often sit and wonder
About all the reasons why

I guess your blooms were so beautiful
All covered with glistening mist
That God sent the angels down that day
And checked you off his list.

Garden Of Longing
Patricia Powell ©

When You Took My Hand
Back to Top

Dear Lord
I knew that heaven was glorious and grand
But I had no idea when you took my hand
That the path I would walk would be covered with gold
So true were the stories that I had been told

I can feel no more pain, I am free at last
And all the suffering I have left in the past
For I am in your house, so glorious and grand
I knew I was safe when you took my hand

When You Took My Hand
{Poem Written & Dedicated To}
Wayne Williams & Family
~By: Patricia Powell~ ~February 19, 2002~


Our sweet heavenly father, please hear my prayer this morn
Mark's dear family has been shattered and torn
You see, his dear uncle has just passed away
And his precious grandmother fell ill today
We know you can hear us & you do what is best
But for today sweet Lord, please give Mark's heart a rest
Comfort his family in your warm embrace
Let him know that it is by your good grace
That everything has a purpose, a reason, a rhyme
And that his angels are standing by
To hold his hand when he needs a friend
To share a shoulder or a smile to lend
We'll be there for our dear friend

{Prayer Written & Dedicated To}
Mark & Family
~By: Patricia Powell~
~February 19, 2002~

"Mark's Site"
Mark Of The Rose

Can You Hear Me
The Eternal Dove
Back to Top

Mom, can you hear me?
Look, the radiant glow, do you see?
Yes son, I hear you!
Oh my precious angel, I feel so much warmth and love surround me.
Mom, I love you!
Do you feel the radiance of the Spiritual Dove?
Oh son, I love you too!
Oh yes, I can see this brilliance all around you son.
Mom, I wanted to talk to you for a spell
There was much I wanted to write, much I wanted to tell.
I've missed you so much son!
I know mom, this is what I am here to talk to you about,
Go ahead son, I am listening
Mom, you've been so sad lately, It breaks my heart to see your tears
All of our time together were the best years
Mom, know I am still with you
Let me see that beautiful smile, no more tears
See Mom, since I am an angel now An Eternal Dove
I see everything from above,
I can soar through the skies like a pure white dove.
I love the way you hold my picture, and kiss it with your love
The way you hold my memories, inside the palm of your hand,
And close your eyes and say a prayer, oh Mom you are so grand,
Each time in closing, you always end with Amen
Oh son, I do, I do, oh how I sure do love you.
Yes son, I'm still listening my angel
Mom, my body is at peace now, I no longer feel the pain
That ugly cancer is gone for good, it was washed away with the rain
The rain that washed it all away came from God himself
I felt it coming, I smelled the sweet aroma, I saw it the day I left
Mom, it's hard for me to explain exactly how I feel
When God reached down and took my hand
My life as I had known it came to an end
And the new life God had promised me was about to begin
Oh my precious baby, I know now, you have no more pain
And that God has washed it all away with his loving rain
I also know his rain was tears that he shed upon the cross
I shed them also for my great loss
But now that I know you are happy and free
Living the life that God intended it to be
I know now without a doubt that you are safe
Without a doubt that you've been cleansed
And that you have no more pain
Because God has washed it all away with his rain
Maybe now, and only now can I find comfort for my weary heart
For all I've been is blue since the day you did part
Now that I know you are at peace and with God above
Soaring among the angels, and now, an Eternal Dove
Now, and only now am I at peace with my heavy heart
Thank you son for lifting this heavy weight from my chest
I will now lay my head on your shoulders for a much needed rest
Yes mom, please rest your head upon my shoulders
Place your hands in mine and close your eyes to dream
And when you awake, know this was all what it seemed
I really did visit and we really did talk
And when God is ready we will both go for a very long walk

Can You Hear Me
Written In Memory Of
~Lee Henry Aguilera~
Dedicated To Sue Anne & Lee Aguilera
March 21, 2001
William W. Chadsey & © Patricia L. Powell

My Heart Knows The Answers
Back to Top
The questions and answers are found in the heart
The only place known where we will not part
A place of solitude, purity and love
Given to us from the great Lord above
Treasure it, guard it, respect it utmost
For within it lay answers in which we can trust
Go with the heart it tells us no lies
For outside of it we hear only sighs
Sighs of regrets, burdens and woes
So go with the heart a place that does know

My Heart Knows The Answers
Patricia Powell ©
March 3, 2001

Once In A Lifetime
For All Eternity
Back to Top
How often does a friend like you come along
"Once In A Lifetime"
How often does someone touch your heart
just as you have touched mine
"Once In A Lifetime"
The spiritual love we have shared is from above
and comes to us
"Once In A Lifetime"
All your beautiful words written with me in mind
"Once In A Lifetime"
Moments that seem to be frozen in time
"Once In A Lifetime"
How long will our spirits soar together
"Once In A Lifetime"
~For All Eternity~

Once In A Lifetime
Patricia Powell ©

May The Spiritual Angel Always Comfort Us
~In The Year Of Our Spiritual Angel & Lord~
March Fifteenth, Two Thousand And Two

Heaven Bound
Back to Top
We dream sweet dreams of heavenly souls
soaring above us tonight
And breath the sweet aroma
of the angels taking flight

This magnificent formation
that they seem to hold so true
Is a beautiful show of heavenly love
that is sent to me and you

We stand in awe of all their glory
amazed by what we see
Their golden light surrounds our souls
for all eternity

Our heavenly father is kneeling
with open arms so wide
To welcome us to heaven
and lead us both inside

Walk down the golden streets my children
walk hand in hand with me
All my glorified beauty
I want you both to see

We are among the Angels
The Father, and His Son
With wonder and amazement
our life has just begun.

Heaven Bound
Patricia Powell ©
March 14, 2002

His Dream
Back to Top
He had dreams of a field full of flowers
With birds flying up above
Walking around with his family and kids
And sharing with us, his love

A place where only happiness blooms
In the flowers of the fields
And being as free as the birds that fly
Where dreams really do become real

Maybe someday we'll find this place
Because I'm sure that Victor knew
There is a place where happiness blooms
And dreams really do become true

His Dream
Patricia Powell ©

One Single Wish
Back to Top
Not one single day goes by
That he isn't in my thoughts
His love for life and happiness
My broken heart has caught

If I could have one single wish
I know what it would be
Just to have my baby brother
Come back home to me

You never know how precious
A loved one is until
Their life is taken suddenly
This indescribable pain you feel

You know they'll never come back to you
And you think of them each day
And you often sit and wonder
If the hurt will go away

I love my baby brother
More than anyone will know
And some day we'll be together again
When at last to Heaven I go

One Single Wish
Patricia Powell ©

Treasured Memories
Back to Top

Stories of my brother
How precious they are to me
Photos that tell a thousand words
Of treasured memories

My heart, it will forever hold
The love I have for him
Locked deep away inside my soul
Where just thoughts of him come in

He left behind a family
That cares so very much
That yearns each and every day
For his gentle touch

We miss his smile, his laughter too
How he could make you feel
Just by being in the same room
It was genuine and real

God had greater plans for him
That's why he called him home
Forever in all our hearts
But no more on earth to roam

His home is in the heavens now
Way up above us all
Where once in a great long time
We may feel a tear drop fall

Not because of saddness
Nor because of pain
Just to let us know he waits
Patiently for us again

Treasured Memories
Patricia Powell ©

Flowers For Momma
Back to Top

Victor had made a promise
To momma long ago
To one day fill a room with flowers;
Blues, yellows and indigos

Never knowing just what he meant by that
She was soon to find out why
The promise he had made to her
Was soon to pass her by

While friends and family gathered
To pay their last farewell
There in this room amoung us all
Was the flowers; a story to tell

Tears streaming down her face
She whispered these gentle words
Victor kept his promise
My broken heard had heard

I knew the pain my mother felt
For I had felt it too
Deep down within our very souls
We could not believe this true

And now, almost 15 years
Have come and passed us by
But feeling still the pain we felt;
Just yesterday, we sigh

A few weeks later momma gathered flowers
To take home and rearrange
To be placed back on Victor's grave
The oddness must have been strange

To know these flowers would tell a story
Of one son's promise in all their glory
A promise kept; from son to mother
A love they shared for one another

Shared love between a mother and son
Will never fade away
Love given to him when he was born
Still is upon this day, always and forever

Flowers For Momma
Patricia Powell ©

Standing By The Gates
Back to Top
Memories, sweet memories
Oh how they sing to me
Of childhood days so long ago
When we were so carefree

When you were born I was just a thought
Inside my mother's heart
And now I know without a doubt
We will never part

For I have an angel now
Who watches over me
From his heavenly home above
Where he will always be

I know someday I'll join him there
He will meet me at the gates
With open arms and a great big smile
Oh, I can hardly wait

Until we meet this side of heaven
Patiently I'll wait
To see my brother once again
Standing by the gates

October 2 2005
Standing By The Gates
Written by: Patricia Powell
In Loving Memory of Tracy M Mosley
Dedicated to Camilla Mosley

A Sister Is Love That You Never Outgrow
Back to Top
From the very beginning of your newborn life
Up until the day you passed
I knew my love would only grow
That forever would it amass

My love has stood the test of time
As your love has for me
Sharing thoughts and memories
For all eternity

I know I'll see you once again
Where you dwell in God's great home
Leaving me only temporarily
But never to feel alone

For when I have my quiet times
Or lay my head down to sleep
Visions of you become so clear
Our love, forever to keep

Spread your wings and soar the heavens
Light up the midnight sky
For this my sister, you so deserve
You've waited all your life

Smile that great big smile you do
And let those big blue eyes shine through
And set the heavens all aglow
For this my sister, I truly know

Your happiness was long past due
From a world of so much pain
Now finally you have your wings
Your tears; no more in vain

October 8 2005
A Sister Is Love That You Never Outgrow
Written By Patricia Powell
In Loving Memory of Tracy Leigh Harmon
Dedicated to Sonya Harmon Ashe

An Angel Spread Her Wings Today
Back to Top
EVIL tried to take her spirit to the very end
But found that it could not; for her spirit was not with him

Her spirit was with the angels dancing and singing above
In a special place she longed to be; sharing in all that love

She knew one day that this would be a place she longed to see
A Heaven with glorious golden streets and with her God that set her free

Free from all the EVIL that lurked in every crack
No matter what it said or did it would never win her back

It was it's way to have it's way no matter the consequence

Now you take that, you 'ole EVIL; take it to your grave
Roll in it and lay in it; for now you'll have to pay

God's wrath it is a mighty one and you will see it soon
No matter what the time of day; morning night or noon

Wish you could turn back the hands of time?
Well, it's a little too late you see, you made your bed and now it has to be

Think of what you lost, when Tracy got her wings
Now she's up in Heaven and all she does is sing

Can you hear her sing? It's certainly not to you
It's to her friends and family, the one's who saw her through

Be ready for your judgement day; for your price is weighted down
With all that EVIL you had inside; you cared to spread around

An angel spread her wings today and took to that her flight
Soaring the Heavenly home she found; it's truly a wonderful sight

A site to behold; Tracy with her wings
A site to behold; now Tracy sings

An Angel Spread Her Wings Today
In Loving Memory of Tracy Leigh Harmon
Dedicated to Sonya Harmon Ashe (sister)
Written with alot of love for Tracy & Sonya by Patricia Powell ©

Peace In My Heart
Back to Top
Dear Lord I have that peace in my heart
that I waited so long to find
I had focused so much on my own pain
that I simply lost track of time

The fourty years spent here on earth
were too painful for her to go on
So you decided that the time had come
to call sweet Tracy home

I know in my heart that she's happy now
and that she suffers no more pain, it's true
Tracy look down every once in a while
and you'll see me looking back at you

The tears I cry, I finally see
are tears I cry for me
Because I miss you so very much
but you're as happy as you can be

Not because you left me here
to roam this earth alone
But because you are at peace
in your happy heavenly home

The fourty years you spent here on earth
were hell for you I know
I finally realize beyond a doubt
It was time for you to go

I just had to make myself believe
that you're in a better place
A place where there is only love
and happiness cannot be erased

In Loving Memory of Tracy Leigh Harmon
Dedicated to Sonya Harmon Ashe (sister)
Patricia Powell ©
In Celebration of 5 Heavenly Years
November 15 2005

Happy 39th Birthday Dear Brother
Back to Top
The smell of turkey baking in the oven
fresh corn on the cob and pumpkin pie
All the trimmings of a festive Thanksgiving
have now just past me by

Another year without you here
it gets harder as time goes on
but I know you're in a much happier place
in your beautiful heavenly home

There's a wintery feeling in the air
trees are turning and dropping their leaves
Windows are beginning to light up with candles
and doors adorn holly filled wreaths

The smell of Christmas is now in the air
mistletoe and greenery can be seen everywhere
Presents wrapped up in green, gold and red
while visions of you fill my sleepy head

As stockings are hung by the chimney with care
and snow flakes glisten in the cold night air
I can't help but wonder as I so often do
what I would say first when I finally see you

Fifteen years have come and gone
as though time were standing still
That day we said our last good bye
I knew my heart would never heal

It would always have a missing piece
that piece you took with you
And until I see you once again
my heart will always be blue

I came here today to throw you a kiss
and to wish you a Happy Birthday
To tell you how much that you are loved
and how much you are missed since you went away

As you blow out your candles, all thirty-nine
and make a wish, a wish to come true
Remember that all your family below
will be celebrating this day with you

December 7 2005
Happy 39th Birthday Dear Brother
Written by: Patricia Powell

My Crossing Paths Comfort Quilt
Back to Top
From tiny pieces of fabric
and yards and yards of thread
You put together an art piece
which I take with me to bed

It comforts me and keeps me warm
and helps me fall to sleep
And for all my time here on this earth
forever will I keep

I even thought of taking it
to heaven when I go
To comfort me and keep me warm
and to set me all aglow

For it was made with lots of love
and patience had to be
There in every single stitch
for you made it just for me

It's like the coat of many colors
Dolly's momma made one day
She knew that it would comfort her
as she went her merry way

My heart is saying thank you
while my head's still in the clouds
This treasure that you made for me
now gives permission to speak out loud

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
will never be enough
To show you all my gratitude
for your kindness and your love

December 2005
My Crossing Paths Comfort Quilt
Written By Patricia Powell
Dedicated to Sonya Harmon Ashe

Happy 36th Birthday
Back to Top
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Brother
Happy Birthday To You

My Birthday Wish For You

It's Your Time To Shine So Bright
Twinkle Little Star, Light Up The Night

Close Your Eyes And Make A Wish
Blow Out Your Candles, All Thirty-Six

I Caught Your Wish Upon The Wind
You Blew It My Way, All Your Love You Send

Lots Of Laughter Fills The Air
Sweet Aroma Everywhere

Singing Voices, I Can Faintly Hear
Wish I Was There
Instead Of Here

December 7 2002
Happy 36th Birthday
My Birthday Wish For You Dear Brother
Written by: Patricia Powell

Mom And I
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Mom, you and I, we loved to talk about everything under the sun
Childhood memories, I'll never forget, together we had such fun
I was blessed to call you mom, when I was growing up
And when I turned into a man, I truly understood your love

It was constant in my life, never to falter, nor hesitate
I knew the love you had for me would last forever and a day
As I watch you from the heavens above, I can still feel you near
To see your smile and hear your voice is so precious and so dear

Can you hear me smiling mom, it's a smile that last and last
I want to hear you smiling mom, for it's a memory of my past
A memory that has stayed with me throughout my time on earth
And a memory that is still with me, from the beginning of my birth

I know you gave me everything that a child would ever need
material things and lots of love, comfort and security
I love you mom, for being there all those beautiful days with me
I love you still for being there now though God has set me free

I'm happy in my heavenly home, you wouldn't believe this place
It's filled with love and there's no more pain, and now I can see God's face
Mom, I'd draw you a picture if only I could send it down
But I was told you have to see it first hand, of this there's no way around

You have to know I am happy now, I know you feel it in your heart
The day the angel's came after me, we never were apart
Cause all the love I have for you and all your love for me
Is safely stored inside our hearts for all eternity

January 3 2006
Mom And I
Written By Patricia Powell
Dedicated to Lee Henry Aguilera & Sue Anne Aguilera

A Reflection Of My Soul
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The day you came into my life was a special day for me
I knew that I would be there to meet your every need
It may have been as simple as a diaper change back then
But as you grew and learned life's ways you soon became a man

Your baby pictures, I treasure them all for they're displayed throughout my home
From when you were young and very small until no more on earth you roamed
Presents I buy each and every year for birthdays and Christmas too
Are carefully wrapped with tender loving care for they're a gift from me to you

Although your home is heaven now I still feel you here with me
I talk to you and share my thoughts of my feelings and my dreams
You are a reflection of my soul, a mother's only son
You held on for as long as you could and finally the battle of cancer was won

I was there the day you entered this world and I was there the day you left
Memories of you always fill my heart, they complete my inner self
Rest in everlasting peace my angel Lee for your work on earth is done
One day God will call me home then our lives will again be as one

You are a reflection of my soul, a mother's only son
Here on earth a short time with me but in my heart for all eternity

January 2 2006
A Reflection Of My Soul
Dedicated To Lee Henry Aguilera & Sue Anne Aguilera
Written by: Patricia Powell

Sixteen Years
Back to Top
My life has gone on as best it can
without you here with me
Sixteen years of missing you;
my heart can only see

No one really knows
the way I feel deep down inside
And every year on your ann. date;
my heart, it always cries

Some people say, I know how you feel
it must be hard to let him go
But unless they've walked inside my shoes
they'll never really know

I never let you go my brother
for I hold you still in my heart
A place so sacred and serene;
a place where we will never part

So much has changed since that fateful day
I no longer hold a grudge
toward the young man that took your life;
You said "LET IT GO", with a little nudge

I did my brother, I did it for you
because you ask me to
It was pulling me down and making me sad
my whole life was nothing but blue

I know this day so very well
as I do with all the rest
for birthday's and anniversaries
I'm really not at my best

But I try to be strong just for you
because I know you want me to
I hold my head up and get through the day
That's all I can really do

I take this day for what it is
but I try harder each passing year
To look at life in a brighter view
to see it as so precious and so dear

It only took a minute
for my life to take this turn
I value it more than ever before,
A life lesson, I have learned

I've become a more caring person now
and I look at things more indepth
With my life, I go graciously passing through
and it's all because of you

As I continue on my journey through this life, I still miss you just as much as I did the day you left. That my dear brother will never change. I know you are safe & happy in your new home, but it doesn't stop me from going through the missing you part.
I love you so much...... Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow... Forever & A Day

Sixteen Years
Written By Patricia Powell
In Loving Memory Of My Brother
Victor Allen Hester
December 7, 1966 - May 31, 1990

Don't ever take anything or anyone for granted in your life. You may lose it one day, someone may take it away and you won't hear the words they long to say.......



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